84. Hello 2G!




Hello my Friends, hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

Thank you, dear Friends, in Class 2G!

Thank you so much for writing me!

You’ve asked fine questions and I’ll try

To answer them…each how and why!

First question is…“How much gold do you have?”

This question is such a great one!

To answer will be so much fun!

The way it’s been since times of old,

Is for Leprechauns to hide gold.


And this is what God asks of us,

And that’s why we don’t make a fuss.

Sometimes it’s hard to do this task,

But we do it ’cause God does ask.

The golden treasure we do hide,

‘Tis both outside…as well, inside!

You ask how much we have of gold.

‘Tis been the same from times of old.

‘Tis many pots…’tis a great deal.

We work so that no one can steal,

Any bright gold that’s in our care,

‘Cause God wants it hidden somewhere…

  1. Do you have any other leprechaun friends?

Oh, ’tis yes…the fine answer here!

I love my Friends…so, have no fear!

Some Family members are grand Friends!

We often play before day ends!


Their names are Daíthí and Pronshi.

You say David…we say Daíthí…

You say Francis…we say Pronshi!

 Pronshi, Finney, Daíthí, …we, three!


  1. Have you ever been to St. Clement’s School?

Yes!  This is somewhere I would go!

 But this St. Clement, I don’t know!

Is he a Friend of good St. Pat?

Could be he wears a St. Pat’s hat?


Grand place to go…St. Clement’s School!

You all must be so very cool!


You’ll know if I have gone your way…

You just might find gold dust one day! 

  1. Is there really gold at the end of the rainbow? 

‘Tis a good question you’ve asked me!

Not easy to answer, you see.

The reason is it’s hard to find

The rainbow’s end you have in mind.


For Leprechauns, ’tis indeed so,

Because where gold is, we just know.

Next time a rainbow comes your way,

‘Twould be so hard, though try you may,

To get to it before it’s gone…

Not so for any Leprechaun.


God gives to each of us the ways,

To do fine things within our days.

We’re all special… just not the same…

For Leprechauns…we’ve rainbow fame.

So, though the answer’s yes for me…

‘Tis not the same for you, you see.

This story of the rainbow’s gold,

Goes to a time in days of old.


So, though sometimes, it could be so,

Not every time would some gold show.

So, answer’s YES!  IT COULD BE SO!

That at the end of a rainbow,

A golden treasure may be there,

Hidin’ from you…hidin’…somewhere!


  1. How old are you?

Such a good question to ask me…

Hmmm…I wonder how old I be!

I do not know just what to say…

Time for us is a certain way.

I know that I have lived so well…

But just how long I can not tell.

We, Leprechauns, we live each day,

Doin’ our work…make time to play.

I’ve seen the moon…I’ve seen the sun…

   698   August library - DSC06235a

I have been sad…I’ve had good fun.

Me Mum cooks me such fine, grand meals;


Me Dad helps me so no one steals

Me pot o’ gold, safe, I must keep,

Yes, even when I’m fast asleep.

I’ve Family Love and Angel friends…

496   500


A comfy bed when the day ends.


But there is work we do…we must!

God gave to us a special trust,

God put us here…I don’t know how…

But we do know our work is now!


How old I am, I do not know.

My memories, though, to me, show

My life is busy ev’ry day,

And that is all I know to say! 

  1. Can you swim?

A Leprechaun must learn to swim…

A needed skill, not just a whim.

Sometimes when we move pots o’ gold,

Just like we’ve done from days of old,


We’ll stop at some nice stream or lake,

We are so thirsty that we’ll take

Some fine, grand water and we drink…

If we fall in, we will just SINK!

So, how to swim we just must know,

For when we’re near fine water’s flow…


We will be safe, as well, our gold,

Just like it’s been from days of old!

  1. Can you slide down rainbows?

I have to say the answer’s no…

I can not slide down a rainbow.

A rainbow’s like a colored cloud…

Gentle and quiet…never loud.

photo (2b-2)

It’s soft colors and lovely bow

Will always make for quite a show!


And you could, through it, put your hand,

But right on top…you could not stand!

It is like mist…not like the ground…

Never hard…like some stones you’ve found.

photo (2c-2)

But, Heaven’s Light, it gives the Earth,

It’s splendid sight gives it grand worth!

And just remember what we know…

“That at the end of a rainbow,

A golden treasure MAY be there…

Hidin’ from you…hidin’ somewhere!”

  1. Can you ice skate?

Ohhh…Yes!  I do love to ice skate!

When winter comes…I just can’t wait!

I take my fine red scarf with me…

It keeps me warm when it’s frosty!


And then I go to Slippery Lake,

Where winter’s cold, the ice, does make!


And then I slide, and race, and jump!

I have to watch for any bump!

But even if I might just fall,

(Which happens even when you’re small!)

I just get up and start again,

And I will not stop until when

Me Mum calls me and says “Finney!

Time to come home, soon dark will be!”

Maybe some day, I’ll see you there,

At Slippery Lake which is…somewhere?”

9.Where is your pot o’ gold?

Me pot o’ gold is safe with me.

But, hidden, it must always be.

Our pots o’ gold, God asks that we

Take care of them so careful-ly.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you more,

Of what the pot o’ gold is for…


Of where the pot o’ gold does hide,

When I am inside or outside.

Just know it is part of God’s plan,

For Joy for the Fam’ly of Man.

When time does come that all is new,

Just ask our God for what is true.

He’ll tell you all you need to know…

Of pots o’ gold and the rainbow!

  1. Where do you live?

I live in more than just one place.

I, most times, need to hide my face.

Our golden treasure can’t be seen,

Not even on our fields of green.


We Leprechauns love our Ireland,

It gives us homes that are so grand.

August library - 377a

Sometimes we live under a tree…

We try to live where none can see.

Our secret doors, the trees help hide,

When we come in from the outside.


Sometimes where rocks are all around,

Gives us a home under the ground.


That’s probably where we live the most.

And if you go to Nannie’s post…

Where my adventures she helps write…

To bring my life into your sight,

Post Number 9 will tell you more,

Of where I live and my folklore!

Thank you so much for writing me,

Thank you for being Friends to me.

You’ll always be in my heart’s prayers,

I’ll pray for you and all your cares.

I am so glad we talked today!

God bless you is what I do say!


Note from Nannie:

Thank you to the second graders who asked Finney these wonderful questions!

God bless you and thank you for stopping by to see Finney and Me!

4 thoughts on “84. Hello 2G!

    1. To my dear Friend Poppie from your dear Friend Finney!

      How fun to see you wrote to me!
      They’re such fun questions from 2G!
      I hope you thought I answered well.
      I do have some stories to tell!
      Rainbow facts are hard to explain…
      Involving the Sun and the rain!
      God has given us wonders grand,
      Especially in our Ireland!
      I know that there is beauty fine;
      And that God gives the rainbow sign
      To other places here and there…
      Where He does give His Love and Care.
      But Irish air and breeze does bring
      A very grand special something!
      Something very close to Heaven,
      Is, to the Earth, so God-given…
      By Ireland’s place among us all…
      no matter if we’re short or tall!
      I am so glad we talked today.
      God bless you is what I do say!


  1. To my dear Friend S from your dear Friend Finney!

    I loved hearing from Class 2G!
    I am so glad they’re Friends to me!
    Their questions really were such fun…
    Such fun to answer one by one!
    Fun talk of rainbows…pots o’ gold…
    All things I know from days of old!
    I love to talk about my Friends,
    And how we play when the day ends.
    Where I do live and swim and skate…
    Such lovely parts of my life’s fate.
    I know all things I cannot tell,
    But what I could, I hope was well.
    I am so glad you wrote today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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