45. Cookin’!



Finney enjoying the sun at the beach!
     Finney enjoying the sun at the beach!

Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

It’s so fun to go to the beach,

Where sand and waves are within reach!


We spoke of tides last time we talked…

I showed you beaches I have walked!


We saw how the sea gives good meals…


And I guess most anyone feels

So good to feel the ocean breeze!

I, Finney, find I feel at ease,

When I spend time right by the sea…

It’s just such a grand place to be!


Also, for food, I thank the sea!

Grand soup, from it, Mum makes for me!

From weeds of sea, me Mum will make

Some soup so fine that I will take

So many helpings, that I feel

As if I’ve had the grandest meal!


This seaweed soup Mum makes for me

Comes in with tide…I watch to see…


I have my bucket to bring some,

To home, with me, to give to Mum!


Well, she gets busy right away…

Dries some seaweed on that same day!


Mum takes them to our nearby brook.

She’ll wash them then, and use the hook

That’s in the wall, right by her chair,

To hang them, and they dry right there!

Sometimes she’ll chop them into flakes.

On diff’rent meals, the flakes, she shakes!

But dryin’s for plants she will store,

For meals to come, when she needs more.

But, just for now, she’ll use cleaned plants…

She’ll keep them safe from little ants,

And Mum will make her dee-lish meal,

And, oh so good, we will all feel!


The seaweed broth she seasons well…

What all Mum adds, I can not tell!

All I do know is it’s sooo yum!

‘Tis just so hard to wait for some!

Mum also makes her seaweed stew,

And, ohhh, my, my!  I love that, too!

She’ll go outside and look around

To find good stew things in the ground!

She also looks all through the grass,

Across the green, her eyes will pass,

For tasty greens, she hopes to find,

For making food that’s in her mind!

When Mum puts all this in her pot,

And stirs it slowly till it’s hot…

It tastes sooo good, I want to eat,

No matter when, ’tis such a treat!

There’s so much more me Mum does make

To feed us all AND she does bake!

185      167

But bakin’ tales, I’ll not tell now,

Nor will I even tell you how

Mum makes amazin’ stuff to eat.

I’m tired of standin’ on my feet!

So, I will tell another day

Of what exactly is the way

Mum makes her tasty, mmm, fine treats,

For desserts that everyone eats!

Now…me Mum’s seaweed soup or stew…

She just might still make some for you!

If Mum still have some plants and flakes…

Of course, she would!  For goodness sakes!

So, now I’ll go put up my feet,

And hope for some fine tasty treat

That I can eat after I rest…

Me Mum, she’s grand!  Her food’s the best!


We’ll eat together and thank God,

For our home on this grand old sod!

We’ll thank Him for our food and drink…

And for each other and we’ll think

Of all that we are thankful for…

And, for our place in Ireland’s lore!

290      _DSC4014

We talked today about the sea…

How it provides for you and me…

In many ways…yes, more than one…

And I’m so grateful for the fun

Of fine, grand beach days in the sun!

And I’m so tired when beach day’s done!

Maine 2014-6243a


I hope you can have beach fun, too!

And maybe I just might see you!


I am so glad we talked today!

God bless you is what I do say!


Note from Nannie!

     In this story, we find out a little more about Leprechaun meals and how the sea provides seaweed that helps feed Leprechauns, too!  “Irish Moss is a type of seaweed that has been used for centuries in Ireland, as a healing sea vegetable used in soups to fortify and especially strengthen malnourished individuals …”(keep in mind Potato Famine time)…”  It is traditionally brewed as a broth to release its beneficial nutrients.” (www.superfoods-for-superhealth.com  There’s great info on the health benefits of Irish moss…everything from nourishing to helping respiratory tracts, skin, connective tissue and joints, digestive tracts, and even weight loss…if you go to the referenced website!

     If you are familiar with the movie, “The Secret of Roan Inish”, you might think about Grandmother Tess making her special seaweed soup!  This movie is a great favorite with my Family!

     If you go to the footnote link, you will find a question about this story for younger readers! 

God bless you and thank you for stopping by to visit Finney and me!


3 thoughts on “45. Cookin’!

  1. Hello my dear Friend S from your dear Friend Finney!

    Mmmm…seaweed stew I love so much!
    And Mum just has that special touch!
    ‘Cause everything she makes is grand…
    Mum’s food is best in all Ireland!
    At least that is what I do say!
    I love Mum’s cooking every day!
    Maybe some time you could stop by,
    And I would just tell me Mum why…
    That you would like some seaweed stew!
    Yes! ‘Tis what I would do for you!
    And my sunbathing…yes, ’tis grand!
    Best Leprechaun tan in Ireland!
    I am so glad you wrote today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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