78. Celebratin’!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, sleet, snow, or shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

When Christmas Day does finally come,

It’s so excitin’ and so fun!

I wake up early when I see,

How Santa Claus remembered me!


Sometimes he brings me brand new socks…

Might put them in a fine wood box.

Maybe a sweater Santa’d bring…

To wear when carols we would sing!


Sometimes a new green jacket’s fine,

That Santa brings for me…just mine!

But mostly Santa brings us Love…

From God, our Father, who’s above,

In Heaven, where He waits for when

The time comes that He says we can

Be with Him there forevermore…

‘Tis true, ’tis said…this is not lore.

But while we still live on the Earth,

We celebrate Lord Jesus birth,

 With lots of Family food and fun,

From early morn, till day is done!

We love to laugh and sing and play,

More than we do most every day!


 ‘Tis special things that take our time

While we do hear Christmas bells chime.

We have grand meals that are dee-lish…

All fav’rite foods of we, Irish!

And then we dance, and dance, and dance…

Just everytime we have a chance!


Our music goes on all the day,

While angels sing, our fiddles play!


But there is something that we do

On Christmas day for us…and you!

We take lots of our pot’s gold dust…

To scatter it we feel we must…

So all the world can know ’tis true,

That Christmas gives a merry view!


Christmas has come to help us be

The real and true “good” you and me!

So when you see gold dust around,

Though you may not have heard a sound,

Who scattered it may have been me,

Or some Leprechaun you can’t see!


There could be gold dust on the ground,

That isn’t easy to be found…

But flowers…they could sometimes shine

By clumps of gold dust that is fine.


And sometimes lots of gold dust clings,

And forms a grand, gold ball that brings

Fine brightness and gold sparkly light,

That is a brilliant heav’nly sight!

 Just a few days now, and ’twill be,

God’s only Son’s Nativity!

The Earth will glisten with our gold,

Just as it’s been from days of old.

The angels sang for Jesus’ Birth,

Peace for good-willed folks on the Earth!



So, everything is now in place,

To celebrate that joyful space

Where Heaven and the Earth did meet,

For God’s amazin’, grandest Feat!


 We’ll sing and feast and laugh and play,

To celebrate Jesus’ Birthday!


Our music and our pot’s gold dust…

All give us great reason to trust,

That we’ve prepared in fine, grand ways,

For this amazin’ Day of days!


Our decorations are all set,

And they, for the world, will help let

All people know the Word was born,

On that fine, grand, first Christmas morn!


‘Tis most important that we pray…

Give thanks to God for this fine Day…

Give thanks to God for His dear Son,

Who loved us all…salvation won…

Give thanks to God for how we’re blest

To live in Faith…Hope for the best

Of Love in life and all that’s good,

Just like God always planned we would.

We Leprechauns are grateful for

Our place in Irish life and lore.

We hope that you are grateful, too,

For all that God has given you.

This Christmastime helps us think right,

About the Way, Truth, and the Light!

I hope your Christmas Eve brings you,

To Christmas morn with thoughts anew

Of how God loves each of us… all,

No matter whether short or tall!

954 I just can’t wait for Christmas Day!

God bless you is what I do say!





4 thoughts on “78. Celebratin’!

    1. A Merry Christmas, S, to you!
      And to all of your Family, too!
      ‘Tis so grand to see all the lights!
      ‘Tis so grand all the Christmas sights!
      I love to decorate the tree!
      I love how gold the pine cones be!
      Our secret work with all the gold,
      Is just the same as days of old,
      And when it’s time for Christmas Day,
      We love to help the gold display!
      Thanks to the gold dust in our pots,
      We can put gold in many spots!
      ‘Tis right ’tis for the Babe, our King!
      Jesus, God’s Son, for whom we sing!
      I hope you liked to see us three…
      That’s me and Daithi and Pronshi!
      Thank you, dear S, you are so kind
      To let me check my mail and find
      Such a nice note from you to me!
      Tanks! You, to me, so special be!
      I’m happy we could talk today!
      God bless you is what I do say!


  1. Quite the singing troupe Finney and friends. And your food bowls looked quite inviting. And I am glad you clarified the gold dust occurrences as I have found some in my shoes and wondered “how did that get in there?”………and now I know!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. To my dear Friend Poppie, from your dear Friend, Finney!

      Poppie, I am so glad to see,
      Such a nice note from you to me!
      I’m glad you like to see us sing,
      That we, to you, some joy, could bring!
      We like to sing, all of us, three…
      Finney (me!), Daithi, and Pronshi!
      And I tell you, I guarantee,
      Delicious is the food you see!
      Me Mum…she knows just how to make
      Wonderful dishes…she does bake!
      About that gold dust, I must say,
      ‘Tis special work for Christmas Day!
      And if you found some in your shoes,
      Must mean you have the gift to choose
      To be our Friend forevermore,
      Then who knows what could be in store!
      It would be fine, though, I can say,
      ‘Twould mean our Friendship ev’ry day!
      We, Leprechauns, are loyal, too,
      To all our Friends…others, like you!
      I thank you for your note today.
      God bless you is what I do say!


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