18. “Namin’s!”




Today, of names, I’d like to speak.

The “why” of names can be unique!

Our Irish names are loved so well.

About these names is what I’ll tell!

We call it “namin’s” when we find

The name that seems just the right kind

To name a life given to us,

And, oh my, we make such a fuss!

The gift of life from God, we know,

Is how this greatest Love does show.

A little babe, so new and grand,

Can bring such joy to all the land!


In Leprechaun life, “namin’s” are

Sacred and reverent, and by far

Of great importance to us, each.

Our names, ’tis true, have much to teach!

Our names, they tell of whom we’re from.

They tell of love from whom we come.

Our God, Creator of all things…

Our name is like a song He sings!


We hope our name’s a sacred name,

After a Saint…to be the same.

First and middles, somewhere there;

‘twould be so nice…Saint’s name to share.

For last names, different reasons make

Us have a name that’s hard to shake!

Sometimes they tell of where we live.

Sometimes they tell of work we give.

Sometimes they tell of gifts we share,

Sometimes they tell our color hair!

Mulrennan, O’Clery and Ward,

Or Tracey from a war-like lord!

Roohan, McGowan…it could be…

Also Oakley, like the Oak tree!

Someone I know…Red Beard by name…

You can guess from where his name came!

Of course, of course, ’twas his red beard.

He isn’t one, though, to be feared!

He’s pleasant and of manner fine.

Red Beard…he helps you when you dine!*

A name brand new?  It needn’t be.

So often, names of Family!

From Family, my Name, you see,

Is why ’twas chosen just for me!

So…I am Finney, after Dad,

Who’s Finney, too, but that’s not sad!

I love me Name that tells me Clan…

O’Keley Clan…I’m Fin-ne-gan!

Yup! I’m Finnegan! That is Me!

Finnegan Liam O’Keley!

Same as me Dad’s, but he is old,

And I am young, the truth be told.

184   005

In Irish, though, we have a way,

For Dad and Son, diff’rent to say…

Me Dad, before his name, has “sean”,

But this “sean” sounds like the word “clan”.

“Sean” Finnegan is me Dad’s name,

While mine is something not the same…

I’m Finnegan “Óg” ’cause I’m Son,

“Young” Finnegan…and now I’m done.

I am so tired from these words.

It’s easier to speak of birds!

It can be hard, our Irish speech,

For places, names, and words to teach.*

But now you know there’s “óg” and “sean”,

The young and old in our fine Clan!

I’m Finney Óg…Dad’s Sean Finney,

From the great, grand Clan O’Keley!

183   204

If you feel like you’re all confused,

Please just try to feel amused,

‘Cause we have only just begun,

To have some Irish namin’ fun!

We have Pronshi, Áine, Brian…

Sounds like pron-shee, on-ya, bree-un…

Also Aonghus, Miheál, Dáithí…

Sounds like eng-hiss, mee-hall, dah-hee.

Then there’s Liam, Eoghan, Eochaidh,

Sounds like lee-um, oh-in, oh-kh-ee.

Róisín, Fergus…all O’Keley…

Said Row-sheen, fer-guss, oh-kell-ee!

So, pretty soon I’ll tell you more,

But just right now I need to snore!

I’m sleepy and just have to head

Right to my very comfy bed!

When I write next, more “namin’s ” will

Be what I speak of, I will fill

Your minds with Irish names so fine,

From a grand Family!  Yes!  Mine!

Can’t wait to speak of this again!

Namin’s fun…for women and men!

But now, on this, so great a day,

                                    God bless you is what I do say! (*See Footnote #18)


5 thoughts on “18. “Namin’s!”

    1. To my dear Friend S from your dear Friend Finney!

      You always are so nice to me.
      Yes! The names of my Family
      Are names that are so fine and strong…
      Grand names that are, some short, some long.
      And Leprechauns, we shout out loud
      When new names we might hear have “wowed”!
      It causes us to loudly cheer
      For a grand name that we might hear!
      So, all these names that I have told
      Are great, grand names from days of old.
      Thank you so much for reading here
      Of things, for me, so very dear.
      I’m glad that we could talk today.
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. To my dear friend Finney from Jane,
    I enjoyed reading about Namins! It is so much fun reading about different names which as you said tell of the love from whom we came whom is God Himself. I love your fathers name Sean Finnegan and your name Finney Og! You must be so proud of your heritage! I bet you were very tired after a long day and looked forward to your comfy bed. Pleasant dreams Finney Og😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To my dear Friend Jane from your dear Friend Finney!

    Yes, dear Friend Jane! Namin’s are fun!
    Especially for a dear one!
    A babe’s birthday is a great day,
    To celebrate in a fun way!
    And namin’s a care…so profound!
    The possibilities abound!
    But for the babe, God knows the name,
    Meant to be, before the babe came!
    So for all babes, let’s lift up prayer
    that their names are chosen with care!
    I am so proud to be Irish!
    My real hope, though, is that I wish
    All peoples could be so grateful
    For what heritage they are full!
    I think that now it’s time to sleep.
    I’ll go to bed…not make a peep!
    I thank you for our talk today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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