13. Me Mum!



I think you know what I might say

At this nice time of Mothers’ Day!

Me Mum always takes care of me.

She takes care of my Family.

088     100

Me Mum she makes good food for me.

She also holds me tenderly.

Of course, she knows me very well.

If I don’t feel good, she can tell.


If I’m upset inside my heart,

She knows, to heal, she’ll play a part.

She knows so well when I can’t see

The path that would be best for me.

She’ll help me know, as best she can,

Just what to do and where and when.


She’ll sit with me and listen hard.

And then we will, both, pray to God.

We’ll ask His help for me to know

What way is best…He’ll always show

To make it easier for me

To see all things most truthfully.


We’ll also ask our heav’nly Mum,

With great trust, to pray for us some.

Sweet Mary is also our Queen

Of Heav’n and Earth and fields of green!


Our Lady, Mary, Jesus’ Mum,

Is where the greatest prayers come from.

We, wee folk, know from good St. Pat,

To love and care…she does all that!

Me Mum knows this, and tells me, too,

This is a gift for me and you!

I, Finney, know just what to do.

I’ll tell me Mum “I do love you!’

I also want to tell her, too,

How much I want to say thank you!


I am so glad we read today,

And please do not forget to say

“I love you, Mum,” in your own way,

And “Have a wonder-ful Mums’ Day!”

My prayers are always with you all,

       God bless you from someone who’s small!  (See Footnote #13)


5 thoughts on “13. Me Mum!

    1. To my Friend S, from your Friend Finney!

      Mum is so lovely, isn’t she?!
      I think she looks a lot like me! 🙂
      Her name is Aine and Roisin,
      Her “Roisin” sounds like “fields of — green”…
      That is, “fields of — green” and “Row-sheen.”
      I’m guessing you know what I mean!
      Then, her Aine sounds like “on-ya,”
      Like…”My pot o’ gold fell on ya!”

      Mum’s kitchen rug, so fine and grand,
      Was made with love and made by hand
      By someone who’s so dear to Mum…
      A very special grand someone!
      Mum loves her so…too great to say,
      Just like a daughter is the way
      Mum thinks of her on ev’ry day,
      And thanks God, too, in ev’ry way!

      I thank you for your taking time
      To read and comment on my rhyme.
      To guess my words now, you just may…
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. To my dear friend Finney from Jane,
    It was so nice to meet your mum Finney!! I love her braids and you look so much like her! Your mum looks like a loving compassionate, kind, caring mother and you must have been so proud of her on Mother’s Day ♥️ as I am sure she is just as proud of you! You must love it when she holds you tightly in her tender and loving arms and rocks you to sleep- singing softly Irish lullabies. I know she told you all about what a wonderful Blessed Mother we have in Heaven waiting for us to come home someday. I am sure she taught you many beautiful prayers too! Please tell your mum I would love to come over some day and have tea with you and her🌷🌺


  2. A Poem — Finney’s Voice Lessons!

    I know a leprechaun named Finney,
    Whose voice was squeaky and tinney.
    Finney wanted to sing like a nightingale,
    But sounded more like an Airedale.
    Voice lessons Finney, he took-ed,
    From a horse, Seamus the crook-ed.
    Months later, Finney’s voice is still tinney,
    But he sure now can gallop and whinney.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To my Friend Irish Rogue, from your Friend Finney!

      Another Finney must exist!
      In singing well, I do persist!
      And my voice is far from tinney!
      And I don’t gallop or whinney!
      Seamus the crook-ed…I do know…
      I hear him singing me, re, do!
      Like a nightingale, I do sing!
      My voice does have a lovely ring!
      My sympathy to squeaky Finn,
      So sorry for the state he’s in.
      But, Irish Rogue, how fun you are!
      I hope you do not live too far
      From me, so maybe we could sing
      Or talk, or walk, or some fun thing!
      I hope you, too, did like my rhyme.
      And, also for your taking time,
      I thank you on this quite fine day.
      God bless you is what I do say!


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