88. Colorin’s!




Hello, my Friend !  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, sleet, snow, or shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

After the time of the great Flood,

I’m sure there was a lot of mud!

But God gave us a grand rainbow!

He did this so that He could show

A great, grand and wonderful sign

That from flood waters we’d be fine.


Do we think, though, that what was seen

Was…COLOR…like our fields of green,

And roses red…orange…yellow…

Some colors of the grand rainbow…

Like flowers…water…skies of blue…

And lovely buds of violet hue.

But that’s not all…let’s think a bit…

Let’s think of  RED…like fire lit…


Like those red roses… sweet fragrance…

Like cardinal birds we see by chance…

Like apples, berries, mornin’ sun…

There’s lots to say before we’re done

Speaking of reds and where they are…

Just where to find them…near and far.

545   655

…Mittens and hat for my small head…


 …little legs with fine stripes of red…


…grand warm socks…my Cork tartan, best!


…the red on Uncle Obie’s vest!


…like berries that grow on the trees,

 And also leaves that change with ease.


Also the berries Holly shows,


And yet another grand red rose!


Christmas reds for decoratin’

791   146-1224151721_HDR-a   146-1226151259-1

Add much to anticipatin’,

Jesus’ birth’s Grand Proclamation…

Flowers red, help adoration




As with joyful exclamation,

We love Christmas celebration!

…Finney’s Lantern and the red door

Of the cottage on Inis Mór…

 With Finney’s scarf… pillow…flowers…

We could think of reds for hours!

I’ll just show you my own red door…

And then I’ll speak of red no more…  😉

Sometimes I live inside a tree,

And here I am…Can you see me?


Now ORANGE, too, is fun to see

In fire, too, just like red be!


 In sunsets, too, and basketballs…

In many flowers…talls and smalls!



 To speak of orange, we’ll take care

To ALWAYS mention…Finney’s hair!

And also, of course, we will say

That Finney’s Family…every day…

They each show off an orange-do,

That some can see…like me and you!

…a snowman’s orange carrot nose

…a candle’s light gives orange glows

…Pumpkins in Fall, leaves from some trees,

…Orange clouds that everyone sees

…Bright orange skies span far and wide

As we see sunset skies outside,


Bathing the duckies with soft light,

As they do swim right in our sight!

…Dear Poochie Finney’s orange toy


 As Finney’s by his little boy.

…Robin’s sometimes more orange breast,

…St. Pat’s hat looks like orange zest!

Christmas decorations – like red…

They come in orange, too…’tis said…

The orange glow from fire’s place,

Can dance upon a nearby face!


Even if Finney hides his head,

Or has a cover on in bed,

Orange color finds ways to show,

Just like for flowers that do grow!


For Yellow color, ’tis the same,

Though it does go by yellow’s name.

Some leaves…sunrises…pots o’ gold…

And sunsets, just like days of old.


3-274 Wonderful light and gold’s grand glow,

Are all provided by yellow!

 And, of course, yellow flowers all…

For much attention, they do call!

 Their lovely color speaks of good…

Like warmth and worth and sun’s shine should…

And, now, it’s time to speak of  GREEN!

So easy to describe its scene…

On plants and branches of the trees,

We see so many different leaves!

In lovely fields with shamrock plants,

Green adds beauty to homes of…ants!  😉

We may see a grand bird of green,

But more than not, ’tis a plant’s scene.

A color of hope, green is there…

To uplift flowers…green takes care

That trees and leaves are not left out,

While flowers bloom and beauty shout

To all the world that they are here…

But always…always…green is near!

Now we have the color called BLUE!

7-27-15, plymouth time 1699

So often ’twill be the sky’s hue…

Or maybe ocean water… lake…

Where we might, a fine swim, just take!

A small hand loves blue water, too,


And blue stained glass, Sun shines bright through!


And ’tis the color mostly giv’n,

To Mother Mary, Queen of Heav’n.


A rainbow blanket will have blue…

And some dark berries are blue, too.

Some morning glories look like sky,

Even when closed…when day’s gone by…

My gosh, I’ve had so much to tell…

I hope that I have spoken well.

But still we have two more to go…

After blue, we have INDIGO!

But I, Finney, am tired now,

And to finish…I’m not sure how!

But please be sure I’ll try my best,

For Rainbow’s tale…to tell the rest…

VIOLET comes after indigo…

But the blue still just seems to show…

After blue …before violet’s there,

Indigo’s just in there…somewhere…

_DSC4014I do not know what more to say,

So maybe what is the best way

Is to show you grand darks and lights

Of violet shades…some lovely sights!

 I am so tired…have to sleep!

Don’t worry I won’t make a peep…

Seems like there’s so much more to say…

We’ll get to it another day…

We didn’t get to how we can

Just hear, and feel, and sense it when

Colors come to us in these ways,

At certain times in certain days…

Let us be sure we talk again

Of rainbow’s colors…how they can

Be real to us though we don’t “see…”

Let’s just keep this ‘tween you and me…

But I’m so glad we talked today…

God bless you is what I do say!



2 thoughts on “88. Colorin’s!

  1. This was one of my very favorites! The pictures for each color were goooorgeous! And I laughed out loud over Finney’s orange hair and not knowing what more to say about indigo and violet … I’d be exhausted too over this epic post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My dear Friend S! Hello, hello!
    So glad you wrote, I hope you know!
    So glad you love the colors, too!
    They make us happy…me and you!
    Some things are so easy to “see,”
    Some things…not necessarily!
    And that darned color indigo…
    Makes me tired tryin’ to show
    Just where it is on the rainbow…
    I do feel sure YOU see it though!
    I am SO glad we talked today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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