61. Storin’!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

2088      1107a

The air is cooler…harvest’s here,

And Christmastime is gettin’ near!


But before Advent comes to us,

With expectations and fun-fuss,

There’s lots of things that need be done,

To cozy up…for everyone!

We see around us signs of Fall,

And we well know there’s work for all!

We gather apples for Mum’s bake,

And berries for grand things to make!

983a      541

 All this and honey’s stored by Mum,

Golden Honey!
Golden Honey!

Dee-lish for meals, from this does come!

For the hearth, we need twigs and peat,

To dry our clothes and warm our feet!


Me Dad makes piles close to home,

So we don’t have too far to roam

When fires low and needs more burn,

We know just to where we can turn.

And even we move close inside

The trees who shield us from outside,


When we might find it just too cool…

But not too often as a rule.

Grand Ireland’s beauty never fails,

Just like the truth within her tales…

In Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall…

Always beautiful…they are all!

     But harvest time we speak of now,

Change from summer, God does allow.


The berries are where flowers were,

When hawthorne trees, the Fall, does stir!

230      2187

The birds toward warmer places fly…

They fly in V-form in the sky!

2071a      2072


‘Tis such a lovely time of year,

Makes you feel good, just to be “here!”

There’s always green, but golden, too,

As leaves of Fall gain honey hue.

near Cobh (sounds like Cove) in County Cork
Near Cobh (sounds like Cove), in County Cork

The grass browns, too, to mellow shades,

As greens take rest…as summer fades.

Inis Mor, Aran Islands, County Galway
Inis Mor*, Aran Islands, County Galway

The homes are cozy, closed up warm,

Inis Mor
Inis Mor*

’cause once in a while, frost will form!

Stevie - October, 2015**

An old thatched roof pays not much mind,

They’ve shown they last…the steadfast kind!

Inis Mor
Inis Mor*

The ancient homes’ stones do feel cool,

As ancient stones the Fall can’t fool…

The Black Fort, Inis Mor
The ancient ruins of the Black Fort, on Inis Mor*
Ancient ruins of Dun Aengus, on Inis Mor
The ancient ruins of Dun Aengus, on Inis Mor*

The ancient paths…their grasses worn,

May look hay-like, but green’s still born,

Protected from air that is cool,

Under Fall grass, a hidden jewel,

Of ever green…the emerald shade,

Of which our Isle is ever made!


1392a      1383a

The cow’s hide’s hair grows thick like fur,

It’s like a bull’s…the same for her!

Inis Mor*
Inis Mor*


Ol’  Mr. Squirrel runs around…

He’s lookin’ hard all o’er the ground,


For lotsa food for wintertime…

To stash it, up the tree, he’ll climb!


He’s runnin’ here, and runnin’ there,


For nuts,seeds, berries…looks with care…

952a      949a

His nest is high up in the tree,

And when safe there, he, happy, be!


But he must work for food to find,

But this hard work he doesn’t mind!

‘Cause when the weather’s not so warm,

Or when there is a big, bad storm,

All nice and cozy, nest will be…

All safe up high in a grand tree!

1172      1074

And, chipmunks, too, love nuts and seeds.

They look to store food for their needs.

835      828a

Leaves and berries… they love them, too,

They love to eat, like me and you!


They find their food, go to their nest,

And store it up…they do their best!

961a      964a

Of course they love their shamrocks, too,

And try to be near shamrocks’ view!


The bunnies will just hop and hop,

Looking for food, they must not stop!

‘Tis grasses, plants, and leaves they’ll eat

All little greens can be a treat!


So, winter can be long for all,

So let’s try to enjoy our Fall…


Just storin’ food and twigs and peat,

To make sure we’ve enough to eat!

Grand toasty warm is what we’ll be,

I hope for Mum’s good bakes for me!


If you stop by, I’ll share with you

I hope this Fall is good for you!

Near Cobh, County Cork
Near Cobh, County Cork



I am so glad we talked today!

God bless you is what I do say!


Note from Nannie!

The Irish Meteorological Service, Met Éireann, tells us that “The dominant influence on Ireland’s climate is the Atlantic Ocean.  Consequently, Ireland does not suffer from the extremes of temperature experienced by many other countries at similar latitude….The change from winter to spring or from summer to autumn is gradual and the general trend is subject to reversals which may last for a week or more.”  Autumn is regarded as September to November, Winter — December to February (it does snow at times in Ireland, but major snowstorms are infrequent and of irregular occurrence), Spring — March to May, and Summer — June to August.  (www.met.ie)

*certain typewritten characters are not always available to me in the delivery of my posts.  This asterisk indicates a “sine fada” accent is missing.

**Image of the frosted flowers provided courtesy of Stevie Towne, and  this chipmunk image…

1197a,8-29-15was provided by Pat Reed!  The little chippie came right up by her home to have a cool drink!

Thank you both from Finney and me!

4 thoughts on “61. Storin’!

    1. To my dear Friend S, from your dear Friend Finney!

      Oh, yes, dear S, Fall is so fine!
      And it is always a grand sign
      That Christmas is not far away,
      And Hallelujah’s what I say!
      All Christmas fun’s such a grand thing!
      So festive! And we dance and sing!
      St. Patrick taught so much good news…
      Our Jesus, King, and Noah’s “twos!”
      Our Jesus’ Birth…wondrous, divine…
      Is introduced by Fall’s fine sign!
      So, we’ll enjoy this crisp, cool air,
      And harvest’s best and muffie-wear!
      Comfy warm scarves and coats of green…
      Such grand muffie-wear will be seen!
      I thank you, S, for taking time,
      To read and comment on my rhyme!
      I hope you have a grand, fine day!
      God bless you is what I do say!


    1. Hello Friend Glance! Friend Finney’s here!
      Your note has brought to me good cheer!
      Reminding me that summer heat,
      is gone now…Fall just has it beat!
      The air is cool and colors “pop”…
      I love that phrase you wrote up top!
      ‘Twixt summer’s heat and winter’s cold,
      Fall’s colors…they just don’t get old!
      A fireside and homemade soup,
      So nicely do complete the loop!
      Me Mum, she makes this apple bake.
      If you could find the time to take,
      Please do stop by and I will share!
      I do so thank you for your care
      In writing me to say hello…
      And I just want for you to know
      That I hope you have a grand day,
      God bless you is what I do say!


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