19. More “Namin’s!”



I promised Irish namin’ fun!

Let’s hope its fun for everyone.

We’ll speak of the O’Keley Clan,

                             And be so smart with óg and sean.  (See Post #18)

We know that sounds like ohhg and shan

Means young and old in our grand Clan!


You know I’m Finnegan Liam.

Me Dad is Finnegan Liam.

He’s Sean Finney…I’m Finney Óg.

Yes!  Shan fin-nee and fin-nee ohhg!


Let’s start with Uncle Mikey-O

Who really is a fine fellow!

Aonghus Micheál is his name…

Mikey-O!  Yes! One and the same!

And eng-hiss mee-hall ‘s how it sounds.

Pronunciation knows no bounds!

His first name has meaning two-part…

“Aon” is first…gives us a start.

Sounds like ay-in…means excellent.

Then comes “gus”, “strength and vigor”, meant.

Now, Micheál means…”Who is like God?”∗∗

Finding meanings isn’t so hard!

And ’cause he’s Dad, he’s Sean Aonghus.

Of course, that sounds like shan eng-hiss!


Next is Pronshi…who’s Sean Pronshi.

Sounds like Pron-shee and Shan Pron-shee.

Proinsias Eoghan’s his real name!

Pron-she-iss Oh-in sounds the same!

It is spelled in the Irish way…

Means Francis Owen, as you say!


Daíthí Fergus is the next one.

Say dah-hee fer-guss…Dad — not son.

So folks do call him Sean Daíthí.

We know that sounds like shan dah-hee!

In Irish, David is Daíthí.

For any guy, fine name ‘twould be!

Next is the last one for today!

And she’s me Mum so I will say,

Her name’s grand in a holy way…

And I’ll tell you why, if I may!


The Mum of Mary, Queen of Heav’n,

Is the same name me Mum was giv’n.

Áine‘s the name of which I speak,

On-ya‘s the sound…to you…unique,

For you might want to say it ayne 

Just like the sound of the state, Maine!

But on-ya is its Irish sound.

And love for this name does abound.

Mum’s middle name is spelled Róisín

A lovely name…sounds like row-sheen.

In English you have Rosaleen,

Little Rose is what it does mean!

Áine Róisín‘s her great, grand name…

Named for her Mum whose name’s the same!

The names we’ve said are, hopefully,

Names God meant for my Family.

185   204

The O’Keley Clan is so blessed

That all these names we have possessed.

For these grand names we feel grateful…

Of gratitude we are so full!

Our Ireland is such the land

Where all folks’ names should be quite grand!

With all her lovely fields of green,

Our Ireland’s a lovely scene.


We Leprechauns love this Old Sod,

And know all thanks go right to God.

St. Patrick taught this very well…

Of God’s great power, he did tell.


We listened well when St. Pat taught

That all good deeds are ne’er for naught.

He taught of God’s great Love for all…

No matter whether short or tall.

I, Finney, then, would like to say,

“Choose your names in a joyful way.

Think of the Saints and holy things,

And then just watch how your heart sings

When the name meant for you to choose

Comes to your mind, as you do muse!”

I am so glad we talked today

About some things St. Pat did say…

About fine names and Ireland,

And how folks’ names should all be grand!

Thank you, my Friends, I’m on my way!

                                      God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #19)


5 thoughts on “19. More “Namin’s!”

  1. To my Friend S from your Friend Finney!

    Thank you for visiting today.
    To read what I might have to say!
    Me Mum taught me about St. Pat!
    Her Mum taught her about St. Pat!
    We learned so much from that fine man…
    To pray and do the best we can.
    St. Patrick showed us all the way
    To share and care and live each day.
    He gave all leprechauns some hope
    And even taught about the Pope!
    We heard his words of Christian love,
    And knew they came from Heav’n above!
    He said that God helps in all things,
    And that includes all name-choosings!
    We love to hear your naming words.
    Does that make us, too, naming nerds?
    I guess that’s true, so you should know,
    if small green flashes start to show
    Around you when you work or play,
    It might be us, just on a day,
    Wanting to watch and see you write.
    Don’t worry, though, we would not fight!
    We’d quietly spend time with you,
    And disappear before your view.
    To cause you harm is not our way,
    God bless you is what I do say!


  2. To my dear friend Finney,
    It was so nice to hear from you Finney! I enjoyed so much hearing all about the names of the O’Keley Clan! Your mum must have been so proud to have the Queen of Heaven’s Mum’s name!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. To my dear Friend Jane from your dear Friend Finney!

    You are so very nice to me!
    You seem to try to help me see
    That you’ve enjoyed the things I’ve told…
    To you, my rhymes…they don’t get old!
    Thank you so much for your kind ways.
    They are a blessing on all days!
    And though this life can be so hard,
    All days’ blessings are helps from God.
    And when you help those blessings come,
    You really help the Angels, some,
    When you bring comfort to someone!
    Makes it easier to have fun!
    So, thank you, thank you, Jane, dear Friend,
    To you my thank yous I do send!
    I want to tell you this fine day,
    God bless you is what I do say


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