92. Imaginatin’!




075a - Iceland

Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, sleet, snow, or shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


Thousands of years are like a day

For Leprechauns, for we can say

That God helps us to long-ly keep

Mem’ries that go back…far…and deep…

Imaginatin’ for us be

Just delvin’ deep in memory.

So many grand tales have been told…

Has been this way since days of old…

Let’s start to talk of this today,

But let’s talk in a special way…

Let’s talk of things beyond our “real…”

Things we might say, we kind of “feel…”

But real and feel don’t quite say right,

When we are talkin’  “Heaven’s Light.”

There are some things within our minds

Not so made up as other kinds

Of things that we just somehow know…

Just hard to figure…how they show.


Perhaps the beauty that we see

Strikes a deep chord of memory…

We, Leprechauns, know this is true.

Things old for us seem new to you!



 This long mem’ry of times of old…

It helps us know more than we’ve told.

We’ve been around so very long…

To think we don’t know would be wrong.

Some well true history has been lost,

Makes time’s passing,  such a great cost.

Some true events are legends now,

And then called fables…not sure how.

So, what I say cannot be said,

To be made up inside my head!

I, Finney, tell you…is not so…

‘Cause we, Leprechauns…we just know…


A good example’s Tir na n’Og…

Tale’s not made up by some old rogue…

So many think it’s just a tale…

Some say its name is Hy-Brasail*.

Some other names it’s known by, too.

I, Finney, will name just a few…

I-Breasil**, Hy-Brasil, Bresil***,

O’Brazil**** and even Brazil***!

The Poet Moore gives us some “sight”…

Telling of “Eden in its Light.”*****



You say, “What is this special place?”

 …whose mem’ry time does not erase?

Some say ’tis in the western sea,

And underneath the waves it be…****


It comes and goes, as some do say,

Though never sure on just what day…

Seems seven years that it may take,***

Before it rises…waves to break.


Once there did fly a great white horse,

Across the sea…west was the course…*1


Why did this horse fly to the West?

To get to this Isle of the Blest!*

Also some call it the Great Land.***

‘Tis sure it is so very grand!


‘Tis Paradise**** to many minds,

With beauty visions of all kinds!

Soft flowers bloom like none you’ve seen.


There are no greener fields of green.


The air holds song like none you’ve heard…

As if  ’twas sung by a Queen Bird.


 The gentle splash of water, cool,

Sparkles rainbow, just like a jewel.

The ground just never hurts your feet,

And tasty grand’s the fruit to eat!


The breezes blow with sweet fragrance,

And night time skies show stars that dance!

We, Leprechauns, though, this we know,

‘Tis rarely to this Land we go.

No mystery, though, this Land is so,

No matter if it might not show.


To do our sacred work we must,

As God has given us this trust.

No work like ours to do when there,

‘Cause to steal gold, no one does care.

Just kindness, care, and gentle peace,

Are what you find here…does not cease.

This is a land made long ago,

Whose mem’ry lives within us…know.

0210161849-1******Image Credit

And when we now see fine grand things…

And hear sounds like when beauty rings…

‘Tis just what was once that we sense…

Our sight’s now dulled by “fog” that’s dense.

Eden’s beauty once was ours…

All its trees, sea, air, and flowers.


Just everything was good and fine,

‘Twas crafted by God’s Hand, Divine.

Just know that God has even more

Amazin’ beauty that’s in store,

When Eden once more rises high

And no one will then ever die!

We’ll all just want to sing and dance



And share our joy at every chance!

There’ll be no sickness…nothing bad…

And we’ll never be feelin’ sad.

And we will all just laugh and play,


And be in Peace for every day!

I am so glad we talked today!

God bless you is what I do say!




Note from Nannie!

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes!

Our Blessed Mother Mary is the Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, please pray for each of us!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, please bless each of us!




Happy Feast Day of our Queen of Heaven and Earth, all the Angels, and the Saints!

And thank you for visiting Finney and Me!


*1Wilkinson and Philip – Mythology

*Griffin, Gerald – “The Isle of the Blest” and http://www.irelandof the welcomes.com [Oisín and Niamh – “the fine white horsegalloped across silver seas into (Tir na nOg).]

**Carbery, Ethna – “I Breasil”  (Ethna Carbery is Anna MacManus, wife of Seumas MacManus of Donegal);   also MacManus, Seumas – The Story of the Irish Race

***Dames, Michael – Mythic Ireland

****MacManus, Seumas – The Story of the Irish Race

*****Black’s Guide to Ireland

******Map – Abraham Ortelius, 1592  Copyright:  Public Domain

2 thoughts on “92. Imaginatin’!

  1. Loved this! So cool to read about Tir na n’Og! I loved the picture of you pointing to the west! That map is awesome. I’m very interested to see that O’Brazil and Brazil were given as names … is there a connection to the South American Brazil?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aren’t you the fine, grand o’ profound one! In Nannie’s Fun Facts! (22) you will see that there are those who do think that is so, and those who definitely think it could be so that Brazil was named after this Isle of Promise! Makes sense to me and if I were Irish and livin’ in Brazil, I would be so happy for this! There are none who say ’twas any other than a land of incredible beauty and loveliness! Given this, our South American Brazil must be a beautiful place, indeed!


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