27. Workin’!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello, today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


Each day is full of work and play.

Play is fun, and work’s…well…okay. 🙂

We all do have some work that’s ours.

Some works are short and some take hours!

 I do some diff’rent kinds of work.

I find a grateful kind of  perk

In knowing that I do my share

To help with chores…for those I care.

Sometimes for digging work there’s need,

Not always needing a great speed…


But taking time to do work right

Is always in my mind’s eye sight.

And digging, for a Leprechaun,

Is often needed ‘fore day’s gone.

Sometimes this digging needs be done

In places hidden from the Sun…

Where Leprechauns are free to go,

But there are many who don’t know

Just where it is these places are,

And even if they’re near or far.

007      011

But of this chore I mustn’t speak…

Let us just say no one may peek

To see some places where we dig

And not because we are not big.

‘Tis sacred work we’re called to do

And only known to very few.


Perhaps we’ll speak of this again,

But I’m not sure of where or when.

This workin’s  secret…diff’rent kind…

I just can’t say, hope you don’t mind.

I must be sure to speak’s  okay,

And what exactly I can say.

Me Dad will help me know the way,

And what a Leprechaun may say

About the work we’re chosen for

That isn’t told in Irish lore.


But back to talk of ev’ry day

And work that’s done before we play.

We’ve talked of digging in the ground

We also must rake all around.

Yes, sometimes I do need to rake,

And not always for me own sake.

Me Mum and Dad sometimes need me

To rake up pine cones from the Tree.



The Tree helps us in many ways,

With many things on many days.

I’ll tell of this one way right now…

The help that comes from the Tree’s bough.

The bough (or branch), its pine cones drop,

And we don’t want that help to stop!

The pine cones help us to stay warm;

And keep hearth fires in good form.

They give a blaze when fire’s low,

And help the hearth keep its warm glow!

918ab      1124a

I’m almost done with workin’ tales.

Last thing I’ll tell just never fails

To help you know, my work is real…

The absolutely grand real deal!

I’ll tell you of the grand tool box…

That Daíthí loves more than  his socks!

733a      732

Daíthí is a good Friend to me,

I know that we are Family…

But still I think he’s kind to share

The object of his heart’s dear care…

Of his grand tool box, I do tell.

He shares it with me very well.


But I’ve been workin’, as you see,

So very hard and tired I be!

Of workin’ I will speak no more

I think to dreamland I will soar.

And, no, of course, I never snore,

Not even in our Irish lore.  😉

I am so glad we talked today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #27)






2 thoughts on “27. Workin’!

  1. Hello dear Friend S from your dear Friend Finney!

    Now, patience is a grand virtue.
    But that, of course, I’m sure you knew!
    The story of the door will be
    A special tale, to tell, for me!
    But not just yet as I don’t think
    I can provide even a link
    to knowledge of the ancient times…
    Not even in my simple rhymes.
    Until time comes when I’ll be told
    I’m free to speak of times of old…
    Of times when so much more was known,
    And secrets’ truth was eas’ly shown.
    But you, dear Friend, will know so well,
    Of all I, Finney, hope to tell.
    And Daithi’s toolbox…it is grand!
    The best toolbox in Irish land!
    To love it more that his darn socks
    Says quite a lot for that toolbox!
    Thank you, S, that you took this time,
    To read and comment on my rhyme.
    You surely have a lovely way.
    God bless you is what I do say!


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