37. More Hidin’s!



Hello, my Friend! Hello today!

I hope you are in a grand way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope that you are fine!

7-27-15, plymouth time 1825

Well, the hidin’ of the wee folk,

‘Twas, just last time, of what we spoke.

I showed you some grand hidin’ spots,

And that I really do have lots!

I said I’d show you more again,

And that I would let you know “when!”

Well, now is “when,” so you can know

More hidin’ spots to you I’ll show!

These spots are “hidin’s”, as we say,

Just so you know our wee folk way!

I showed you holly in one place…

7-27-15, plymouth time 1684      7-27-15, plymouth time 1685

a stairwell, and a curtain space…

180      178

Some pillows and fine mountain mist…

186      118

Grand trees and boulders, by sky kissed…


Cool forest stream and rock ledge cracks…


      438      456

Such fine, grand spots to eat your snacks!

But then more hidin’s you did see,

And these are what all those would be…


Fine flowers are a great go-to…

2257      2351

    Red leaves and big green leaves will do…


Great hidin’ in day lilies, too…

Lots of grand space for me and you!

7-27-15, plymouth time 1838

When moon comes up, it’s really fine…

Easy hidin’ with less sun’s shine!

7-23-15 1564

Of course, you know that it is true,

Grand shamrocks always do well, too!

455      458

Many rock ledges can be found,

They give great hidin’s all around!

So you can see that we can find

Some ways to work, and we don’t mind,

Because God really counts on us

To do our work without a fuss!

The Greatest Treasure of the Gold,

The Treasure from the tales of old,

Is what we, wee folk, are Guardians of…

Our work giv’n us by God above.

      3-274      _DSC4014

For all mankind we must take care,

For gold makes blind some senses where

It will cause harm if some did know,

So we must help the gold not show!

Great weakness comes when greed takes root…

Sometimes hate grows ‘cause of gold loot.

We, Leprechauns, know this is true,

And to protect…we want to do.

Uh, oh, I think someone is near…

But I know that nothing’s to fear.

I know a hidin’s all I need…

 I’ll go to one with such great speed!!!

All sorts of green will always do,

Like bushes, big plants, grasses, too…

7-27-15, plymouth time 1847      7-27-15, plymouth time 1848

2119      2123

2186      2258

2349      2362

2369      2352

Thickets are great hidin’ places…

Lots of hidden hidin’ spaces!

7-27-15, plymouth time 1700      7-27-15, plymouth time 1701

Sometimes if there’s a Church nearby,

I love to hide there…climb up high!

So many wondrous places there,

Special to God, and peaceful where

Reverence is most for Him, our King,

Who, for us, all His Love does bring.

 1849      617

But that is not always the case,

That I’ll be near a holy place,

Such as a Church, to be so near.

So then I run without a fear,

To plants and trees and flowers fine,

And often I find a grand pine,

Which hides me well, and safe I be,

Except if my red hair you see!


There’s always lilac bushes, too…


Or spearmint leaves will always do!

7-27-15, plymouth time 1824

So, as you see, no need to fuss…

God does provide…take care of us!

Just like He will do for me now,

Because I’m hungry and know how

Some juicy berries will help me,

And I’ll no longer hungry be!

So, I’ll go to the berry patch,

And see what berries I can snatch!

I know, me Mum, she will not mind!

She always grows my fav’rite kind!

So, I can just go pick and eat,

And just enjoy my berry treat!

I am so glad we talked today!

                                    God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #37)


36. Hidin’!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a grand way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

7-27-15, plymouth time 1789

We, Leprechauns, have some concerns

That each of us, quite early, learns.

It really just is not ok

For all to know the wee folks’ way

Of doing work that needs be done

Before we can just have some fun!

So oftentimes we have to hide

When we are inside or outside!

7-27-15, plymouth time 1684

7-27-15, plymouth time 1685

Our secret work is a great trust,

So great we absolutely must

Be sure that we are never seen,

Most times when we’re on fields of green,

Or walkin’ home, or travellin’,

And ‘specially when we’re workin’!

When work is yours that you must do,

And gold is part of your work, too,

Sometimes there’s danger that’s a threat,

Because on this some minds are set

To think of how gold must be had,

Or else life would be just so sad.


Of course, this is not really true,

But still some folks think this…they do!

But we are Guardians in that way,

And must be careful ev’ry day,

To secretly keep hidden well

The great gold Treasure some will tell

That’s in a pot at rainbow’s end,

And this, it’s true, we do defend.

But long ago, the tale is told,

God was forgotten for some gold.*

The Bible Book we, wee folk, love,

Tells of the story when God’s Love

Was put aside when trust did fail.

When coming down the mountain trail,

And Moses saw the people’s sin,

And, oh, his anger did begin!

The people did see Moses’ wrath,

When Moses saw their golden calf.

But Moses spoke on their behalf,

To God, in hopes to calm God’s wrath.

Great trouble came when this was done,

And hard times came for everyone.

Hard lessons came from this, for all,

Because, from Grace, people did fall.

So, knowing this, we must take care…

Sometimes to try to hide somewhere,

Remembering we must protect

The Treasure that God does expect

We always will be careful to

Keep secret from most all who do

Make efforts to catch us, wee folk,

For treasure of which someone spoke.

The Bible story helps us know

That gold and treasure sometimes show

The part of some hearts’ not-good place,

And causes them to want to chase

We, Leprechauns, to find the gold

That they have heard from tales of old.


So, sometimes we hide by stairwells,

so no one sees and no one tells.


Sometimes we are where curtains hide

Our green outfits from all inside!


Sometimes we try to find a chair

That might just have a pillow there.


It’s hard to see us if that’s so,

And we can be there…none need know!

Sometimes we’re safe in mountain mist.

It hides so much…we can’t resist!


The mighty trees and boulders, too…

Why, they could hide both Me and You!


In the forest, right by a stream,

Fine hiding places, it would seem.


Rock ledges, too, have secret cracks…

I even go there to have snacks!


My cousins, Daíthí and Gussie,

Stay overnight sometimes and we

Do really like to take our snacks

And go to our fav’rite ledge cracks!



I’ll show you just a few more spots,

Right now…but I have lots and lots,

And I will show you more again,

And I will let you know just when.

So here’s some more, but just a few,

And for now, they will have to do,

’cause I am hungry once again.

And you know what I might do when

I’m wanting to have some grand snacks…

I go to my fave rock ledge cracks!






7-23-15 1564



I am so glad we talked today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #36)



35. More About My Holiday!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


I didn’t finish telling you,

What Nannie and Me-self did do!

The story of  my holiday

Is what I have more of to say!

I travelled fine with me Nannie,

Who really thought she needed me

To come and help her when I could…

She knows, of course, I always would!

After we saw the Church windows,



And saw the shamrocks great grand  shows,

1404a      1380a

1398a      1424

We then tried to find Nannie’s Friend’s.

Her Friend lives right by where “There” ends!

Her Home had a fine, grand red door!

‘Tis special, that, ’cause it means more

When doors are red…because of when

In times of old, ’twas help for men.*


‘Twas given so the angel knew

To let the home just pass from view.

Whose door had red, that home was giv’n,

Protection right from God in Heav’n,

From all hurt, harm, and suffering…

For other homes, the day might bring.


So when a door is red, you know,

That trust in God, it might just show

When talking to the someone who

Does live there and who’s Friends with you.

That’s how it is for Nannie here…

Who lives there is her Friend so dear!

I sat right there upon the door,

While Nannie did what she came for.


And then I went inside to look.**

I thought I might find a good book!



But then I looked out the window,


And then I saw a nice bench, so

I sat on this bench, ’twas red, too,

And felt the breeze…enjoyed the view!



But then I thought I heard someone!

I left my spot right in the sun.


I jumped right down so I could hide

Behind the hay right on the side

1450      1451

Of this fine home, near end of “There.”

That’s all I know…it’s just “somewhere.”

But it was fine…no one was there,

I had no need to hide anywhere!


This was a fine and grand fun day

And I just really loved the way

Me Nannie and I had travellin’ fun

When we visited her someone!


I’m glad to tell you travellin’ tales,

Of hiding behind large hay bales!  😉

But truly we did have grand fun,

But now our visitin’ is done.

It’s back to needs be done each day,

And after that some time to play!

I am so glad we talked today.

                                    God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #35)




34. My Holiday!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


I talked to you the other day,

And spoke to you about the way

I’d be travellin’ to somewhere

Not far from Here, and, close to There!

‘Twas with me Nannie I did go

To see Irish folk she did know.

What a visit!  What fun we had!

We laughed and talked and were not sad!

Other things, too, me Nannie did…

And there were times I went and hid!

There are those times I can’t be seen.

I often hide in trees of green.

I love when flowers hide me well!

I just crouch down and none can tell

I’m hiding there where none can see

My green clothes, red hair, hat, or me!

829      834

But sometimes when I need to hide,

It could be inside or outside!


Nannie and I, we know full well,

A Leprechaun must never tell

Of certain places and some things…

Secrets that a Leprechaun brings

To where he goes, and must not say

What they’re about on any day!

But Nannie understands this all…

The secrets of we, who are small.



There are some things, though, I CAN say!

About our trav’llin’ holiday…

Last time we talked, we spoke of green…

Of lovely fields and shamrocks’ scene.

We saw so many shamrocks where

We travelled to…from Here to There!

On pretty windows, shamrocks fine…

They glowed so green in the sunshine!


St. Pat, himself, held one in hand,

A shamrock from our grand Ireland!

1345c      1345a

The harp, the claddagh, and shamrocks…

Just like the ones on some grand socks,


Were on these color windows, bright…

So fine to see in the daylight.

1376a      1377a

And also, too, I want to say

The windows that I saw that day…

They told the truths so very old,

From ancient times in colors bold.

The angel held the shamrock plant

Used by St. Pat for holy chant…


St. Brigid and her Cross were there,

1352a      1379a

With Jesus and the children where

His Love and Care was also shown.


Good Shepherd’s picture that we’ve known

speaks “loudly”, too, of God’s great Care

For all lost lambs, no matter  where.


The Irish Cross was standing strong

As if it heard our hearts’ love song!



Jesus…King, in all His Glory…

These windows told the whole story,

That St. Pat tried to teach us all,

No matter if we’re tall or small.


One God Who has The Persons Three,

The Blessed Holy Trinity…


Jesus, King, in all His Glory…

‘Tis the new and ancient story!

The story of God’s lasting Love…

Coming always from Heav’n above.

Our good St. Pat brought the Good News

And our grand shamrock he did use!

So in this place of Irish folk,

The place of which, with you, I spoke,

had shamrocks everywhere to see…

On the ground…with the harp they “be,”

1404a      1405a


On the sidewalk…they looked so fine…

Looking as if they’re in a line…


Also on a rug…curtains, too,

I think there’s too much to show you!

1397a      1398a

I think I’ll wait to tell you more.

But know there’s good stuff still in store!

I’m hungry now, so I’ll go eat,

And then I’ll rest my weary feet!

I’m thankful we did talk today.

God bless you is what I do say!  (see Footnote #34)




33. Shamrocks!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


I am a day early today,

‘Cause tomorrow I’ll be away!

I’ll be away for Irish fun,

But when I’m home, and it is done,

I know that talking we will do.

I am so happy to know you!


I’d like to speak to you right now

About green shamrocks and just how

They helped St. Patrick teach of God

On beautiful dear Ireland’s sod.

It seems to me that I do see

Grand shamrocks everywhere I be*!


No wonder St. Pat thought to tell

Of God, with shamrocks…and told well

Of Holy Spirit, Father, Son…

That all Three Persons are God, One!

975      976


Our Good St. Pat, he must have seen

The shamrocks in our fields of green!

Just everywhere you look you’ll see

That’s where, be sure, some shamrocks be*!


A shamrock… just to tell its tale

Grows in green grass on hill and dale.

I don’t think for grass there’s a need…

Shamrocks have joy…never think “weed!”

See pretty flowers?   Look around…

Maybe there’s shamrocks on the ground!


The Irish word is said Seamróg…

Combination — clover and óg.

“Little” clover is what this means…

Color’s all different shades of greens!

They may have blooms…some of you know,

The little flowers they can show.


With just one stem, having three leaves,

St. Patrick taught of God with ease.

There is more to the story, though…

And it is something most don’t know.

It has to do with us, wee folk;

How we did help when St. Pat spoke.

We listened to him with great care,

But none could see…we hid somewhere

So we could hear and none could see.

Most times that’s how it has to be.

This is a good hiding place!
   This is a good hiding place!

But we Leprechauns love St. Pat…

His kindly truths and great big hat!

To help him we did want to do.

So we just did what we best knew.

We tried to help him find a way…

To find a way of how to say

Just what the Trinity does mean…

What we knew well were fields of green!


So there we looked to find a clue…

And then we saw just what to do!

God helped us just to understand

What help could be from our grand land!


We thought our shamrock might be key

For teaching of the Trinity!

St. Pat, when he heard of this plan

Told us we’d done great work for man!

He said this small three leave-ed plant

Just made him want to happy-chant!

He’d been struggling to find a way…

He just couldn’t think of how to say

That God does love us all so much,

And that there’s Three in One Who touch

Us all and help in every way.

How to teach this…for this he’d pray.


He was so thankful, he told us!

He told us thanks a thousand-plus!**

And that’s the Leprechauns wee tale

Of how we looked on hill and dale,

And helped God answer St. Pat’s prayer

To learn to teach of God’s great Care.


We’ll always have great love for him

Who taught all with vigor and vim…

Who gave his life to Jesus, King!

Then St. Pat, His Good News did bring

To Ireland’s folks that he does love

With great Grace and Love from Heav’n above!

Now as for our wee shamrock tale

Of how we looked on hill and dale

To help St. Pat find a grand way

To teach all that he had to say…


Well…this is what I, Finney, heard,

Could very well be the true word.

St. Pat…he sure did help us all ..

No matter whether short or tall.


So that is all I have to say…

Right now, I’m in a sleepy way!

It’s nap time for this Leprechaun,

And soon, to dreamland I’ll be gone!

I am so glad we talked today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #33)


32. By the Sea!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


Have you ever been to the sea?

It’s a place I just love to be.

If you’ve been, I think that is grand!

How wonderful is sea and sand!

But if you have not yet gone there,

I hope you can some day that’s fair.

A fair day gives us bright sunshine,

And helps a “sea-day” be so fine!

Sometimes when I just need to be

Away…quiet…alone with me…

I like to walk down by the sea

To hear what God might say to me.


A Leprechaun is quite unique,

Because it’s “natural” that we seek

The helps from God He always gives,

To all creation, each, that lives.

We don’t feel so “smart” as to fuss

About what God does give to us.

We know it’s always for the best,

And never just a “needless test.”

His Peace stays with us, as we live

Each day with just what God does give.

Our special task…His treasure-care…

He knows that we’ll be always where

We need to be to get it done

Before we go and have our fun!

But…back to being by the sea…

The breeze, the water, sand…and me…


It is so nice to feel the air…

And, simply, just to sit right there!


I watch the water move and flow…

It seems to know just where to go.


Sometimes it breaks upon the rocks

And acts like it is full of shocks!


Like being taken by surprise…

Its sprays are lovely to my eyes!



The rocks seem like they want to wait

And be real sure they won’t be late,

To be there when the waters come,

From where God sends the waters from!


So, I think that the joyful sprays

Are how the water laughs and plays!

The Sun joins in and plays a part

Of pouring glimmer, for a start…



Sun also warms and brightens days

And brings more joys in all these ways.

They work together…sun and sea,

And can make things go nice for me!


Water’s flying here…flying there!

Go up!  Go down!  Go everywhere!



But water, too, can misbehave!

That’s when the rocks do try to save

The waters’ flow and set it right,

In its direction, day and night!


These things I watch down by the sea.

Such gifts they are from God to me.

There’s so much more that I could tell.

More tales I know to tell so well!

But just for now let’s think of seas…

Cool waters, blue sky, sand, and breeze!


This thinking helps me know so well

That only God can really tell

Me all there is I need to know…

As I watch His waters flow.


I am so happy to be here.

I know there is no need to fear.

God made the rocks and sun and sea,

And, graciously, He made small me!



I am so glad we talked today!

                                  God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote 32)


31. Clouds!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello, today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


I’d like to speak of clouds today!

I hope, with you, this is ok.

I’ve seen so many clouds so fine.

Sometimes they even join sunshine.

The colors, shapes, and quantity,

Make clouds often a sight to see!

They can be white and fluffy, too,

Which makes the sky so bright and new!


Fluffy, though, isn’t always so,

Streaky and gray might also show.


I’ve heard fancy names for a cloud…

Not so easy to say out loud!

Cumulus, cirrus, stratus, too…

These names sound familiar to you?

Good for you if, indeed, they do!

Then you have seen skies not all blue!

324   334


420a      421a

613      245



But there is something else to say

About clouds in the sky each day.

And that is that a cloud has done

Something even better than fun!



That clouds give rain is very grand,

To help the plants in our fine land…

498      561

382      497a

To help the green grass grow so well,

Is also wonderful to tell.

But even better than all that…

Even nicer than a green hat…

Lord Jesus, Who is King of Kings,

For Whom we know each Angel sings,

He chose a cloud to be His Throne

And set a fine, grand heav’nly tone,

By lifting high the Son of God,

Thus giving clouds a Mighty Nod!

To carry Him high in the sky,


Home to Heaven, is the reason why

I thank the clouds for their fine care,

In helping God’s Son to get where

He would be Home and helping all…

No matter whether tall or small!


But that’s not all, for it is said,

That after He rose from the dead,

And clouds helped Him to rise to Heav’n,

There is still more that will be giv’n!


He’ll come again in that same way,

When He rose to Heav’n on that day!


Seated at His Father’s right Hand,

He rules as King of every land.

Of all of this, St. Pat did tell…

Of Jesus, King, He taught so well.


The clouds, when called, will do for Him,

What He asks, with vigor and vim!




We, Leprechauns…we know all this.

We know it is the Truth…yes…’tis.


But, oh my, my…I’m sleepy now…

And hungry, too.  I don’t know how

To stay awake to first eat some…

So I have strength for Kingdom come!

How grand ’twill be when that fine day

Brings all of us to Heaven’s way!

But I’m so glad we read today!

                                      God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote # 31)


30. The Mighty Builders!



I, Finney, say, “Hello! Hello!”

So glad you’re here, by now you know!

And if you don’t, then let me say,

I am so glad you’re here today!


I have to tell you what I’ve seen,

As I walk on our fields of green!


These grains of earth just piled high

As if they’re reaching for the sky!

832a   833a

For each and every little hill

Has been built with such mighty skill.

The grains of earth each in its place,

Seemed put so neatly in its space!

I saw them, too, as I looked down,

The little ants…some black, some brown!

739   738


566a   560a

They each find their own ant-hill hole,

And building seems to be their goal.

A grain of earth each carries out.

It’s plain, their work, they’re all about!

Their homes are built with earnest care.

Their hills…amazin’…everywhere!

There’s no one place where they belong;

Could be a meadow with bird’s song…


Could be in dirt or grassy ground…

Or in some funny spots all ’round!


579   337

660   554

548   556

You must look close to see them there…

They really could be anywhere!

752   752a


They’re on the ground and on a tree!

All needs be done is look and see!

564a   749a


Sometimes they’re dusty…sometimes clean.

But no matter, fun to be seen!


557   557a

They work so hard, each of the ants.

‘Tis strange, though, no green shirt or pants!

And no green cap or pot o’ gold…

Like’s always been from times of old!

For ants it must be different, though.

Their work, from God, they surely know!

I wonder if they know St. Pat,

Or the Fianna*, and all that?

I know they’ve so much work to do.

How do they have time for play, too?

I can’t see any balls to play,

Or hamper’s filled for summer’s day,

With food for picnickin’s fun way!

Hmmm…that sounds so good for today!

I think I’m glad I’m not an ant.

A Leprechaun just simply can’t

Forget about the pot o’ gold

Whose tale’s been told from times of old!

This is our work, giv’n us by God,

Our work here on grand Irish sod!

Thank goodness, too, for these poor ants.

Who do not have green shirt or pants,

They work and work…too hard for me!

I simply need to play, you see!

Watchin’ these ants has worn me out…

I’ve been a really grand ant-scout.

But, oh my goodness, ants can walk

To here and there without much talk!

Well, that just wouldn’t be for me!

I am so glad I’m just Finney!

I’m happy you read this today!

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #30)


29. Éire #1!



I, Finney, say, “Hello!  Hello!”

I have something so fun to show

To you which means so much to me.

Bet you’re thinking, “What could this be?”


Where I come from is by the sea.

Its salty sea air’s so lovely!


The green’s like none you’ve ever seen!

How I do love those fields of green!

2081a      2116a

2138a      2127a

‘Tis Ireland I am speaking of.

Seems like a place in Heav’n above!


The flowers are so bright and fair…

So beautiful, beyond compare!

DSC03161a      836


The animals who share the land

Were chosen special by God’s hand

To live in Ireland…help to care,

For Irish folk who do live there!




Ireland’s name is also Éire,

And to say this…sounds like air-uh!

Its ancient times are like it’s now,

Though it is hard to explain how…

The ancient homes are not all gone.

“Tis true, says I, a Leprechaun!


Those ancient homes still tell the tale.

They, in their witness, do not fail!

The mists of time have been so kind.

They’ve left some ancient sense behind!

It’s all around on Irish sod.

The then and now…still fresh from God!

This history’s not told with ease;

So much to tell of green and breeze!

Some of you hoped that I would tell

Of secrets that I know so well.

757      461

Secret work and secret doors

Had their beginnings in our lores.

So, I must go far back in time,

If I’m to tell of what I rhyme!

The ancient tales and history…

They tell us of a great story!

And though its telling is so fun,

As I said…not easily done!

So, we’ll talk only of a part,

And this will give us a good start.

Beginning is the sure first step.

So, here we go, with hope and pep!

Long, long ago…we have been told

That Irish folks, in times of old…

They settled and began to be

So happy in this Land, you see.

The first place we will speak about…

So mystical, there is no doubt.

I’m speaking of the sacred hill…

‘Tis Tara I mean and I will

Be first to say this sacred place

Knows many a Leprechaun’s face!

187      179


‘Tis work we’ve had and that we still

Must do well on this sacred hill.

Its grassy mounds disguise what’s there…

Great secrets underneath somewhere.

Just where and what must not be known.

Not yet because it can’t be shown.

Until the time that’s set by God,

For Tara’s secrets in this sod.


Me Dad is calling to me now.

He says he needs to tell me how

To tell you things of what we know

Without letting some secrets show.

Sean Finnegan!
Sean Finnegan!

Our sacred trust from times of old,

Has something real to do with gold.


The secret doors do show the way

To places many may not stay!

But Leprechauns protect so well

These places that we may not tell

Too much about just where they lead,

No matter how much some may plead!

But you, my Friend, I tell to you…

Someday I know you’ll know things, too!

What fun for us…secrets to share!

That’s always fun for those who care

To be true Friends, and grow in trust.

To do good things we know we must!

I’m so tired now…time to nap!

I’ll jump in bed…keep on my cap!

I am so glad we talked today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #29)