When I was almost eight years old, Walt Disney Productions released a movie called Darby O’Gill and the Little People. Within the first few minutes of the movie there is a note of appreciation from Walt Disney. It says, “My thanks to King Brian of Knocknasheega and his Leprechauns, whose gracious co-operation made this picture possible.” Hmmm…

The credits say the movie was “suggested” by H. T. Kavanagh’s “Darby O’Gill” stories.

Having seen it 50 some years ago, the impact it had on my mind was significant. It is a delightful representation of the leprechaun world and its underground kingdom…really gives your imagination room for some interesting activity.

The Adventures of Finney the Leprechaun is meant to bring fun, imagination, a little Irish history and culture, and a heaping measure of the Faith we Irish have in God and His protection and provision for us, His children. Thanks to the good St. Patrick, it was in this great Faith, I was brought up, and have taught my children and my grandchildren. I pray they will do the same for their children and grandchildren.

We were never meant to live without Faith, Hope, and Trust in God.

I have been inspired in Irishness all my life and have been and will be eternally grateful for it. I hope you enjoy the Adventures of Finney the Leprechaun…

and I thank all who have helped the Little People have a firm and sure place in my mind and heart.

Be watching for them, and especially for my Finney!

He only wants to be your Friend. He always sees the best in everyone and would never try to hurt anyone.

This Finney blog is based on The Adventures of Finney the Leprechaun series, the first book of which is Finney Hides the Pot o’ Gold.

Perhaps, together, you and your child/children can read Finney’s blog (so much more fun, too, to read aloud with vigorous expression while enjoying the rhythm and the rhyme)!  And, I know Finney would love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment here, or send Finney an e-mail at NanniesFinney@gmail.com.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus, please, bless each of you and your Families!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Finney,

    We have many questions for you! One question is , “How much gold do you have?”
    2. Do you have any other leprechaun friends? 3. Have you ever been to St. Clement’s School?
    4. Is there really gold at the end of the rainbow? 5. How old are you? 6. Can you swim? 7. Can you slide down rainbows? 8. Can you ice skate? 9.Where is your pot o’ gold? 10. Where do you live?

    From 2G

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