80. The Angels Are Singin’!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, sleet, snow, or shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

“There He is!   The King of Kings!

Must be for whom the Angel sings!

But wait!  So many angels in the sky!

Praisin’ Him Who is on high!

They’re singin’ of grand Peace on Earth,

Because of Baby Jesus’ Birth!

They’re singin’ for those of good will,

On this night now, so holy still!”




 These words are those that could have been,

Those of the shepherds…friends and kin.

Those shepherds of so long ago,

Were blessed with quite a heav’nly show!

How do we know of  Christmas night?

St. Pat learned well and taught it right!


 St. Pat taught us of Jesus’ Birth,

So long awaited for on Earth!

Those herald angels’ joyful song

Is one we’d waited for…so long!


St. Pat taught us of this bright night,

When Heav’n proclaimed the real, true Light!

The world, in darkness, laid in wait,

With God’s promise decidin’ fate.

But then it came…fullness of time,

For Baby Jesus Birth sublime!


The shepherds near, kept watch that night,

To keep their sheep right in their sight.

They would protect their sheep from harm,

But what they saw caused them alarm!

 The glory of God ’round them shone,

At first, God’s Angel was alone…

The shepherds…they were filled with fear…

 God’s Angel was, to them, so near.

But Angel’s words brought comfort then,

Angel spoke to those shepherd men.

Don’t be afraid, the Angel said.

To joy, the Angel, their thoughts, led!


The Leprechauns are shepherds’ friends…

From morning’s light to when day ends!


Remember David who was small

Against Goliath who was tall…

Well, David’s story’s one they love…

How Grace helped David from above…

How God showed one might not be tall,

And still be mighty after all!

Our David, King, was shepherd, too,

So friend to shepherd’s what we do!

Of course, our own dear good St. Pat,

Was shepherd, too…sheep and all that!

So Leprechauns don’t wonder why,

‘Twas shepherds who saw in the sky,

The Angel who did come that night

Brought God’s grand message with great might!

“Don’t be afraid, I bring good news,

Of joy you’ll gain…not joy you’ll lose!

And once again, our David’s name

Is right there with Lord Jesus’ fame!

The City of David’s the place,

Where Jesus Lord first showed His Face!


Bethlehem’s the City we say,

‘Tis where Jesus had His Birth-day!

Angel said the Messiah’s born…

Our Savior…Lord, on Christmas morn!

And Angel said a sign would be

The swaddling clothes on The Baby,


Who had a manger for a bed

In which to lay His tiny Head!

‘Twas then that many angels said

The words with which the Angel led,

That gave to God great glory…praise,

On that grand and fine Day of Days!

They said peace to those on the earth…

Proclaiming this with Jesus’ birth,

For those who have been blest with Grace.

Are blest thanks to this Holy Place.

The angels then went back to Heav’n,

When these words to shepherds were giv’n.

The shepherds then went forth to see,

What God made known so joyfully!


They went “in haste” and saw the sign…

In the manger…the Babe Divine!


They told how angels spoke to them,

About the Babe in Bethlehem!



All were amazed to hear them speak…

These shepherds all, so simply meek.

Sweet Mary heard all that was said,

Of her Son in His manger-bed.

She kept these things within her heart,

As she did try to do her part.

The shepherds then left to return,

Amazed for what God had them learn.

For all that they had heard and seen,

Their Praise to God was mighty keen…

To Him they gave glory and praise,

For that most wondrous of all days!

When St. Pat told this to us all,

No matter to him… tall or small.

What wondrous things these stories told…

That’s how it’s been since days of old.

So now I think I’ll find me Mum…

There’s a good chance that she’ll dance some!

For Christmas, Santa brought a dress

For her to dance in loveliness!


So now she wants to dance and dance,

And dance and dance at every chance!



I am so glad we talked today,

God bless you is what I do say


Note from Nannie:

The Scripture from Luke 2:8-20 (New American Bible) was the Source that guided these rhymes!

Finney and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, and all those for whom you pray, a Blessed New Year filled with the Peace and Joy of Faith, Hope, and Trust in God! 

God bless you and thank you for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “80. The Angels Are Singin’!

  1. I love the connection of the leprechauns to all the shepherd folk: King David, the shepherds on Christmas, St. Patrick!

    I also looooove Aine’s* (accent called a fada on the A!) new dancin’ dress! Good job Santa! 😀

    *(accent called a fada on the A!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To my dear Friend S, from your dear Friend Finney!

      St. Patrick taught us all so well!
      He had sacred stories to tell.
      He loved the shepherd tales so much.
      He himself had the shepherd touch!
      God surely loves the shepherds so,
      For them, the first, His Son to show!
      To think on this is a grand thought…
      And this is just what St. Pat taught!
      Himself a shepherd, he could bring,
      Our own Good Shepherd…Jesus, King,
      To have a home within our minds,
      and bring thoughts of the Heav’nly kinds!
      We, Leprechauns, help with the sheep,
      That shepherds try to safely keep.
      In our mem’ry, young David, too,
      To care for sheep, he also knew!
      So we can see how much this means,
      When we see those heavenly scenes,
      That show the Lamb of God to all,
      Who’s Jesus, King, of tall and small!
      I am so glad we talked today!
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 2 people

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