12. God Takes Care of Everything!



I, Finney, want to share with you,

What good St. Pat taught…all so true.


So long ago, St. Patrick came

To teach God’s laws, in Jesus’ Name.

He taught about the love of God

To all who lived on Ireland’s sod.

He taught that everyone’s God’s child,

No matter whether strong or mild.

He taught to live with love and care,

 To try to be nice, kind and fair…

That all Creation comes from God,

Everywhere where anyone’s trod.

Also, too, in the places where

God, He knows, but no one’s been there.


St. Pat taught well back in that day.

He also had this more to say…

When hardship comes, God always knows…

The Light to lead, God always shows.

His will is to show all the way,

To help all not to go astray.


But some folks just don’t want to hear,

That’s when there is a need to fear.

I, Finney, know that this is true.

I hope the same is true for you.

So as we wake for each new day,

Let’s always try to find the way

That God does show to help all live…

Enjoying blessings He may give.


I know well that when one does pray

To better hear what God does say,

He always helps…He’s always there…

For everyone, no matter where.

I’ve heard all this that St. Pat taught,

And know, ’tis true, that we all ought

To live like this, and listen well

To all that Jesus tried to tell,

So we could live so happily,

With Hope and Faith and Family!


And now, I’m off to work and play.

That’s what I do, on every day.

I am so glad to talk with you,

                                  And hope you have a great day, too! (See Footnote #12)


11. Guess What I found Out!



Do you remember Robin Bird?

The Bird whose song that I have heard?

Well, I found out something so fun.

She has a “Mister!”  They’ve begun

To make a home…it’s called a nest…

Seems they have done their very best.

They’ve worked and worked and worked each day.

They haven’t had much time to play!

012     013

053      006

014      007

I wonder what the nest is for…

Why they must work and work some more.

I hope that soon I’ll find out why

They hop around and fly so high.

002     014


But you can know I’ll be so proud

If you are reading this out loud!

I might just hear, if this, you’ve done.

‘Twould be, for me, from you, such fun!

I’m happy you read this today.

                                    God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #11)