15. The Blessed Events!



Mr. Robin, he came and went.

I don’t know how his time was spent.

He would be here and then was not.

He just did not stay in one spot!

But he did watch and try to see

When someone was so close…like me!



He looked left, and then to the right,

005      006

Was always checking with his sight.

The Mrs. , too, first left, then right…

035      037

Always checking with her keen sight.

Then the Mrs. would fly away.

She left at different times each day.

I always watched the nest for her.

No reason that there’d be a stir…

Oh!  Wait!  What’s that?  Something did move!

But…’twas nothing I could prove.

But…wait!  I see it!  I do see!

But…I don’t know what it could be!

And then I saw a fuzzy head!

It popped up from its nest-y bed!


A little Bird!  A little Bird!

And then a small wee sound I heard!

It was a cheep!…Another cheep!

And then another head did peep.

And then another…then one more!

Oh my goodness!  There must be four!


Oh! I’m so tired!  I must sleep.

But all I hear is cheep, cheep, cheep!

Four little birds!  They’re all brand new!


All from God’s Hand, like me and you!

063     049

I hope I hear you read out loud!

You know that I would be so proud!

I’m glad that we could read today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #15)


4 thoughts on “15. The Blessed Events!

  1. Hellooo my Friend S, from your Friend Finney!

    I look so forward to your notes!
    I thank you for your cheers and votes
    That tell me you do like my tale,
    And that my efforts do not fail
    To bring some fun into your day,
    By using rhymes, which is my way!

    My Nannie’s read me what you write
    On sanctanomina…so right
    I think you are to say, with care,
    to choose the name each child shall bear!
    To honor God in all life’s things
    Is blest and worship, to Him, brings!

    Hooray for efforts that do try
    to honor God in Heaven, high!
    By thanking Him Who gives us all,
    We please Him if we’re short or tall!
    So, in my own and fav’rite way,
    God bless you is what I do say!


  2. To my dear friend Finney from Jane,
    How much fun you must be having Finney watching those beautiful baby robins! The robin is just one bird that God gave us on this earth for our enjoyment! How God must love each one of us😊 Finney you must have loved watching the robin turn his little head to the left then to the right. Then you saw one little head pop up, then 2, then 3 and then the 4th little head! Mr and Mrs robin are going to be very busy for a while! I know you will love watching them every day grow bigger and bigger till they leave their nest!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To my dear Friend Jane from your dear Friend Finney!

      I do! I do…do love to see
      Those little birdies look at me!
      They see my face and wonder why
      My big face is so way up high!
      Their Mom and Dad keep eyes on me…
      They’re making sure of where I’ll be,
      so, safe, they know their babies are.
      They never go too very far.
      No matter how so long it takes,
      I will keep watch for all their sakes.
      Until those little birdies fly…
      Until they fly up in the sky!
      Amazing world God made for all,
      No matter whether short or tall!
      I thank you for your note today!
      God bless you is what I do say!


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