90. Findin’ Me!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter, rain, sleet, snow, or shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

I think if you look careful-ly,

My fine green hat you just may see,

Behind the rock, above…that’s Me!

The forest…near…is where I be!


The forest is a lovely place!

I, Finney, there, can hide my face!

Sometimes when to hide, there’s a need,

I’m able to…with such great speed!

Grand trees, and rocks, and caves are there,

And tunnels are most everywhere!


127-356a   360a


A lake and river are there, too,

And not too far from the sea, blue!


306   58-2299


The trees protect me…hide me well

And where I am they’ll never tell.




We  Leprechauns, we know just when

One of us needs some help and then

We work together, side by side,

No matter inside or outside!


You are my Friend.  I know ’tis true.

So I can speak of this to you.

Sometimes I know that I must hide.

Sometimes inside…sometimes outside.

151-32-0202161000a It happens when someone comes by,

That I don’t know…I don’t say hi.

I must be wise.  I must take care.

‘Cause I don’t know why they be there!

Sometimes, flowers…they hide me, too,

When I jump in them…hide from view!


I must protect my treasure…gold.

‘Tis been that way since days of old!


A Leprechaun can hide quite well.

‘Tis of just this that I will tell.

The reason be because I hope,

That you might try to help me cope,

If someone tries hard to catch me,

And you are there and you can see,

That this is happening right when

You might just be able to then

Just clap your hands or make some noise,

Or help me find some fine grand toys,

That I could hide behind so that

Noone could see me or my hat!


 I can’t say that I have no fear,

Because when strangers get too near,

I know I need to get away…

And often hide rest of the day!

I have to also make sure, too,

That I don’t lose my hat or shoe!

176   177

This to happen would not be wise…

Not hard to see they are my size!

Some folks might guess that I am near!

And that would give me cause to fear

That some folks might try to catch me,

If any part of me they see!

And then they might look for the gold,

Just like’s been done in days of old!

To tell you this might help you know

Why I try so hard not to show

Meself or my grand suit of green…

Though ’tis as grand as any seen!


 I think that you might understand,

Why help to me would be just grand,

And always I would say thank you,

Because it would be right to do.

 I’d thank you for your help to me,

And then I’d stay where none could see…

Or follow me right to the gold,

That we protect…since days of old!



 Sometimes I could not even play,

The way we like at end of day.

‘Tis more important that we know

That our gold treasure doesn’t show!

    152-11-0202161651a   152-19-0202161720a-2   152-13-0202161652a


To keep it safe…to try…we must…

Because this is our sacred trust.

And if you give your help to me…

Then it would be so hard to see

Where I might hide to get away…

And this could happen any day!

 So if I need help and you’re there,

Maybe I’ll run behind a chair,

While you begin to talk or sing,

So no one could see anything

Of where I was or where I be

So that just no one could see me!

If I could and I was able,

I could run under a table!


 Or maybe I could find a shelf

Where some grand books could hide meself!


 Sometimes a pillow does the trick,

If no part of me does, out, stick!


 When I do have my red scarf on,

After I try hard to be gone…

I must take care to hide it well…

To hide with me so none can tell,

That maybe Finney’s over “there”…

Hidin’…hidin’…hidin’ somewhere…

 151-33-0202161001   151-33-0202161001a

Thank you for letting me tell you,

About something …maybe you knew…

That I just might need help to run

Somewhere and hide…not always fun.

But if you help me in this way,

I would be safe most any day!

I would be safe to guard the gold,

Just like it’s been since days of old.

152-23-0202161727-1 152-23-0202161727-1a

We Leprechauns count on our Friends,

That in our lives we know God sends.

And He wants us to be Friends, too!

I, Finney, want to be to you,

A good Friend who can help in ways,

At different times during life’s days.

I am so glad we talked today!

God bless you is what I do say!