30. The Mighty Builders!



I, Finney, say, “Hello! Hello!”

So glad you’re here, by now you know!

And if you don’t, then let me say,

I am so glad you’re here today!


I have to tell you what I’ve seen,

As I walk on our fields of green!


These grains of earth just piled high

As if they’re reaching for the sky!

832a   833a

For each and every little hill

Has been built with such mighty skill.

The grains of earth each in its place,

Seemed put so neatly in its space!

I saw them, too, as I looked down,

The little ants…some black, some brown!

739   738


566a   560a

They each find their own ant-hill hole,

And building seems to be their goal.

A grain of earth each carries out.

It’s plain, their work, they’re all about!

Their homes are built with earnest care.

Their hills…amazin’…everywhere!

There’s no one place where they belong;

Could be a meadow with bird’s song…


Could be in dirt or grassy ground…

Or in some funny spots all ’round!


579   337

660   554

548   556

You must look close to see them there…

They really could be anywhere!

752   752a


They’re on the ground and on a tree!

All needs be done is look and see!

564a   749a


Sometimes they’re dusty…sometimes clean.

But no matter, fun to be seen!


557   557a

They work so hard, each of the ants.

‘Tis strange, though, no green shirt or pants!

And no green cap or pot o’ gold…

Like’s always been from times of old!

For ants it must be different, though.

Their work, from God, they surely know!

I wonder if they know St. Pat,

Or the Fianna*, and all that?

I know they’ve so much work to do.

How do they have time for play, too?

I can’t see any balls to play,

Or hamper’s filled for summer’s day,

With food for picnickin’s fun way!

Hmmm…that sounds so good for today!

I think I’m glad I’m not an ant.

A Leprechaun just simply can’t

Forget about the pot o’ gold

Whose tale’s been told from times of old!

This is our work, giv’n us by God,

Our work here on grand Irish sod!

Thank goodness, too, for these poor ants.

Who do not have green shirt or pants,

They work and work…too hard for me!

I simply need to play, you see!

Watchin’ these ants has worn me out…

I’ve been a really grand ant-scout.

But, oh my goodness, ants can walk

To here and there without much talk!

Well, that just wouldn’t be for me!

I am so glad I’m just Finney!

I’m happy you read this today!

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #30)


2 thoughts on “30. The Mighty Builders!

  1. To my Friend S from your Friend Finney!

    Hahaha…me, too, S! Me, too!
    I feel the same way that you do!
    A familiar yard? Could that be?
    You must have Irish eyes to see.
    But then again, it would be grand
    If you have been on Irish land
    To see the places that I see…
    The places where I roam so free!
    If that is so, you must have seen
    The ants we have on fields of green!
    To learn from the ants is so good.
    To work better? I think I could!
    I also think that we do try.
    Don’t we try, S? Both you and I?
    So, the ants can work in their way,
    And you and I can work each day
    In just the way that’s best for us.
    I know we’ll do that with no fuss!
    But then you know…Naptime will come!
    And then we will be relieved from
    Our work which really isn’t bad.
    No need for us to just be sad.
    We know God’s blessings are so grand,
    And give us joy to beat the band!
    I am so glad we talked today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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