20. Dancin’!



Just to be sure you did not miss

Seein’ grand dancin’, just like this…

 http://m.godvine.com/irish-dance-flash-mob-at-the-airport-fb-gv-6915.html *

Jumpin’ here and steppin’ there…

Twirling, tapping everywhere!

In Ireland, we sure love to dance!

We dance and dance at every chance!


Me Mum is one of those who do

The dancin’…in gray skies or blue!


If there’s a dance she doesn’t lose

Her chance…she wears her dancin’ shoes!


It’s all the time and ev’ry day,

‘Cause dancin’ always is her way!

Mum loves especially the jig,

Even though she’s not so big!


‘Tis so grand to see her high step!

And she dances with all her pep,

…known as one of the high kickers,

She’s proud of her grand, green knickers!


And, oh, she really loves to dance

With me, her Finney…every chance!

Me Mum and I have dancin’ fun.

We love to dance ‘fore day is done!


We jump and jig and twirl around…

The air is full of “dancin’ sound!”

Sometimes we dance and jump sooo high,

That me Mum’s grand braids…up they fly!


So when you hear the music play,

In a grand, fun toe-tapping way,

Just step right out on that dance floor

And dance and dance and dance some more!

If someone wants to dance with you,

‘Tis more the fun when there are two!


But truth be told, there is no need,

For only one is fine, indeed!

Just tap and twirl and dance around!

There’s such great joy that can be found!

I’m glad that we could talk today.

                                      God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #20)


4 thoughts on “20. Dancin’!

  1. To my Friend S from your Friend Finney!

    Me Mum, ’tis true, was not so keen
    For me to show that dancin’ scene!
    Mum loves her hair to be just so,
    …Flying high’s not her way to go!
    But oh, she sure can dance and whirl!
    She loves to be right in the swirl
    Of dancin’ and just having fun…
    With Irish music, breeze, and sun!
    A fine way, ’tis, to start the day
    with you, dear S, and your grand way!
    Bringing joy to a leprechaun
    is a joy that is never gone.
    The mem’ry lives on in my heart.
    Just know that it was on your part
    That fun joy came to me this day!
    God bless you is what I do say!


  2. To my dear friend Finney from Jane,
    I loved watching the Irish dancing! It looks like so much fun. In fact, it makes me want to get up and start dancing☺️ I bet you and your mum have so much fun dancing! She looks like she has a lot of pep. I love it when her braids fly up when you two are dancing! I can just picture that!! She is so pretty. I know you both have such a great time when you are together. At the end of the day I bet you both look forward to a good nights sleep😌

    Liked by 1 person

  3. To my dear Friend Jane from your dear Friend Finney!

    Ohhh and you sure would look so fine
    In a grand Irish jiggin’ line!
    Dancin’ brings to us so much fun.
    we love to share it with someone!
    So braid your hair …get dancin’ shoes,
    Try for the fun, you just can’t lose!
    ‘twould be nice to wear your knickers.
    And be one of the high kickers!
    Just like me Mum who loves to dance…
    She dances much when she has the chance!
    And dear Jane, I thank you today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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