22. Watching the Sky!



I love to lay down on the ground,

And look at the sky…all around!


It’s hard to think you look so high…

To watch trees sway as breeze blows by.


The sky by day can be so blue!


And it can also be gray, too.

245   740

But when we’re blessed to have blue sky,

It seems like Heaven to our eye!

339   324

We think, as we, at these things look,

What St. Pat taught from the Good Book,

 “God made the two great lights,

the greater one to govern the day,

 and the lesser one to govern the night;

                                                      and He made the stars.”     (Genesis 1: 16)

The sky at night, though, has no sun…

Or bright daytime…no blue sky fun.

But looking at the sky at night

Can be a pretty awesome sight!

And if, by chance,  you see a star,

You’re seeing something very far!

Sparkling, glistening, twinkling bright!

Making such a beautiful sight!


And if, by chance, you see our Moon,

It might just look like a balloon

That’s round and bright with silver shine,

And light all ’round, so clear and fine!


Clouds can hide the moon quite well,

And then its shape is hard to tell,

Or hard to see it anywhere!

Its circle shape could be half there,

Or even less…a sliver shines

Which gives to night time diff’rent signs

Up in the sky when we can stare…

Enjoying, often, brightness there!


But I am getting tired now

And very soon I’ll know just how

To close my eyes and lay my head

On my soft pillow…on my bed!

I’ll say good night to you and all

The Friends of Me who is so small!

I hope you’ve read out loud today.

                                      God bless you now and ev’ry day!  (See Footnote #22)


2 thoughts on “22. Watching the Sky!

    1. I’m so thankful you came, you see,
      to visit me and talk with me!
      My home’s fine hearth is always there,
      If you should ever be somewhere
      That’s close to me, and you could come
      To have some tea…& just talk, some!
      I love the work with names you do!
      I love to think of nice names, too.
      But I can’t think of names like Eve.
      I think I need a good reprieve,
      And leave the namin’ work for you,
      Just like the folks who talk with you!
      I loved your Clare and Isabel!
      What choice Beth makes, well…time will tell!
      The work of namin’ Babes is grand!
      I just want to tell you that, and
      I think, with that, you have a way!
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 1 person

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