23. Murphy-Girl!



Hello! And how are you today?

I’m glad to talk with you, I say!

I’ve a story to tell to you…

Something fun that you never knew!


Murphy-Girl…She’s my poochie Friend!

We play and play till day does end.


We jump and run…play hide ‘n seek…

It’s hard to hide ’cause Murph will peek!


Murph is a sweet and loving pooch,

But she sure gives a sloppy smooch!

We run and race and race and run;

We always have such great, grand fun!

I think, though, that ’cause Murph’s so fast,

Is why I always come in last!

But there’s a secret I will tell…

If you promise to keep it well.

You better hold on to your seat…

Murphy-Girl has very…big…feet!


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not so bad.

Big feet can sometimes make you glad!

I wish I had much bigger feet.

Then I could run so fast…so sweet!

Our Murphy-Girl sure covers ground,

Much faster than others around.

Murphy is black from head to toe.

Not one white spot is there to show!

If it is daytime when we race,

At least, then, I can see her face!

‘Cause when we try to race at night,

It’s way too hard!  She’s gone from sight!

But that’s ok, because she’s fun,

And never wants to hurt someone.

Murphy always watches my back.

On this, she’s never known to slack!


She smiles at me! Yes! She does!

And why she does this is because

She is my Friend, and I’m her Friend,

And we hope that does never end!


Can’t talk more now…we have to go.

Murphy and I, we both well know

That it’s not long we’ve time to play.

Our work is done, so not much day

Is left for us to race and run

And wrestle-play and have some fun!


We hope that you can do this, too.

Go have some fun with things you do

That you enjoy, when work is done.

And stressful things?  We hope there’s none!

Maybe you’ve time to read out loud

To someone fun…maybe a crowd?

You know I’m glad we talked today!

                                      God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #23)


4 thoughts on “23. Murphy-Girl!

  1. To my Friend S from your Friend Finney!

    I thank you for reading, today,
    Me story of Murph and the way
    She is such a good Friend to me.
    The same, for her, I hope to be!
    Hahaha! Oh, Yes! Murph is grand!
    Murphy-Girl’s such a fun Friend, and
    When we were standin’ side by side,
    Someone snuck behind us and tried
    To put all of me in a sack!
    Murphy always watches my back,
    So when she saw him sneaking up
    He found she was a not-pleased pup!
    She looked at him and she went “Grrr!”
    And he knew he did not want her
    To chase him, so he ran away!
    He ran so far, and to this day,
    God bless you is what I do say! 🙂

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  2. To my dear friend Finney☺️
    I loved reading about your friend Murphy! She looks like you both are having such a great time playing and I know you were! I bet she loves playing with you Finney🐕 After a day of jumping and running around, you both must look forward to a good nights sleep! I am so happy Finney you found such a nice kind friend☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To my dear Friend Jane from your dear Friend Finney!

      Yes, Murph, my Friend, is kind and dear,
      A dog I know, but always near
      To let me know she loves me true.
      I’m grateful, yes, but you’d be, too!
      Companionship and love she gives,
      And claddagh loyalty she lives.
      All Humankind could learn so much
      From Murphy-Girl’s gentle heart-touch.
      Thanks be to God Who sent her here
      To be my Friend, so kind and dear.
      Thank you for writing me today!
      God bless you is what I do say!


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