69. Thankin’!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

This mornin’ me Mum called to me.

I heard her say “Finney! Finney!”

When I hear me Mum call my name,

Not to answer would be my shame.

Me Mum taught me I should be kind.

I know that, me Mum, I should mind!


She prays and teaches me so well,

And there is something I will tell…

Me Mum and Dad take care of me,

So I can live each day safely.


I’m thankful for all that they do.

I know there’s need to say “Thank You!”

And at this special time of year,

Thanksgivin’ Day is very near.

It’s a fun day to think of all

We’re grateful for, both big and small…

To think of blessings God has giv’n,

With His Love and Care from Heav’n!

Me Family and me Friends I love,

Are gifts from God, in Heav’n above.


I do say “Thank You, God, for all

These loved ones who are tall and small!”

851      844


465      002

1164      432

I’m thinkin’ now of very much

That shows to us God’s Lovin’ Touch…

The breeze and sky and sun and moon…

The birds in flight…a pretty tune…

      694      177

      523      700


The stars that shine all through the night,

And lovely scenes that come to sight…

October library - 10-12-15 170

127-357a      127-356a

The small sand grains that glisten bright

When Sun’s fine rays beam them with light…

The grand green grass so thick and fun,

To play and run on ‘fore day’s done…

      DSC06243a      827

The autumn leaves whose colors blaze,

As trees go through their changing days…

When all their leaves that once were greens

Change into bright, grand rainbow scenes…

2088      1107a

The orange, yellow, and red leaves

Fall to the ground with graceful ease.

The earth takes on leaves’ golden glow,

While bare trees let us know that snow

Might even not be far away,

To fall softly on a cold day.

124-182      124-203

We’re grateful, too, for Winter fun,

When it is cold, but still there’s Sun…

When Winter’s air’s so cold and clean,

And snow might treat us to a scene,

Where each branch has crystal-ly shine

That comes when ice and snow combine…

When cozy warmth of fire’s glow

Helps us not be too cold from snow..


When Mum’s dee-lish and steamy meals,

(That help us know how good it feels

To warm right up after a chill),

We so enjoy and we know will

Take care of hungries that we had,

And, if something made us feel bad!


We’d be content then…feel so good…

These kinds of things quite nicely would

Help see us through to early Spring

When season’s change warms everything!

And then the fresh Spring rains do come,

And help bring flowers and bee’s hum!

184      147


All colors, shapes, and different size,

Flowers bring comfort to our eyes!

The hawthorne blooms, and daffodils,

Bring beauty to the vales and hills.

 230      7b-109a     005      014

The crocus flowers and blackthorn,

Bring blessings on a Springtime morn!

056      054

But best of all, with Springtime days,

Come grand breezes blowin’ all ways!

When Springtime passes…Summer’s here,

Four fine, grand seasons in the year!

The Summer brings us swimmin’ time…

With picnickin’ and trees to climb…

1111      1986b

447      641


Days at the beach and soft sea breeze…

Grand games to play with fun and ease,

While makin’ time, in the right way,

So work is done…most ev’ry day!

And Summer’s flowers!   Everywhere!

So many, many here and there!








461      2729


And all the creatures of the Earth,

They grow and live after their birth!


122-096a    828a




1386ab     073

1376a      049


037      127-347a





And I could speak of so much more

That I could say I’m thankful for…

But I’m so hungry…need to eat…

And me Mum’s cookin’s hard to beat!


I am so thankful I can say,

I see God’s blessings in my day!

And after I enjoy my meal,

I know so well how good I’ll feel!

I’ll play and laugh and maybe dance,

And watch the stars? There is a chance!

289      June library - 838

I hope that you are grateful, too,

For all that God has given you!

I know that we each are so blessed!

What joy if this, we all confessed!

We’d all feel good in a fine way…

‘Twould make a grand Thanksgivin’ Day!

And speakin’ of, I’d like to say,

I am so glad you came today!

A fine Friend to Nannie and Me,

I hope you know how grand you be!

So thankful we are to know you,

God bless you grand, and keep you, too!


And one more thing… I’d like to say

Have a Blessed Thanksgivin’ Day!


7 thoughts on “69. Thankin’!

  1. Fr. Bede and Kevin O’Hara in one post! Woo! “Crystal-ly shine” was my favorite in today’s poem, lovely. Also, this morning I heard my oldest say this to one of his brothers: “Hello, my Friend! Hello today! I hope you are in a good way! No matter rain, no matter shine, I always hope your day is fine!” Happy Thanksgiving to Finney and Nannie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello to my dear Friend S, from your dear Friend Finney!
      How fun it is your son does say,
      “I hope you are in a good way!”
      I wish for him for just the same,
      No matter what may be his name!
      I have so much to give thanks for,
      I could have written so much more!
      Please know that I will always say,
      I thank God in a special way,
      For you and how you’re Friend to me,
      I hope grand Friends we’ll always be!
      God bless you on Thanksgivin’ Day!
      God bless you I will always say!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. To my dear Friend Pat, from your dear Friend Finney!

      Hello, dear Pat! Hello to you!
      I’d like to say thanks to you, too!
      ‘Twas nice for you to take the time,
      To read and comment on my rhyme!
      A grateful heart keeps us so fine,
      When we come close to cross the line.
      When we think of our blessings, all,
      Our cause for mischief becomes small.
      God bless you, Pat, and keep you sound…
      When tough times, you, seem to have found!
      I am so glad you wrote today!
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. That was quite an installment. Beautiful pictures as always and your message was of the season – how blessed we are. Nice to see a few new addition, i.e. the Pope, the donkey man and one old coot from Abramsville. And you even got that square jawed Finster in the pix. A very good read for the youngsters and oldsters alike.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. To my dear Friend Poppie, from your dear Friend Finney!

    I’m glad you read and liked my rhyme!
    Thank you so much for takin’ time
    To spend to read and write to me,
    A true, fine Friend to me, you be!
    Papa and Kev and Grampa Dave,
    And Finster, too, their pics I save!
    I love them all, and they’re my Friends,
    Like you, too, Poppie…when life sends
    Hard times that make us feel so down,
    Are better when loved ones come ’round.
    I’m glad to write to you today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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