21. The Drops From Heaven!



Oh my, the rain came down today!

God bless us is what I do say!

No matter where we tried to run,

The rain came down on everyone!

It does feel nice upon my face…

Rain brings a cooler, fresher space.

Sometimes, though, you look for a place

To find shelter not near home base.

Sometimes I see a leaf-y “glade”

For shelter…nice! And by God, made!

319   314


Sometimes the leaves upon a tree

Grow out the side…a canopy…


A leprechaun can fit right there,

And find a nice and dry “somewhere!”

Sometimes the leaves are in a bunch

That serves as cover in a crunch!

Sometimes the leaves are sparse and few

But still can help with cover, too!


The leaves can cover just enough,

So the wetness is not too tough.

But if some leaves can not be seen,

My sight will check the nearby scene,

To see if a tree might just be

A shelter in some way I see.

Sometimes the bark will form just right,

And leave  a hole that’s clear to sight.

If I see that, I jump right through

Into the tree, and watch the view.


And sometimes one leaf’s all we need…

Could be from flower, tree, or weed.

As long as it is big enough

To cover heads when rain gets rough.

I, Finney think a maple tree

Has the big leaf I need for me.

An oak leaf for me Mum is good

It has the leaf we hoped it would.

383   382

The leaves work well to keep us dry,

No matter if you’re girl or guy!

They cover well and help us stay

Well groomed…in the leprechaun way!

380   377

Then comes the time the rain has stopped.

The heavenly waters have all dropped.

But then we’re still and look around,

To see the rainfall on the ground.

And then our eyes feel such delight,

As God’s clear raindrops are in sight.

They sparkle here, and glisten there…

Their lustrous shine is everywhere!

Each drop is in its special place.

No doubt it’s there by special Grace!

The Hand of God allowed a scene

So lovely on our fields of green!

The green leaves are adorned with “jewels”,

297   304

In this grand land where shamrock rules!

307   310


The branches carry tears so clear.

In Éire*…Ireland so dear…

298   332


The grasses hold so tenderly

Heaven’s water, called rain,  you see.

295   336


Plants and flowers, the rain does kiss…

The Master “Drop Placer”…no miss!

333   324


So, how could it be to complain,

When we know this beautiful rain

Brings us sights of brilliance, so grand,

For everyone, in all this land.

If precious is a drop of rain,

It seems to be so very plain

That all who He made specially

Have Grace and help amazingly,

Because the Bible makes the call…

God’s Image and Likeness…are all!

If God, for raindrops, takes such care,

Imagine how, for all, He’s there

Every second of every day

To give all His Love, is His way.

I’ve talked enough…this I do know.

But it was fun…raindrops to show!

I’m very glad we talked today.

                                      God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #21)



20. Dancin’!



Just to be sure you did not miss

Seein’ grand dancin’, just like this…

 http://m.godvine.com/irish-dance-flash-mob-at-the-airport-fb-gv-6915.html *

Jumpin’ here and steppin’ there…

Twirling, tapping everywhere!

In Ireland, we sure love to dance!

We dance and dance at every chance!


Me Mum is one of those who do

The dancin’…in gray skies or blue!


If there’s a dance she doesn’t lose

Her chance…she wears her dancin’ shoes!


It’s all the time and ev’ry day,

‘Cause dancin’ always is her way!

Mum loves especially the jig,

Even though she’s not so big!


‘Tis so grand to see her high step!

And she dances with all her pep,

…known as one of the high kickers,

She’s proud of her grand, green knickers!


And, oh, she really loves to dance

With me, her Finney…every chance!

Me Mum and I have dancin’ fun.

We love to dance ‘fore day is done!


We jump and jig and twirl around…

The air is full of “dancin’ sound!”

Sometimes we dance and jump sooo high,

That me Mum’s grand braids…up they fly!


So when you hear the music play,

In a grand, fun toe-tapping way,

Just step right out on that dance floor

And dance and dance and dance some more!

If someone wants to dance with you,

‘Tis more the fun when there are two!


But truth be told, there is no need,

For only one is fine, indeed!

Just tap and twirl and dance around!

There’s such great joy that can be found!

I’m glad that we could talk today.

                                      God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #20)