28. Picnickin’!



I, Finney, say, “Hello!  Hello!”

I am so glad that YOU… I know!


It is so nice to tell today

Of happy fun on Summer’s day!

God gave the sweet green grass for all,

No matter whether tall or small!

To sit, and play, and walk, and run,

On Summer’s day to have such fun!


457      456

To bring a blanket…pack a lunch,

And sit and rest and munch, munch, munch!


Carrots, potatoes, and fresh cheese…

And sweet apples with honey, please!

I’ll tell you of one “picnic” way,

When we all went one Summer’s day.


 Pronshi, Daíthí, and I, Finney,

Had some lunch made by our Nannie!


Packed in a hamper, neatly done,

Balls to play with…and oh, what fun!

We headed toward the deep, blue sea,

And, oh my-my, we felt so free!


The Irish breeze and fields of green…

Such lovely views as could be seen!


We watched for ants who’d love our lunch.

And this was more than just a hunch.

We’ve learned that ants do love to eat

Our food, especially what’s sweet!


With tasty honey as a treat,

We were so careful and so neat.

We didn’t mind if they were near,

Just taking our food was the fear.

So what we did was pick a place

Where we could not see one ant-face!

No trouble, then, for picnic’s day

From pesty ants who’d find a way

To get to Nannie’s food for us.

To have that happen we would fuss!

No worries that would be the case,

So we enjoyed a fine, grand place.


 We ate our apples, honey-dipped…

And fresh, cool water…mmm, we sipped!

Crunchy carrots and sweetened cheese…

Buttered ‘tatoes, eaten with ease…

We ate, and ate, and played, and played.

And prob’ly, way too long we stayed.


But day’s fresh coolness in the breeze,

Coupled with blue-green Irish seas,

Was really too hard to resist,

And caused our grand fun, to persist!

But then the Sun was not so bright.

We looked up at the sunshine’s light,

And saw the dark cloud moving in;

Then seeming like some rain would win!

781      791

We knew, to head for home,  ’twas right,

Before the Sun was out of sight.

But it was such a day of fun!

No sad regrets for anyone!

So, if some Summer’s day looks fine,

Just take the day as a grand sign,

That God has blessed you, and pack things,

That someone, for a picnic, brings!

Then find a spot, so nice and grand,

On some green, lovely piece of land.

Just rest, and play, and have some lunch,

With yummy foods on which to munch!


 Then take the time to tell to me,

Just where you went…what you did see…

I’ll love to hear the tale you tell!

I know you’ll tell it very well!

I am so glad to be with you,

And that my stories you like, too!

And speaking of my stories now,

Last time I wrote I told of how

We leprechauns have secrets we

Must keep well hid so that we be

Doing our work, given by God,

On our precious Ireland’s sod.

I showed to you a special door.

There were requests to know of more

Of work we do and where doors lead.


But secret’s trust, I just must heed.

It won’t be long …me Dad will know…

What secrets, to you, I can show.

Be patient now, because I must

Be sure I’m worthy of the trust

That God in Heav’n has placed right here,

With Leprechauns He treats so dear.

I thank you that you came today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #28)


27. Workin’!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello, today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


Each day is full of work and play.

Play is fun, and work’s…well…okay. 🙂

We all do have some work that’s ours.

Some works are short and some take hours!

 I do some diff’rent kinds of work.

I find a grateful kind of  perk

In knowing that I do my share

To help with chores…for those I care.

Sometimes for digging work there’s need,

Not always needing a great speed…


But taking time to do work right

Is always in my mind’s eye sight.

And digging, for a Leprechaun,

Is often needed ‘fore day’s gone.

Sometimes this digging needs be done

In places hidden from the Sun…

Where Leprechauns are free to go,

But there are many who don’t know

Just where it is these places are,

And even if they’re near or far.

007      011

But of this chore I mustn’t speak…

Let us just say no one may peek

To see some places where we dig

And not because we are not big.

‘Tis sacred work we’re called to do

And only known to very few.


Perhaps we’ll speak of this again,

But I’m not sure of where or when.

This workin’s  secret…diff’rent kind…

I just can’t say, hope you don’t mind.

I must be sure to speak’s  okay,

And what exactly I can say.

Me Dad will help me know the way,

And what a Leprechaun may say

About the work we’re chosen for

That isn’t told in Irish lore.


But back to talk of ev’ry day

And work that’s done before we play.

We’ve talked of digging in the ground

We also must rake all around.

Yes, sometimes I do need to rake,

And not always for me own sake.

Me Mum and Dad sometimes need me

To rake up pine cones from the Tree.



The Tree helps us in many ways,

With many things on many days.

I’ll tell of this one way right now…

The help that comes from the Tree’s bough.

The bough (or branch), its pine cones drop,

And we don’t want that help to stop!

The pine cones help us to stay warm;

And keep hearth fires in good form.

They give a blaze when fire’s low,

And help the hearth keep its warm glow!

918ab      1124a

I’m almost done with workin’ tales.

Last thing I’ll tell just never fails

To help you know, my work is real…

The absolutely grand real deal!

I’ll tell you of the grand tool box…

That Daíthí loves more than  his socks!

733a      732

Daíthí is a good Friend to me,

I know that we are Family…

But still I think he’s kind to share

The object of his heart’s dear care…

Of his grand tool box, I do tell.

He shares it with me very well.


But I’ve been workin’, as you see,

So very hard and tired I be!

Of workin’ I will speak no more

I think to dreamland I will soar.

And, no, of course, I never snore,

Not even in our Irish lore.  😉

I am so glad we talked today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #27)






26. Playin’!




I, Finney, say, “Hello!  Hello!”

This time of year, I guess you know,

The weather’s warm and ev’ry day

We have so much fun time to play.

And, yes, we still get our work done,

Before we go and have some fun!

Me and my
Me and my “Buds!”

Daíthí and Pronshi are my Buds!

We’re full of life…we are NOT duds!

We’re cousins, too.  We’re Family.

The bond is deep.  I’m sure you see.

We, Leprechauns, love to play ball!

No need to be too tall, at all!


We run, we catch, we kick, we throw,

Playin’ the best that we could know.

The games are fun;  we play outside.

We love to play the game of “Hide!”

Whoever’s it must try to find

Where we do hide…sometimes behind

The one who’s it, but who can’t see

Where we are hiding…where we’ll be!


Then, when we see that he can’t see,

We run back where it’s “safe” to be!

When we get tired playin’ “Hide,”

We still love to just stay outside!

So, then we get our ball to play;

To try to share is the best way.

Then someone throws after we pick

Who’ll try to hit it with a stick!

Here's our
Here’s our “bat” and ball!

First up is Daíthí — first to hit!

He’s sharp and keen and full of wit!


Then if the ball flies high and far,

We’ll think this hitter is a star!

But…if this hitter gets tagged out,

We just play on, no time to pout.

But then we also play kick-ball.

The hardest part is not to fall!

To run and give the ball a kick…

Hard and fast…that does the trick!

625   645

Here Pronshi leads off with a kick,

And with this game there is no stick!

We kick and run to move the ball.

Playin’ together is the call!


451   449

But when we play we must take care…

Watch out for others and play fair.

Another fav’rite game to play

Is Bounce and Shoot a certain way.

624a   641

I do quite well to play this game…

My shooting skills have earned me fame!  😉

We make a throw and hope the ball

Goes right between two trees so tall!


It’s not as easy as it sounds.

The ball can go right out of bounds!

But, truth be told, it’s just plain fun

To play so free ‘fore day is done!

When we get home, we’re glad to be

At our grand meal with Family!

We all thank God for blessings giv’n

To each of us from Him in Heav’n.

So, we have talked now of some play

That might just happen on a day.

We, Leprechauns, are happy, too,

To just have time to talk with you!

I, Finney, love that we could talk,

And now I think I’ll take a walk!

I hope you’re peaceful for today.

                                       God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote # 26)


25. After the Rain!




I, Finney, feel so good today!

The rain has passed and fine’s the way

I feel with all the cool, grand air,

Now that the weather’s bright and fair!

Don’t get me wrong now, I don’t feel

That rain’s no fun or a bad deal.

It’s just so nice when sun breaks through

And gives a day that feels brand new!

334   1227

It’s fresh;  it’s clean;  its coolness soothes…

It causes me to want to choose

The rain to come again someday

To help us feel refreshed this way!

After the rain, it feels so fine!

The raindropped leaves, they sure do shine.

521   442

The air feels “washed” and brightened clear,

And even new sounds  you can hear.

The water rushes…leaves give drops.

It seems the “water” never stops!

It fills the streams and wets the ground…

New “green” and flowers all around!

1266   1224


The corns’ grown higher…gardens burst,

As if, oh my, they had such thirst!

They needed water so…to grow,

From seeds in Earth someone did sow.

From rainy day to sunny bright,

The rain has brought a wondrous sight!

177   354


The flowers, grass, and trees are “glad…”

Without the rain, they’d be so “sad.”

493   441

172   147

435   281


I love the yellows…pinks… that grow,

And all the reds that flowers show.

659   1256

Some plants so richly show their green,

And trees complete the heav’nly scene!

283   814

   340   180

So, how can we not love the rain?

When what comes from it is so plain…

The beauty of the plants and trees,

And all the flowers and cool breeze!

God’s gifts to us… these gorgeous things!

It shows us how all Nature sings…

How God wants for us all things bright,

That give such wonder to our sight.

831   014

005   321


To show you all these lovely scenes,

With many, many shades of greens,

Has made me feel it’s time to nap.

And though I have no sleeping cap,

I’m sure I’ll have nice rest today!

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #25)





24. About Being Friends!




I hoped that we could talk today

Of how to have a friendly way

To those with whom we think we’re Friends,

And hope our Friendship never ends.

Finney and his Friends watching the sky!
Finney and his Friends watching the sky!

 It is so fun to laugh and play.

But there is so much more to say.

I, Finney, know that good St. Pat

Taught peace and love and God knows that

We pray and then we try so hard

To live the ways as said by God.


To be a Friend, so kind and true,

I would so like to be for you.


I think St. Pat would say to us

That first we must try not to fuss,

And always think of others’ needs.

Then Grace will show us where this leads.

I think St. Pat would also say

To be a Friend in every way.

St. Pat taught ways of giving Love…

A Friend’s a blessing from above.

A Friend is precious…gift from God.

Just to “be there” can be so hard.

But though it can be hard to show,

You want your Friend to always know

That you will try your very best

And trust that God will do the rest!

Sometimes things happen we don’t plan.

It’s then we do the best we can.

It’s always fun, when things are good.

When things go how we think they should.


But sometimes plans do not work out,

And, boy, it makes you want to shout!

But God knows best and though it might

Appear as if things aren’t right,

Perhaps they’re better than it seems,

When things do go just as God deems.

Your Friend and you might not agree…

That doesn’t mean you have to be

Upset and angry, don’t you see…

Things can be handled lovingly.

Sometimes the very best of Friends

Can find that if their Friendship “ends”,

Misunderstanding could be so,

And one no one could really know…

Just different ways of seeing things…

Like two fine bells with different rings!

Each can ring in a grand fine way,

But each has its own sound each day.

And maybe St. Pat might say, too,

Sometimes it will be up to you

To be first to say a kind word,

No matter what you might have heard.


When with a Friend, try hard to see

The ways your Friend knows how to be.

And if they’re diff’rent from your ways,

Just know, for this, true patience pays.

I pray for patience every day,

Because I need it, I do say!

A true good Friend, I want to be.

A true good Friend, for you, from Me!


I am so glad we talked today.

                                    God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #24)


23. Murphy-Girl!



Hello! And how are you today?

I’m glad to talk with you, I say!

I’ve a story to tell to you…

Something fun that you never knew!


Murphy-Girl…She’s my poochie Friend!

We play and play till day does end.


We jump and run…play hide ‘n seek…

It’s hard to hide ’cause Murph will peek!


Murph is a sweet and loving pooch,

But she sure gives a sloppy smooch!

We run and race and race and run;

We always have such great, grand fun!

I think, though, that ’cause Murph’s so fast,

Is why I always come in last!

But there’s a secret I will tell…

If you promise to keep it well.

You better hold on to your seat…

Murphy-Girl has very…big…feet!


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not so bad.

Big feet can sometimes make you glad!

I wish I had much bigger feet.

Then I could run so fast…so sweet!

Our Murphy-Girl sure covers ground,

Much faster than others around.

Murphy is black from head to toe.

Not one white spot is there to show!

If it is daytime when we race,

At least, then, I can see her face!

‘Cause when we try to race at night,

It’s way too hard!  She’s gone from sight!

But that’s ok, because she’s fun,

And never wants to hurt someone.

Murphy always watches my back.

On this, she’s never known to slack!


She smiles at me! Yes! She does!

And why she does this is because

She is my Friend, and I’m her Friend,

And we hope that does never end!


Can’t talk more now…we have to go.

Murphy and I, we both well know

That it’s not long we’ve time to play.

Our work is done, so not much day

Is left for us to race and run

And wrestle-play and have some fun!


We hope that you can do this, too.

Go have some fun with things you do

That you enjoy, when work is done.

And stressful things?  We hope there’s none!

Maybe you’ve time to read out loud

To someone fun…maybe a crowd?

You know I’m glad we talked today!

                                      God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #23)


22. Watching the Sky!



I love to lay down on the ground,

And look at the sky…all around!


It’s hard to think you look so high…

To watch trees sway as breeze blows by.


The sky by day can be so blue!


And it can also be gray, too.

245   740

But when we’re blessed to have blue sky,

It seems like Heaven to our eye!

339   324

We think, as we, at these things look,

What St. Pat taught from the Good Book,

 “God made the two great lights,

the greater one to govern the day,

 and the lesser one to govern the night;

                                                      and He made the stars.”     (Genesis 1: 16)

The sky at night, though, has no sun…

Or bright daytime…no blue sky fun.

But looking at the sky at night

Can be a pretty awesome sight!

And if, by chance,  you see a star,

You’re seeing something very far!

Sparkling, glistening, twinkling bright!

Making such a beautiful sight!


And if, by chance, you see our Moon,

It might just look like a balloon

That’s round and bright with silver shine,

And light all ’round, so clear and fine!


Clouds can hide the moon quite well,

And then its shape is hard to tell,

Or hard to see it anywhere!

Its circle shape could be half there,

Or even less…a sliver shines

Which gives to night time diff’rent signs

Up in the sky when we can stare…

Enjoying, often, brightness there!


But I am getting tired now

And very soon I’ll know just how

To close my eyes and lay my head

On my soft pillow…on my bed!

I’ll say good night to you and all

The Friends of Me who is so small!

I hope you’ve read out loud today.

                                      God bless you now and ev’ry day!  (See Footnote #22)


21. The Drops From Heaven!



Oh my, the rain came down today!

God bless us is what I do say!

No matter where we tried to run,

The rain came down on everyone!

It does feel nice upon my face…

Rain brings a cooler, fresher space.

Sometimes, though, you look for a place

To find shelter not near home base.

Sometimes I see a leaf-y “glade”

For shelter…nice! And by God, made!

319   314


Sometimes the leaves upon a tree

Grow out the side…a canopy…


A leprechaun can fit right there,

And find a nice and dry “somewhere!”

Sometimes the leaves are in a bunch

That serves as cover in a crunch!

Sometimes the leaves are sparse and few

But still can help with cover, too!


The leaves can cover just enough,

So the wetness is not too tough.

But if some leaves can not be seen,

My sight will check the nearby scene,

To see if a tree might just be

A shelter in some way I see.

Sometimes the bark will form just right,

And leave  a hole that’s clear to sight.

If I see that, I jump right through

Into the tree, and watch the view.


And sometimes one leaf’s all we need…

Could be from flower, tree, or weed.

As long as it is big enough

To cover heads when rain gets rough.

I, Finney think a maple tree

Has the big leaf I need for me.

An oak leaf for me Mum is good

It has the leaf we hoped it would.

383   382

The leaves work well to keep us dry,

No matter if you’re girl or guy!

They cover well and help us stay

Well groomed…in the leprechaun way!

380   377

Then comes the time the rain has stopped.

The heavenly waters have all dropped.

But then we’re still and look around,

To see the rainfall on the ground.

And then our eyes feel such delight,

As God’s clear raindrops are in sight.

They sparkle here, and glisten there…

Their lustrous shine is everywhere!

Each drop is in its special place.

No doubt it’s there by special Grace!

The Hand of God allowed a scene

So lovely on our fields of green!

The green leaves are adorned with “jewels”,

297   304

In this grand land where shamrock rules!

307   310


The branches carry tears so clear.

In Éire*…Ireland so dear…

298   332


The grasses hold so tenderly

Heaven’s water, called rain,  you see.

295   336


Plants and flowers, the rain does kiss…

The Master “Drop Placer”…no miss!

333   324


So, how could it be to complain,

When we know this beautiful rain

Brings us sights of brilliance, so grand,

For everyone, in all this land.

If precious is a drop of rain,

It seems to be so very plain

That all who He made specially

Have Grace and help amazingly,

Because the Bible makes the call…

God’s Image and Likeness…are all!

If God, for raindrops, takes such care,

Imagine how, for all, He’s there

Every second of every day

To give all His Love, is His way.

I’ve talked enough…this I do know.

But it was fun…raindrops to show!

I’m very glad we talked today.

                                      God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #21)



20. Dancin’!



Just to be sure you did not miss

Seein’ grand dancin’, just like this…

 http://m.godvine.com/irish-dance-flash-mob-at-the-airport-fb-gv-6915.html *

Jumpin’ here and steppin’ there…

Twirling, tapping everywhere!

In Ireland, we sure love to dance!

We dance and dance at every chance!


Me Mum is one of those who do

The dancin’…in gray skies or blue!


If there’s a dance she doesn’t lose

Her chance…she wears her dancin’ shoes!


It’s all the time and ev’ry day,

‘Cause dancin’ always is her way!

Mum loves especially the jig,

Even though she’s not so big!


‘Tis so grand to see her high step!

And she dances with all her pep,

…known as one of the high kickers,

She’s proud of her grand, green knickers!


And, oh, she really loves to dance

With me, her Finney…every chance!

Me Mum and I have dancin’ fun.

We love to dance ‘fore day is done!


We jump and jig and twirl around…

The air is full of “dancin’ sound!”

Sometimes we dance and jump sooo high,

That me Mum’s grand braids…up they fly!


So when you hear the music play,

In a grand, fun toe-tapping way,

Just step right out on that dance floor

And dance and dance and dance some more!

If someone wants to dance with you,

‘Tis more the fun when there are two!


But truth be told, there is no need,

For only one is fine, indeed!

Just tap and twirl and dance around!

There’s such great joy that can be found!

I’m glad that we could talk today.

                                      God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #20)