98. Changin’s!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, sleet, snow, or shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

Just looks and feels like changin’ days…

Seems like some days have Spring-like ways.

The Forest trees have kept me warm…

Safe from danger…many a storm.


I see a bird high in a tree,

Who’s sayin’ tweet, tweet, tweet to me!


I hear the sounds of other birds…

“twit-cha”and “phwee” instead of words….

“Chirp-chirp” and “peep-peep”, I hear, too,

Birds’ sounds…different…from me and you!

490a   037

1106   694a

I hear the crow call with his caw,

   0220161033a   0220161034a   071

And in the field, green-lings, I saw!


Those little green shoots, sure but small,

Are startin’ to “hear” Springtime’s call!


So, from the Forest, I will come,

And, in the field, I will play…some.


I’ll run and feel the cool spring air.

I’ll jump and play just everywhere!


I also like the water’s melt…

My hands, the ice melt’s cold, have felt!


Flowers will come…it won’t be long…

Breezes will carry each bird’s song.

The pines won’t be the only green,

As trees’ blooms fill out Forest’s scene.


The eagles’ nest is quiet still.

Hopefully, won’t be long until

0228161316   0228161319

Little eaglets rest in the nest,

With parents givin’ what is best

To help their little eaglets grow,

So grand and strong…the world to show

146-0101161213d-a   146-0101161213e-a   146-0101161220a

That they can fly so very high…

So way, way up high, in the sky!

And robins very soon will be

Hoppin’ around so busily…


695a   018a

Gatherin’ little twigs and leaves

And grasses that will make the weaves

Of their nests’ walls, sturdy and strong,

To keep their chicks safe for as long

As needed for them till they fly…

Fly up, away, into the sky.


The browns are letting greens peek out…

That makes me want to jump and shout!

0202161028a-1   0202161027b

Hooray, hooray! Spring’s comin’ now!

It won’t be long till we see how

The Earth that’s warmed will let things grow…

Burst forth with plants that soon will show

Those many colors we so love…

Our Rainbows’ gift from God above!

   014  0301161109a-1   7-27-15, plymouth time 1699

2729   218

When coldness had chased warmth away,

And Fall eased in with lots to say,

The leaves did wither from the cold,

Without some warmth they were not bold,

0216161708b   0216161708a

0217160922   0215160920a

To face the air with strength and grace,

So all the world could “see” their “face!”

The greens had mostly turned to brown,

And fine tall plants had fallen down.

   2193   120-054a

The frost had coated everything,

659   657a

And birds, each day, they did not sing.

Winter then came, north winds did blow,

And, sometimes, we even had snow!


Not too much snow, amount was small,

And Christmas made time good for all!

137-700   148-10-0103161417-1

Some ice had crusted here and there,

0216161025_HDR   0212161119b-1   0212161119 

And finally melted… leaves are bare.

   0225160942a   0110161616

But now spring rains will gently clean

And water well a new, green scene!


Once more we’ll see puffs blowin’ ‘round,

Lookin’ for a place on the ground…


Fine seeds will fly, hopin’ to grow,

003   023

And flowers will try hard to show.


66-434   2303

The fruit trees’ blooms…they will, us, make,

Yearn for harvest and apple bake!

530a   483

1691   551

What’s happenin’ now is such great fun,

‘Cause soon we’ll enjoy the warm sun!

August library - DSC06235a 


We’ll laugh and dance and jump and run,

On grand green grass till day is done!


With Angel Friends and breezes soft…

While sky shows birds that are aloft…


We’ll be so thankful Spring has come,

And Winter’s cold, we’ve freedom from!

 0216161025_HDR   0215160920a    0125162230_HDR-2 1957  I am so glad we talked today!

God bless you is what I do say!














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