94. Our Red Doors!





Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, sleet, snow, or shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

I’m sure you’ve seen red doors so grand…

There are so many in our land!

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So many kinds, all lovely, too

But just between us…me and you,


 We Leprechauns have “special” doors…

“Of course,” you’d say, “…’special’ red doors.”

‘Tis true, though, I say loud and clear,

“Special” red doors I’ll tell of here!


I hope now you want to know more,

About the Leprechaun’s red door.


Sometimes we have homes in the trees.

Sometimes we need to hide with ease.

Sometimes the rocks do help us, too.

They help us be hidden from view…

0202161032-2   0202161031-1.jpg

Other places where we do live,

Good hidin’ place…don’t always give…


‘Tis when we need to hide so well,

‘Tis of these times that I do tell!

Each home for Leprechauns does need

A fine and grand strong door to lead

Into the home where Family lives…

And, secret work, the Family gives.


Oh, My, you say…what could that be…

That secret work that none can see?

A little bit…I can tell you,

A little bit of what we do.

But, first we must speak of the door.

And speak of what the red is for!

Many times our doors are not red.

Not always red…that’s what I said.

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Leprechaun doors do guard us well…

Because we have a way to tell

When danger’s near and we must hide,

When we are inside or outside.

No matter how our doors might look,

Our homes can be a safer nook,

If we just turn the boards around

So red’s the color that is found!

745   746

         757.JPG   759

755.JPG   754



764.JPG    763.JPG

766.JPG   762.JPG

When door is red, well warned are we,

That on the lookout we should be.

Somewhere there’s something strange about,

The red will tell…we need not shout!


Sometimes we need to hide the gold…

‘Tis been the way since days of old.

Sometimes we may have left our pot

In a very obvious spot.


But once we know to hide the pot

We move quite fast…cover the spot!

The red door is for us a sign…

A warning to us grand and fine,

That if we go behind the door,

The “red” protects, and even more…

Should anyone try to get in,

The red door does some fine jammin’!

It jams so that it just stays shut

For everyone everywhere but

A Leprechaun who’s dressed with green,

Who’ll always look as fine as seen

Just anywhere that you could go…

A Leprechaun, someone does know!


And then when it seems danger’s past,

A Leprechaun must run so fast,

To where he had his pot o’ gold,

Just as he’s done since days of old.

Because he knows there’ll be gold dust,

And sweep it up, he really must!

Or else someone who shouldn’t see,

Might know some gold would nearby be!


Now all the while cleanin’ is done,

He has to watch…make sure no one

Is seein’ him and where he goes…

Makin’ sure only he knows

Just where he now will hide the gold,

Just like he’s done from days of old.

And when the rainbow rays appear,

‘Tis sign for all no danger’s near…


‘Tis then the boards can go back ’round,

So color red need not be found.

The pots can come outside again

So gold can sparkle always when

The sun’s rays find the gold to play…

So sun and gold can shine their way!

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 154-8-0209160717-1    152-21-0202161722-1-1

547   3-274

We’re thankful for our doors so fine,

That can give us a warning sign…

Protect us, too, stay shut and tight,

And keep us safe from those who fight…

From those who want to steal our gold,

Just like it’s been since days of old.


So, when you’re walkin’ on a day,

And see a small door on your way,

If it be red, you won’t see us,

‘Cause Leprechauns don’t like a fuss!


I, Finney, have just told you now,

One of the many ways of how,

We Leprechauns stay safe and well,

And make sure none can story-tell,

That they did find a pot o’ gold

That’s been hidden since days of old!  *



And of the secret work we do,

Just this one thing I can tell you…

Deep underground is where we go,

Once through the doors which you now know.

Our work has to do with the gold…

Just as it’s been since days of old!

I am so glad we talked today!

God bless you is what I do say!



*rainbow picture courtesy of Jean Kohout

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