16. Me Family!




I’d like to talk to you today

About me Family and the way

They care for me and show me well

I matter to them, and they tell

Me all the time how nice our days,

Together, are, in many ways!

I tell them, too, how much they mean

To me and how our fields of green

Are so much more a home to me

Because they’re always there to see!

Me Family is where I come from.

God gave me to me Dad and Mum.

We’re part of the O’Keley Clan…

The name for each woman and man.


I’ve cousins, aunts, and uncles, too.

I love to see them!  Yes, I do!


We sometimes talk and sometimes play,

But we get our work done each day.

Me Dad and Mum take care of me.

They always try to help me see

What’s good to do…the way to be.


We share the hard times and the good…

By caring as a Family should.

And when I’m happy or I’m sad…

The happy’s great…sad’s not too bad,

Because we help each other out…

In happy times, we dance and shout!

Sometimes we play up in the trees,

And hide where we think no one sees


Sometimes we do play hide ‘n seek.

Whoever’s “It” just must not peek!


So now I’m off to sing and play.

My work is all done for today.

I hope it is the same for you,

And that your skies are very blue!

Please read out loud so you can feel

Some extra joy that’s very real…

That comes from speaking with some fun

When reading to or with someone.

But even when you’re on your own…

It makes it seem you’re not alone!

I am so glad we talked today.

                                    God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #16)


4 thoughts on “16. Me Family!

    1. Hello Friend S, from Your Friend Finney!

      I, Finney, will be glad to say
      My Family members’ names one day!
      The little birdies caught my eye;
      I watch in hopes to see them fly!
      But then no work do I get done.
      ‘Cause I am having too much fun!
      So I will get right on the task
      Of telling names, just as you ask…
      Of Family names — O’Keley Clan,
      I sure will try the best I can!
      Be on the watch for when I write
      And on our Names, I’ll shed some light!
      But, in the meantime, know I say
      God bless you S, on ev’ry day!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. It was so nice to hear about Finney’s family. We did read it out loud and we enjoy listening to the playful rhyme that the story gives.
    Hope to hear from Finney soon!😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hellooo to my Friends Stella and Tina, from your Friend Finney!

      I am so glad you liked my rhyme!
      To read out loud, you took the time!
      Thank you so much for telling me
      You liked hearing of my Fam’ly!
      I hope it sounds nice to your ear.
      It’s always nice…good sounds to hear.
      I’m always listening…hoping to
      Hear angels’ wings and sounds from who
      May wish me well and say kind things…
      …Maybe someone who sweetly sings!
      But for right now, I say to you
      Sleep tight and a grand, good night, too!
      I thank you for your note today.
      God bless you is what I do say!


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