96. Pinin’!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, sleet, snow, or shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

It’s fun to see the lovely trees!

It’s fun to watch them in the breeze!

Their leaves rustle and wiggle, too.

They give their sounds to me and you!

Their beauty is uniquely fine…

Easily showin’ the Touch, Divine!

God gave us trees to help us all,

No matter if we’re short or tall!

They give us shade in summer’s warm,

And can protect us in a storm,

So we stay dry when rain does fall,

No matter if we’re short or tall!

Their boughs and branches and their leaves

Bring greens and browns with sight-ly ease.

So when someone might see our gold,

Trees help with this, since days of old!


They’ve always been grand Friends to me.

A special gift is ours, you see.

We Leprechauns can speak with trees.

We do this with the greatest ease.

They often help us hide our gold.

They’ve done this since the times of old.

Of course, with doors to underground,

Trees help Leprechauns not be found!

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Each type of tree helps in its way,

With diff’rent helps from day to day.

The Maple has some tasty fun!

In early Spring its sap does run!


The Hawthorne plays a special part,

To sometimes be a home apart

From places that would never hide

A Leprechaun in or out-side!

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The mighty oak has its own place

To members of the Irish race!

Even Brian, high king so grand,

May have planted oak in Ireland!*


Another tree’s called the blackthorn,

Which can bring hope to the forlorn.

It can keep safe a nightingale**,

By givin’ safety without fail.


But of these trees we’ve mentioned here,

Sometimes, for them, though they are dear,

The leaves can fall from these fine trees,

And everyone who does look sees

That it’s a while ‘fore they grow back.

So, for a time, there is a lack

Of certain leaves that help us some,

Due to the trees they do come from.


But of all trees, there is one kind,

Who never fails, and doesn’t mind,

To let us use branches and leaves

That help us hide our gold with ease.

These trees I speak of…Evergreens…

Make for such lovely forest scenes.


These trees which we do call the “pines,”

They show us secret “welcome” signs.

Just like all trees, they are our Friends,

From start of day till the day ends.

But these pine trees are always green,

Not like when trees have no leaves seen.

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Our pine friends can be tall or small,

called evergreens, though, they are all.

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At Christmastime, they do headline

All the news with beauty fine!

Their decorations bring such joy,

‘Specially to each girl and boy!

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I love to hide in a pine tree

Because it’s mostly hard to see

Even my red hair and green Me!

My hidin’s good each place I be!

Pine trees provide a cozy place,

Where ’tis not hard to hide my face!

And when the breezes softly brush

Through pine trees, pine fragrance does rush

Right past your nose to give a gift

That seems so often gives a lift,

No matter how your day has gone…

Be you yourself or Leprechaun!


So when you pass a mighty pine,

Think of these lovely thoughts of mine.

By now I’m sure that you must see

What a grand Friend can be a tree!

For Leprechauns, what would we do

Without their help I’ve told to you!

They help us with both warmth and shade;

With covered places that they’ve made.

They keep us safe with hide-places…

Where no one can see our faces!

They have spots that are so cozy,

To hide in when someone’s nosey!

They help us keep so warm and dry,

When rain falls hard right from the sky!

They do all this whene’er they can,

Helpin’ us again and again.

And as I’ve said, when leaves do fall,

The evergreens still help us all.


At Christmastime and all year round,

Their lovely fragrance can be found.

Their loyal presence never fades,

In all their greens in many shades.


I thank you, God, for every tree…

Whose leaves and branches are to me

A fine grand part of all my days,

And help me much in many ways!

But  special thanks to every pine,

Who gives to all a constant sign,

Of faithful service to us all,

No matter season…tall…or small!

I am so glad to speak this way,

Of how Trees help me every day.

And nice to know that I can say

God bless you now and every day!




***courtesy of Stevie Towne

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