14. Ascension Thursday!



The holy Faith, St. Pat taught well.

His work was Jesus’ life to tell.

To help us know the truths of God,

So that to learn would not be hard,

The things to know that we have need,

From the Apostles in our Creed,

St. Patrick gave his life to teach,

And help us, for Heaven, to reach.


St. Pat was given special Grace

To help those of the human race,

To understand the Things of God,

Especially on Ireland’s sod.

We, wee folk, listened very well

To all that St. Pat tried to tell.

He told about the Great Story…

How Jesus revealed His Glory.

After He had died on the Cross,

He rose again, by Divine Force.

For forty days He stayed on Earth.

All these were reasons for his Birth.

He came from Heaven to be born

…Why we rejoice on Christmas morn.

He lived with us to teach us how

To know what we need do right now!

For all, He suffered and He died.

And through it all, stayed by our side.


But then time came after He rose

from death to life, free from all woes,

to take His Place in Heaven’s Realm,

With God the Father… at the Helm.

Seated with Him at His Right Hand,

Jesus our King, rules every land.

All peoples, languages, nations…

Should all serve Him from their stations.

His Kingdom will not pass away.

St. Pat taught this back in his day.


We, wee folk…we did hear it all,

And speak of it though we are small.

I am so glad we shared this day

Of Jesus and the Holy Way.

Of His Ascension, we shall speak,

To all on Earth, both great and meek…

That St. Pat said that in plain sight,

Jesus was lifted to a height

and then a cloud hid Him from sight…

The Son of God…the God of might.


So, now we know God used a cloud,

And you know I will be so proud

If you are reading this out loud…

Just by yourself or in a crowd!

So, on this fine, grand day of May,

                                   God bless you is what I do say! (See Footnote #14)


2 thoughts on “14. Ascension Thursday!

  1. To my dear friend Finney from Jane😊
    First I want to wish you a most blessed Feast of the Ascension!! I bet you are having a big party today! How wonderful Jesus ascended into Heaven on the right side of His Father!! He is there waiting for you and everyone to join Them if we are good and follow what we know is right. Also I would like to tell you what a wonderful, spiritual, kind Irishnannie you have!! We should all have an Irishnannie like you! I love your beautiful flowers outside your home. You take such good care of it. Your Mum would be so proud! I know you are very fond of St.Patrick! I bet your Mum has told you so many wonderful stories about him!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To my dear Friend Jane from your dear Friend Finney!

    I hope you’ve had a grand, fine day!
    Seeing your note is a nice way
    For me to understand how you
    Appreciate Our Jesus, too!
    He did so much for all on Earth,
    From the very day of His Birth.
    Of Irishnannie, you did speak…
    I know she does try hard to seek
    The ways God helps all in this life…
    To help all in their times of strife.
    I know, too, that she would thank you
    For your kind words, and hope you knew
    That she thinks you are just grand, too!
    And hopes you have, at least, a few
    bright moments on this fine Thursday!
    And also I would like to say
    That, yes, we, wee folk, love St. Pat!
    His words to all help us so that
    we know the ways to leave in peace,
    in hopes that angry quarrels cease.
    Me Mum speaks of him all the time;
    I love to speak of him in rhyme!
    My home and flowers are a care,
    But then my home is nice to share.
    Me Mum has always taught me to
    Keep things in order, and clean, too!
    I am so glad we talked today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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