26. Playin’!




I, Finney, say, “Hello!  Hello!”

This time of year, I guess you know,

The weather’s warm and ev’ry day

We have so much fun time to play.

And, yes, we still get our work done,

Before we go and have some fun!

Me and my
Me and my “Buds!”

Daíthí and Pronshi are my Buds!

We’re full of life…we are NOT duds!

We’re cousins, too.  We’re Family.

The bond is deep.  I’m sure you see.

We, Leprechauns, love to play ball!

No need to be too tall, at all!


We run, we catch, we kick, we throw,

Playin’ the best that we could know.

The games are fun;  we play outside.

We love to play the game of “Hide!”

Whoever’s it must try to find

Where we do hide…sometimes behind

The one who’s it, but who can’t see

Where we are hiding…where we’ll be!


Then, when we see that he can’t see,

We run back where it’s “safe” to be!

When we get tired playin’ “Hide,”

We still love to just stay outside!

So, then we get our ball to play;

To try to share is the best way.

Then someone throws after we pick

Who’ll try to hit it with a stick!

Here's our
Here’s our “bat” and ball!

First up is Daíthí — first to hit!

He’s sharp and keen and full of wit!


Then if the ball flies high and far,

We’ll think this hitter is a star!

But…if this hitter gets tagged out,

We just play on, no time to pout.

But then we also play kick-ball.

The hardest part is not to fall!

To run and give the ball a kick…

Hard and fast…that does the trick!

625   645

Here Pronshi leads off with a kick,

And with this game there is no stick!

We kick and run to move the ball.

Playin’ together is the call!


451   449

But when we play we must take care…

Watch out for others and play fair.

Another fav’rite game to play

Is Bounce and Shoot a certain way.

624a   641

I do quite well to play this game…

My shooting skills have earned me fame!  😉

We make a throw and hope the ball

Goes right between two trees so tall!


It’s not as easy as it sounds.

The ball can go right out of bounds!

But, truth be told, it’s just plain fun

To play so free ‘fore day is done!

When we get home, we’re glad to be

At our grand meal with Family!

We all thank God for blessings giv’n

To each of us from Him in Heav’n.

So, we have talked now of some play

That might just happen on a day.

We, Leprechauns, are happy, too,

To just have time to talk with you!

I, Finney, love that we could talk,

And now I think I’ll take a walk!

I hope you’re peaceful for today.

                                       God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote # 26)


4 thoughts on “26. Playin’!

    1. To my Friend S from your Friend Finney!

      I am so good at bounce and shoot!
      Our Nannie says my horn, don’t toot!
      Daíthí and Pronshi…they tell me,
      On THEIR team, they want me to be!
      So, without, my own horn, tooting,
      Guess I’ll just keep on with shooting!
      As long as there’s a ball to play,
      We always have fun ev’ry day!
      But work we do, we know we must,
      Or else, for sure, the day’s a bust!
      I always look for you to write
      To me and make my day so bright!
      Our good St. Brigit helps us all,
      Especially us who are small!
      I thank you, S, for your kind note,
      That you took time and, for me, wrote.
      But now I’m in a sleepy way,
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. To my dear friend Finney,,
    I loved reading about you and your buds Daithi and Pronshi! You all seem to get along so well and have so much fun playing together! God must be so pleased to see you all sharing and being so nice to each other😊 Having nice friends is such a special gift from God. I see you love to play different kinds of ball🎾⚾️ You must have such a good time playing together no matter what it is! At the end of the day God must be so pleased to hear you thank Him for all His blessings!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To my dear Friend Janie from your dear Friend Finney!

    I was hoping you’d say hello!
    And then I would so surely know
    That you did think of me today
    And write to me in your kind way!
    And yes, we have grand fun and play,
    When we’re done with work, come what may!
    Daíthí, Pronshi…they are great Friends,
    And we have fun when the day ends.
    We do thank God that we’re so blessed,
    And we do thank Him with great zest!
    When sharing does not come with ease,
    We ask His help…we say God, please!
    To help us be nice, we do pray.
    We pray this way on ev’ry day.
    We’d like to have a grand, nice way.
    God bless you is what I do say!


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