Special Pages

  1.  This first special page records the words of Finney for his dear Friend, F. Paul Kennedy who has gone home to heaven…  Paulie was born on April 5, 1939 and went home to God on July 15, 2016…



I, Finney, do have this to say,

For Paulie, on his Honor Day…









Paulie is my special Friend.

‘Tis good we know life does not end…

Because we might be tempted to

Speak only to say “I’ll miss you.”

Life does change, though, from ways we know

To other ways that just don’t show.

The Angels, then, our eyes will see,

Loved ones, who’ve passed, will also be

In our clear sight for ever more,

Once our freed soul begins to soar.

Our Paulie is now well and free,

To be with us though eyes don’t see,

And even though this is quite true,

He’s never lost to me and you.

I know this as a Leprechaun,

Because my “sight” of him’s not gone.

I see him now all strong and fine…

Full of health in Light Divine.

To laugh and dance and sing and play,

He loves to do most any day.

He still can do this…it is true…

But there’s still other work to do.

To love and pray…this is his work…

From loved ones care he’ll never shirk.

Dear Paulie is good, kind, and fun…

An Irish gent…a high king’s son…

He’s always treated me so well,

And rhymes of me he loves to tell.

I honor you, dear Friend of mine,

So happy for you, now, to shine

With Heaven’s light from God’s great Grace,

In your new home in Heaven’s Place.

No sickness now…you’re well and strong,

Where all is right and nothing’s wrong.

Your presence here is different now,

Still close to us, and God knows how

To let us know that you are near,

Though, to our eyes, ‘tis not so clear.

So, Paulie, rest and have some fun!

We’ll see you when our days are done!

We’ll laugh, play, dance, sing, and we’ll pray,

With thanks to God…that’s what we’ll say!

Paulie, my Friend, I do thank you,

For kindness, laughs…the fun…of you!

Finnegan Liam O’Keley

(Your Friend, Finney the Leprechaun)

July 15, 2016