76. Decoratin’!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, sleet, snow, or shine,

I always hope your day is fine! 

What fun to decorate today!

‘Tis Christmastime is what I say!

Let’s bring the candles with their light,

To make a festive and bright sight!

816   815


My Christmas tree… it looks so grand! 

Just one of many in our land. 

But it, to me, is a fine sight, 

With all its Christmas lights so bright! 


And after I turn out my light…

After I go to bed at night,

I love to watch, my tree…its glow,

When Christmas beauty,  it does show!

We gather pine cones from outside…

Shake on gold dust, from pot’s inside!

 We only use full fine pine cones,

Not chewed up ones cast by the stones,

Just on the grass, when Squirrel’s done!

Sure looks like Squirrel had some fun!

And, of course, besides the pine cone,

We also have the Christmas stone!


But let’s keep workin’…do some more! 

Let’s put our wreath right on the door!



Let’s wrap our gifts and make them shine,

With love and care and efforts fine!

 Let’s hang our stockin’s…Christmas scene…

Sparkly red… blue… and, always, green!


To decorate is so much fun

You never want to feel you’re done!

And everyone has their own way,

To decorate just how they may!

Sometimes when I might walk at night,

I see in homes grand Christmas sight!

I see the sparkles and lights bright,

That shine in homes from Christmas light!


The light can come from trees of pine,

Decorated with Christmas shine. 


The branches carry sights so fine, 

To celebrate that Night…Divine!

The colors are all different kinds,

From different Families…different minds.

Some prefer the reds and greens,

While oranges make other scenes…

Old Family treasures find their way,

To hang on branches for that Day!

And Angels love to be a part,

Of Christmastime, right from its start!

And then there are just things you see,

That are just plain so Christmas-y!

The lighted scenes are fun to see,

And they are just… very pretty!

But well we know… what’s the reason…

For this lovely Christmas season.

For everyone, no matter where,

‘Tis Baby Jesus birthday there!

Good Santa Claus gets on his knee,

To worship Jesus, so humbly.


I, Finney, know Santa brings fun,

And presents…joy…for everyone!


Our Little King…Emmanuel,

Brings hope and love and joy to tell!

So, for His Birthday, we wait now,

And when it comes we well know how,

We’ll celebrate our King of Kings,

And we do hope the whole world sings!


I am so glad we talked today!

God bless you is what I do say!



2 thoughts on “76. Decoratin’!

    1. To my dear Friend S, from your dear Friend Finney!

      ‘Tis so much fun for me to see
      Decorations that are pretty!
      Families really do take some time
      To ready for this Day Sublime!
      Jesus birthday on Christmas Day,
      gives all a chance to find a way
      To honor Him Who is God’s Son,
      Sent to each of us…everyone.
      And Santa kneelin’ shows us well,
      Shows us just what St. Pat would tell!
      Our Santa wants us all to know,
      That his real job is, for us, to show,
      That Baby Jesus is our King,
      And in that is our everything!
      And, yes, excited, I do be,
      For Christmas and, its fun, to see!
      I thank you for your note today!
      God bless you is what I do say!
      Thank you for writing us today


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