59. Learnin’!




Hello, my Friend! Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I hope your day is always fine!

When St. Pat came and taught all well,

He had some heav’nly tales to tell!

We Leprechauns did hear him speak,

And heard him praise the kind and meek.

We heard him tell of God’s own Son,

Whose Heart has Love for everyone!


Me Dad said Grampa heard him say

How Jesus loves in every way.

‘Tis Jesus, God, Savior of all…

St. Pat taught of, to tall and small!


The time came, though… St. Pat did pass…

All on our Isle of grand green grass,


Were sorrow-full…we missed him so…

But he’s in Heaven, that we know.

Then others came, so like St. Pat…

They taught of God’s love and all That!

One group of them…they dress in white,

Whene’er they come…’tis a grand sight!

They may, too,  wear a cape that’s black,

Great love for Jesus, they don’t lack!

St. Dominic, Our Lady and Baby Jesus!
St. Dominic, Our Blessed Mother Mary and Baby Jesus!

They’ve been in Ireland for so long…

Their Faith in Jesus is so strong.

1346a      1354a

They teach of Him like St. Pat did,


At first, we Leprechauns just hid!

Before long, we knew they were good…

The way we knew is ’cause they could

Just steal our gold like others might,

And sometimes even in our sight!

But they did not…they did not try,

And I think I can tell you why.

They teach of Jesus and His Love…

That He’s God’s Son sent from above.


Just like St. Pat, they’re kind to us…

Because we’re diff’rent, they don’t fuss.

Our hair of red and clothes of green,


Don’t seem to make them one bit mean.

I, Finney, say this, ’cause I know,

How wantin’ gold helps mean-ness show.

570      _DSC4014

I’ve had to run and try to hide,

When those who have such greed and pride

Will try to bully and then steal

Not caring how others will feel.

Our Friends in white know what we say,

And try to help us know the way

To not be hurt and understand,

That such things happen in our land.

They tell us that some folks have pain

Which hurts their hearts and love does drain

Right from those hearts, and, they will do

Bad things, sometimes, to me and you.

“Try to forgive, and still be kind.

If you do this, you may just find

How Grace from God will help you cope.”

These words they say, give us grand hope,


That maybe we can do some good…

With Jesus’ help, we know we could!

Our Friends in white…they try to teach,

And show us just how we can reach

Into our hearts and find God’s there,

Because He can be anywhere!


All we need do is say okay,

And God will help on any day!

These Friends in white of whom I speak,

Say Jesus says we should be meek.


So, all these things we try to do,

Just like St. Pat did teach us, too.

He came to Ireland for us all,

No matter whether tall or small.

This is the altar at the Shrine Of Our Lady of Knock in East Durham, New York. Behind the altar is a depiction of Our Blessed Mother with St. Joseph and St. John at her sides, with the lamb on the altar to her left.
This is the altar at the Shrine Of Our Lady of Knock in East Durham, New York. Behind the altar is a depiction of Our Blessed Mother with St. Joseph and St. John at her sides, with the lamb on the altar to her left.

And now we have our Friends in white

Who also teach about the Light

That God did give, on Earth, to all,

No matter whether tall or small.

St. Dominic, Our Blessed Mother Mary, and Baby Jesus!
St. Dominic, Our Blessed Mother Mary, and Baby Jesus!

The one who taught these Friends in white,

Was Dominic…child of the Light.

His followers…woman or man…

They each are called “Dominican!”

My Friend who is called Father Bede…

He helps me when I feel I need

Some extra help to understand,

Fr. Bede and Me!
Fr. Bede and Me!


How I can be true fine and grand

When I know I just want to fight

Those bullies who get in my sight!

Some mischief is what’s on my mind,

And I just do not feel so kind!

But Fr. Bede says, “Oh, Finney,

I know that it is not easy!


He told me when he feels that way,

This prayer is just what he might say…

“Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, please,

Bless each of us, our cares to ease.

Please keep us safe till life is done.

God bless us all!  Yes, everyone!”

It’s God who has all that it takes,

And in our hearts, it’s Him Who makes

The Love that in our hearts will grow,

And help that angry feeling go!”

1161a     1162a

“Okay!” says I, to Father Bede.

“That God will give me what I need,

Is what I know is always true.

For all your help, I do thank you!”

And then I hug good Father Bede,


For taking time to talk and read

About how Jesus loves us all

No matter whether tall or small!

Maybe Bede, Pat and Dominic,

Would one day come on a picnic

With Daíthí, Pronshi…of course, me!

What grand fun that, of course, would be!


Mum’s apple bake and playin’ ball…

Life sure is good though we’re so small!

544a      449


And when we’d be havin’ grand lunch,

I’d try to not think of that punch,

Right in the nose, I want to give

To that bully I should forgive!

Oh God, please help me, I do say,

On each and ev’ry fine grand day!

I am so glad we talked this way!

God bless you is what I do say!


Note from Nannie:

The Dominican Order, the “Order of Preachers”, was founded by St. Dominic (1170-1221).  The Dominicans first arrived in Ireland in 1224. ..just three years after the death of St. Dominic. Two foundations were made in Ireland that first year, one in Drogheda and one in Dublin. (www.dominicans.ie)

http://www.catholic.com tells that “The custom of popes wearing white cassocks dates to Pope Pius V (1504-1572), a Dominican who chose to continue wearing the Dominican white habit as pope.  Successive popes continued the custom, and it is now the traditional color of the pope’s clothing.”


Viva il Papa!

7 thoughts on “59. Learnin’!

  1. Ahhh I love this post!! My favorite words were: “They tell us that some folks have pain/Which hurts their hearts and love does drain/Right from those hearts, and, they will do/Bad things, sometimes, to me and you.” Beautiful! And how could I not love the pics of Fr. Bede with Finney!! Love love love!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello my dear Friend S, from your dear Friend Finney!

      That God made us for Love, we know,
      The world, each day, to us does show
      The wonders God does bless us with…
      Before our eyes, not some vague myth!
      But our first home was lost by sin,
      and then some bad things did begin.
      We lost our place within God’s Love,
      But He then sent help from above.
      Jesus was born to help us find
      All what was missing in each mind…
      and In each heart, He helps us know
      All that God’s Love is giv’n to show.
      Jesus’ helpers…they want to do
      All that they can for me and you!
      Some folks like our good Father Bede
      They try to help with what we need.
      They do for Jesus what they can…
      Like Father Bede, Dominican!
      I hope that you’re in a fine way!
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 6 people

    1. Our Friends that are dressed all in white,
      With their black cape hidin’ that sight…
      Have been in Ireland for so long…
      We know with them we can’t go wrong!
      They help, protect, and even hide,
      We, Leprechauns, from far and wide!
      God blessed us sending them to us,
      To help us not get in a fuss!
      We love that Papa looks all white…
      Just like a Dominican sight!
      I’m glad you love this fun info,
      So that much more we all do know!
      I have behaved so much today,
      That I’m so tired in ev’ry way!
      So, please excuse me while I lay
      My head down on my bed this day.
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 4 people

  2. Wonderful installment. That was quite a sight to see Fr. Bede playing such a good sport. Also liked your description of Ireland as the land of the grand, green grass. Impressed by the brilliance of the rainbow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello to Poppie, my dear Friend!
    How nice for you, this day, to send,
    To me, a nice note, and to say
    you liked so much how, in my way,
    I tell of Ireland and her green
    That makes her lovely to be seen!
    Our rainbows, though, sometimes do tell
    A golden story…way too well!
    But, nonetheless, you are so right,
    The rainbow’s such a fine grand sight!
    I hope, Poppie, that you are fine,
    Enjoying life and the sunshine
    That starts our days and lights our way,
    For all of us, on every day!
    I thank you for takin’ the time,
    To read and comment on my rhyme!
    I am so glad we talked today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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