17. A Change!



I, Finney, just have news today.

Tomorrow, though, I have to say

Will be the day I write to you

About some story…all brand new!

My news that I tell you today…

It’s nothing bad I have to say.

I just am changing days I write.

That’s all…nothing to cause a fright!

I usually write two times a week.

And all those times I try to seek

To tell you things that are so fun…

That are nice to share with someone.

056   029      1047   Blessed_Virgin_Mary085   064

To write to you, of course, I’ll still,

But diff’rent days are when I will.

Tuesdays and Fridays are new days

For writing…I won’t change those ways!

Just diff’rent days than were before,

To write of life, hist’ry and lore!

005      007

251      002

      014      183

011   025

185   167

You are my Friends and I thank you

For coming here to see what’s new…

Please know that Tuesday…Friday, too,

Are now the days that I will do

What needs be done to “talk” to you!


I hope you check tomorrow morn

To see what new idea was born

Inside my mind and heart for you,

The great, grand folks that I know who

Will think of me, many a day,

God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #17)


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