50. Nannie’s Fun Facts! (3)




Hello to you! Nannie here!  So nice that Finney gives us some time to talk!

In our last story-poem, wasn’t it fun to see some of the birds that Finney likes to watch?  I happen to know there are more birds that he has seen that he wants to show you! He just got tired and hungry…that Finney!

Finney doesn’t know the names of all the birds he sees, but he does know some…robins, crows, seagulls, herons, cranes…one of the birds he showed you, though, must have been visiting Ireland with someone. The reason I say that is that nowhere can I find it said that there are cardinals (the pretty red bird in one of the pictures) in Ireland.


 The information I have read seems to indicate they are common in North America. I did read on http://www.birdforum.net that there were cardinal spottings in the UK and ONE claim from Ireland. It seems that cardinals are non-migratory, so if Ireland is home to any cardinals, they must have been “ship-assisted” or escaped from someone somewhere. Interesting…

http://www.birdwatchireland.ie has some fun general info about birds in Ireland. This website provides a very informative listing of Ireland’s birds.. It seems Ireland has crows and ravens…that’s right, they are not the same thing.


 www.birdnote.org has samples of their different sounds (crow – caw and raven – croak), ravens are bigger, and their tail plumage is different (crow feathers are uniform size and fan out while raven tail feathers are longer in the middle giving the tail a wedge shape). This same website also describes the gathering at dusk of crows who are getting ready for their night roost…like a crow slumber party!

057      2196

When Finney was sitting down by the sea, he watched birds that could have been cranes or herons…more likely, it seems, is that they were herons based on the way they flew, but still bearing resemblance to cranes in other ways. An expert, which Finney and Nannie are not, would know the difference. It seems that cranes were once a great part of Ireland.   Information from http://www.goldeneagletrust.com indicates cranes may have been “sacred in pre-literary Ireland.”


2105b      2093b       

Finney loves watching all this!

Around Christmastime, we’ll talk more of Robins in Ireland!


Last fun fact has to do with St. Ita (died around 570) of Ireland…I have a periodical I read most every day called “Magnificat.” It is a wonderful and inspiring experience each and every day with the Scriptures of the day and assorted prayers and interesting things to learn about our Faith. Anyway, today I read a little peace about St. Ita, who “became known as the foster mother of the Saints of Erin.” She was born Deirdre, of the clan of Dési, in present-day Co. Waterford in Ireland. Her Christian name derived from Íota, indicating her “parching thirst” for God.” St. Brendan was one of her students and Ita told Brendan, “Three things that please God most are true faith in God with a pure heart, a simple life with a grateful spirit, and generosity inspired by charity. The three things that most displease God are a mouth that hates people, a heart harboring resentments, and confidence in wealth.” (Magnificat, September, 2015) Hmmm…food for thought…

It is my great privilege to close with a work of an anonymous Poet of Ireland, who has become Finney’s Friend…

                             I know a leprechaun named Finney,

                             Whose voice was squeaky and tinney!

                             Finney wanted to sing like a nightingale,

                             But sounded more like an Airedale.

                             Voice lesson, Finney, he took-ed,

                             From a horse, Seamus the crook-ed!

                             Months later, Finney’s voice is still tinney,

                             But he sure now can gallop and whinney!

1387      1390

I have to say what a grand and fun effort by this Poet of Ireland!

If you have anything to add, to help us all learn, and/or you would like to share a rhyme you might write for or about Finney, please e-mail me at nanniesfinney@gmail.com!

Finney and I would love to hear from you!

As Finney would say…

I am so glad we talked today,

God bless you  is what I do say!


3 thoughts on “50. Nannie’s Fun Facts! (3)

  1. This is such a great post! I never knew that crows and ravens were different! And St. Ita! Cool name, and great bit of wisdom, I’ll have to remember that. And I’m dying to know who your anonymous Poet of Ireland is! What a great little poem — ots of great and unexpected rhymes there! I’ll have to try my hand at it … stay tuned! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhh, I hope you do find the time,
    To think about and write a rhyme!
    You would give Finney such delight,
    And make his day so very bright!

    Ahhh, don’t you just love St. Ita’s title…the “foster-mother of the Saints of Erin”…now, that’s a wow!!!
    …parching thirst for God…omgosh!
    And, yes! The birds are great! and…the anonymous Poet of Ireland must be so thrilled at your words!


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