86. “Seasonin’s!”




Hello, my Friend !  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, sleet, snow, or shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

 It’s not been long since it’s been warm…

But now we see some snowflakes form.

Right now it feels a bit colder,

‘Twill be warm soon… when I’m older.

After that, ’twill be cool again,

Then cold…then warm…then colder when

Spring and Summer and Fall are gone,

To let, again, winter come on!

These are the Seasons that we know!

And each has its own fine, grand show!

066   014   683   725

Christmastime, for us, has just passed…

We would have liked for it to last

A little longer, might be nice…

But ’tis not so…for now we’ve ice

And sometimes we’ll even have snow!

What days those are, we just don’t know!


We still sometimes see geese at rest

Before they get to a southern nest,

Where each will find the warmth they need,

As well as food with which to feed.


136-650b   136-662b

We still see hawks chasing their prey…

They need to eat, still, every day.

146-0101161147   146-0101161147a

We also see the eagles rest,

Together in their high, safe nest.

We also see the eagles fly,

When someone’s near…they fly so high!

 146-0101161213d-a   146-0101161215


We see the ducks swimming some days,

Back and forth in their own ways.

136-639   136-631


Sometimes the seagulls…they swim, too!

Right with the ducks…Yes!  They do!


The squirrels don’t stop runnin’ ’round,

Huntin’ to find food on the ground.

140-763   140-767


Of course, the sheep with wool so thick,

If given choice would surely pick

To just be left alone each day,

To spend their time in their own way!


‘Tis fun in ways, when winter’s here,

But so nice, too, when spring is near.

When time comes for Winter to go,

All the while, we always do know

That seasons change and bring good things!

like Springtime when the robin sings…


And colors of spring flow’rs appear…

Whites…Pinks…and yellows there and here…

Reds and purples and orange, too,

Are all part of flowers’ spring view!

The air smells fine…so fresh and cool,

‘Tis fun to see the raindrops pool

In puddles to jump in and spray…

Water flyin’ ev’ry way!

The frost and cold are left behind,

And no one really seems to mind!

2254   57-2198   56-2060   054

 …like Summer when warm breezes blow,

Also bringin’ flowers to show!

218   2435   984


128-695a   56-2053a

 The horses graze in fields so green,

And sheep relax in sunshine’s scene!

1390   127-347a

 The birds and bees fly everywhere,

While summer’s warmth is in the air…

7-23-15 1601   271a

401   2377

Days at the beach with water’s fun…

We all miss so…when summer’s done!

1995   1095

 …like Fall when time for it does come,

When blazing colored leaves come from

The branches of some fine, grand trees,

That let their leaves fall with such ease!

      122-139   118-020      124-190

 Once more the brisk, cool air returns,

And Fall, its welcome, easily earns!

Cozy fires and apples fine,

Golden leaves…a grand Fall sign!


516a   1124a


 Chipmunks & squirrels race to find

Good food to store of every kind!

835   1146a

 So,winter, spring, summer, or fall…

‘Tis just grand if you’re tall or small!

These “Seasonin’s” we have each year,

Help us to think of Heav’n as near…

God always meant for us to see

Peeks of Heaven where’er we be!

I, Finney, always want to see,

Each day’s blessin’s God gives to me.

Something I see…something I hear…

Something that seems so fine and dear…

All that’s good comes from God, I know,

To Him, I want, my thanks, to show!

 I’m sleepy now…a nap sounds good…

But I’ll get right up when I should!


A little while, my eyes I’ll rest,

And then I’ll try to do my best,

To do what I can help to do…

Maybe…who I help will be you!

I might be near…you just don’t see…

But never be afraid of me!

I, Finney, know that you’re my Friend,

My best to you I’ll always send!

I am so glad we talked today!

God bless you is what I do say!


3 thoughts on “86. “Seasonin’s!”

  1. I thank you, S, for stoppin’ by!
    I do thank you for sayin’ hi!
    That little duckie seems to mean
    Something so special that is seen
    By You-know-Who cuddles it
    And that for whom ’tis a big hit!
    I do believe ’tis special be,
    When there appears a lovely three!
    And when there’s three or even two,
    ‘Tis special thing, no matter who!
    So, blessings to you… lots of threes,
    Fine winks from God, just for you…please!
    I am so glad to write this day.
    God bless you is what I do say!


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