19. More “Namin’s!”



I promised Irish namin’ fun!

Let’s hope its fun for everyone.

We’ll speak of the O’Keley Clan,

                             And be so smart with óg and sean.  (See Post #18)

We know that sounds like ohhg and shan

Means young and old in our grand Clan!


You know I’m Finnegan Liam.

Me Dad is Finnegan Liam.

He’s Sean Finney…I’m Finney Óg.

Yes!  Shan fin-nee and fin-nee ohhg!


Let’s start with Uncle Mikey-O

Who really is a fine fellow!

Aonghus Micheál is his name…

Mikey-O!  Yes! One and the same!

And eng-hiss mee-hall ‘s how it sounds.

Pronunciation knows no bounds!

His first name has meaning two-part…

“Aon” is first…gives us a start.

Sounds like ay-in…means excellent.

Then comes “gus”, “strength and vigor”, meant.

Now, Micheál means…”Who is like God?”∗∗

Finding meanings isn’t so hard!

And ’cause he’s Dad, he’s Sean Aonghus.

Of course, that sounds like shan eng-hiss!


Next is Pronshi…who’s Sean Pronshi.

Sounds like Pron-shee and Shan Pron-shee.

Proinsias Eoghan’s his real name!

Pron-she-iss Oh-in sounds the same!

It is spelled in the Irish way…

Means Francis Owen, as you say!


Daíthí Fergus is the next one.

Say dah-hee fer-guss…Dad — not son.

So folks do call him Sean Daíthí.

We know that sounds like shan dah-hee!

In Irish, David is Daíthí.

For any guy, fine name ‘twould be!

Next is the last one for today!

And she’s me Mum so I will say,

Her name’s grand in a holy way…

And I’ll tell you why, if I may!


The Mum of Mary, Queen of Heav’n,

Is the same name me Mum was giv’n.

Áine‘s the name of which I speak,

On-ya‘s the sound…to you…unique,

For you might want to say it ayne 

Just like the sound of the state, Maine!

But on-ya is its Irish sound.

And love for this name does abound.

Mum’s middle name is spelled Róisín

A lovely name…sounds like row-sheen.

In English you have Rosaleen,

Little Rose is what it does mean!

Áine Róisín‘s her great, grand name…

Named for her Mum whose name’s the same!

The names we’ve said are, hopefully,

Names God meant for my Family.

185   204

The O’Keley Clan is so blessed

That all these names we have possessed.

For these grand names we feel grateful…

Of gratitude we are so full!

Our Ireland is such the land

Where all folks’ names should be quite grand!

With all her lovely fields of green,

Our Ireland’s a lovely scene.


We Leprechauns love this Old Sod,

And know all thanks go right to God.

St. Patrick taught this very well…

Of God’s great power, he did tell.


We listened well when St. Pat taught

That all good deeds are ne’er for naught.

He taught of God’s great Love for all…

No matter whether short or tall.

I, Finney, then, would like to say,

“Choose your names in a joyful way.

Think of the Saints and holy things,

And then just watch how your heart sings

When the name meant for you to choose

Comes to your mind, as you do muse!”

I am so glad we talked today

About some things St. Pat did say…

About fine names and Ireland,

And how folks’ names should all be grand!

Thank you, my Friends, I’m on my way!

                                      God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #19)


18. “Namin’s!”




Today, of names, I’d like to speak.

The “why” of names can be unique!

Our Irish names are loved so well.

About these names is what I’ll tell!

We call it “namin’s” when we find

The name that seems just the right kind

To name a life given to us,

And, oh my, we make such a fuss!

The gift of life from God, we know,

Is how this greatest Love does show.

A little babe, so new and grand,

Can bring such joy to all the land!


In Leprechaun life, “namin’s” are

Sacred and reverent, and by far

Of great importance to us, each.

Our names, ’tis true, have much to teach!

Our names, they tell of whom we’re from.

They tell of love from whom we come.

Our God, Creator of all things…

Our name is like a song He sings!


We hope our name’s a sacred name,

After a Saint…to be the same.

First and middles, somewhere there;

‘twould be so nice…Saint’s name to share.

For last names, different reasons make

Us have a name that’s hard to shake!

Sometimes they tell of where we live.

Sometimes they tell of work we give.

Sometimes they tell of gifts we share,

Sometimes they tell our color hair!

Mulrennan, O’Clery and Ward,

Or Tracey from a war-like lord!

Roohan, McGowan…it could be…

Also Oakley, like the Oak tree!

Someone I know…Red Beard by name…

You can guess from where his name came!

Of course, of course, ’twas his red beard.

He isn’t one, though, to be feared!

He’s pleasant and of manner fine.

Red Beard…he helps you when you dine!*

A name brand new?  It needn’t be.

So often, names of Family!

From Family, my Name, you see,

Is why ’twas chosen just for me!

So…I am Finney, after Dad,

Who’s Finney, too, but that’s not sad!

I love me Name that tells me Clan…

O’Keley Clan…I’m Fin-ne-gan!

Yup! I’m Finnegan! That is Me!

Finnegan Liam O’Keley!

Same as me Dad’s, but he is old,

And I am young, the truth be told.

184   005

In Irish, though, we have a way,

For Dad and Son, diff’rent to say…

Me Dad, before his name, has “sean”,

But this “sean” sounds like the word “clan”.

“Sean” Finnegan is me Dad’s name,

While mine is something not the same…

I’m Finnegan “Óg” ’cause I’m Son,

“Young” Finnegan…and now I’m done.

I am so tired from these words.

It’s easier to speak of birds!

It can be hard, our Irish speech,

For places, names, and words to teach.*

But now you know there’s “óg” and “sean”,

The young and old in our fine Clan!

I’m Finney Óg…Dad’s Sean Finney,

From the great, grand Clan O’Keley!

183   204

If you feel like you’re all confused,

Please just try to feel amused,

‘Cause we have only just begun,

To have some Irish namin’ fun!

We have Pronshi, Áine, Brian…

Sounds like pron-shee, on-ya, bree-un…

Also Aonghus, Miheál, Dáithí…

Sounds like eng-hiss, mee-hall, dah-hee.

Then there’s Liam, Eoghan, Eochaidh,

Sounds like lee-um, oh-in, oh-kh-ee.

Róisín, Fergus…all O’Keley…

Said Row-sheen, fer-guss, oh-kell-ee!

So, pretty soon I’ll tell you more,

But just right now I need to snore!

I’m sleepy and just have to head

Right to my very comfy bed!

When I write next, more “namin’s ” will

Be what I speak of, I will fill

Your minds with Irish names so fine,

From a grand Family!  Yes!  Mine!

Can’t wait to speak of this again!

Namin’s fun…for women and men!

But now, on this, so great a day,

                                    God bless you is what I do say! (*See Footnote #18)


17. A Change!



I, Finney, just have news today.

Tomorrow, though, I have to say

Will be the day I write to you

About some story…all brand new!

My news that I tell you today…

It’s nothing bad I have to say.

I just am changing days I write.

That’s all…nothing to cause a fright!

I usually write two times a week.

And all those times I try to seek

To tell you things that are so fun…

That are nice to share with someone.

056   029      1047   Blessed_Virgin_Mary085   064

To write to you, of course, I’ll still,

But diff’rent days are when I will.

Tuesdays and Fridays are new days

For writing…I won’t change those ways!

Just diff’rent days than were before,

To write of life, hist’ry and lore!

005      007

251      002

      014      183

011   025

185   167

You are my Friends and I thank you

For coming here to see what’s new…

Please know that Tuesday…Friday, too,

Are now the days that I will do

What needs be done to “talk” to you!


I hope you check tomorrow morn

To see what new idea was born

Inside my mind and heart for you,

The great, grand folks that I know who

Will think of me, many a day,

God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #17)


16. Me Family!




I’d like to talk to you today

About me Family and the way

They care for me and show me well

I matter to them, and they tell

Me all the time how nice our days,

Together, are, in many ways!

I tell them, too, how much they mean

To me and how our fields of green

Are so much more a home to me

Because they’re always there to see!

Me Family is where I come from.

God gave me to me Dad and Mum.

We’re part of the O’Keley Clan…

The name for each woman and man.


I’ve cousins, aunts, and uncles, too.

I love to see them!  Yes, I do!


We sometimes talk and sometimes play,

But we get our work done each day.

Me Dad and Mum take care of me.

They always try to help me see

What’s good to do…the way to be.


We share the hard times and the good…

By caring as a Family should.

And when I’m happy or I’m sad…

The happy’s great…sad’s not too bad,

Because we help each other out…

In happy times, we dance and shout!

Sometimes we play up in the trees,

And hide where we think no one sees


Sometimes we do play hide ‘n seek.

Whoever’s “It” just must not peek!


So now I’m off to sing and play.

My work is all done for today.

I hope it is the same for you,

And that your skies are very blue!

Please read out loud so you can feel

Some extra joy that’s very real…

That comes from speaking with some fun

When reading to or with someone.

But even when you’re on your own…

It makes it seem you’re not alone!

I am so glad we talked today.

                                    God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #16)


15. The Blessed Events!



Mr. Robin, he came and went.

I don’t know how his time was spent.

He would be here and then was not.

He just did not stay in one spot!

But he did watch and try to see

When someone was so close…like me!



He looked left, and then to the right,

005      006

Was always checking with his sight.

The Mrs. , too, first left, then right…

035      037

Always checking with her keen sight.

Then the Mrs. would fly away.

She left at different times each day.

I always watched the nest for her.

No reason that there’d be a stir…

Oh!  Wait!  What’s that?  Something did move!

But…’twas nothing I could prove.

But…wait!  I see it!  I do see!

But…I don’t know what it could be!

And then I saw a fuzzy head!

It popped up from its nest-y bed!


A little Bird!  A little Bird!

And then a small wee sound I heard!

It was a cheep!…Another cheep!

And then another head did peep.

And then another…then one more!

Oh my goodness!  There must be four!


Oh! I’m so tired!  I must sleep.

But all I hear is cheep, cheep, cheep!

Four little birds!  They’re all brand new!


All from God’s Hand, like me and you!

063     049

I hope I hear you read out loud!

You know that I would be so proud!

I’m glad that we could read today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #15)


14. Ascension Thursday!



The holy Faith, St. Pat taught well.

His work was Jesus’ life to tell.

To help us know the truths of God,

So that to learn would not be hard,

The things to know that we have need,

From the Apostles in our Creed,

St. Patrick gave his life to teach,

And help us, for Heaven, to reach.


St. Pat was given special Grace

To help those of the human race,

To understand the Things of God,

Especially on Ireland’s sod.

We, wee folk, listened very well

To all that St. Pat tried to tell.

He told about the Great Story…

How Jesus revealed His Glory.

After He had died on the Cross,

He rose again, by Divine Force.

For forty days He stayed on Earth.

All these were reasons for his Birth.

He came from Heaven to be born

…Why we rejoice on Christmas morn.

He lived with us to teach us how

To know what we need do right now!

For all, He suffered and He died.

And through it all, stayed by our side.


But then time came after He rose

from death to life, free from all woes,

to take His Place in Heaven’s Realm,

With God the Father… at the Helm.

Seated with Him at His Right Hand,

Jesus our King, rules every land.

All peoples, languages, nations…

Should all serve Him from their stations.

His Kingdom will not pass away.

St. Pat taught this back in his day.


We, wee folk…we did hear it all,

And speak of it though we are small.

I am so glad we shared this day

Of Jesus and the Holy Way.

Of His Ascension, we shall speak,

To all on Earth, both great and meek…

That St. Pat said that in plain sight,

Jesus was lifted to a height

and then a cloud hid Him from sight…

The Son of God…the God of might.


So, now we know God used a cloud,

And you know I will be so proud

If you are reading this out loud…

Just by yourself or in a crowd!

So, on this fine, grand day of May,

                                   God bless you is what I do say! (See Footnote #14)


13. Me Mum!



I think you know what I might say

At this nice time of Mothers’ Day!

Me Mum always takes care of me.

She takes care of my Family.

088     100

Me Mum she makes good food for me.

She also holds me tenderly.

Of course, she knows me very well.

If I don’t feel good, she can tell.


If I’m upset inside my heart,

She knows, to heal, she’ll play a part.

She knows so well when I can’t see

The path that would be best for me.

She’ll help me know, as best she can,

Just what to do and where and when.


She’ll sit with me and listen hard.

And then we will, both, pray to God.

We’ll ask His help for me to know

What way is best…He’ll always show

To make it easier for me

To see all things most truthfully.


We’ll also ask our heav’nly Mum,

With great trust, to pray for us some.

Sweet Mary is also our Queen

Of Heav’n and Earth and fields of green!


Our Lady, Mary, Jesus’ Mum,

Is where the greatest prayers come from.

We, wee folk, know from good St. Pat,

To love and care…she does all that!

Me Mum knows this, and tells me, too,

This is a gift for me and you!

I, Finney, know just what to do.

I’ll tell me Mum “I do love you!’

I also want to tell her, too,

How much I want to say thank you!


I am so glad we read today,

And please do not forget to say

“I love you, Mum,” in your own way,

And “Have a wonder-ful Mums’ Day!”

My prayers are always with you all,

       God bless you from someone who’s small!  (See Footnote #13)


12. God Takes Care of Everything!



I, Finney, want to share with you,

What good St. Pat taught…all so true.


So long ago, St. Patrick came

To teach God’s laws, in Jesus’ Name.

He taught about the love of God

To all who lived on Ireland’s sod.

He taught that everyone’s God’s child,

No matter whether strong or mild.

He taught to live with love and care,

 To try to be nice, kind and fair…

That all Creation comes from God,

Everywhere where anyone’s trod.

Also, too, in the places where

God, He knows, but no one’s been there.


St. Pat taught well back in that day.

He also had this more to say…

When hardship comes, God always knows…

The Light to lead, God always shows.

His will is to show all the way,

To help all not to go astray.


But some folks just don’t want to hear,

That’s when there is a need to fear.

I, Finney, know that this is true.

I hope the same is true for you.

So as we wake for each new day,

Let’s always try to find the way

That God does show to help all live…

Enjoying blessings He may give.


I know well that when one does pray

To better hear what God does say,

He always helps…He’s always there…

For everyone, no matter where.

I’ve heard all this that St. Pat taught,

And know, ’tis true, that we all ought

To live like this, and listen well

To all that Jesus tried to tell,

So we could live so happily,

With Hope and Faith and Family!


And now, I’m off to work and play.

That’s what I do, on every day.

I am so glad to talk with you,

                                  And hope you have a great day, too! (See Footnote #12)


11. Guess What I found Out!



Do you remember Robin Bird?

The Bird whose song that I have heard?

Well, I found out something so fun.

She has a “Mister!”  They’ve begun

To make a home…it’s called a nest…

Seems they have done their very best.

They’ve worked and worked and worked each day.

They haven’t had much time to play!

012     013

053      006

014      007

I wonder what the nest is for…

Why they must work and work some more.

I hope that soon I’ll find out why

They hop around and fly so high.

002     014


But you can know I’ll be so proud

If you are reading this out loud!

I might just hear, if this, you’ve done.

‘Twould be, for me, from you, such fun!

I’m happy you read this today.

                                    God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #11)