29. Éire #1!



I, Finney, say, “Hello!  Hello!”

I have something so fun to show

To you which means so much to me.

Bet you’re thinking, “What could this be?”


Where I come from is by the sea.

Its salty sea air’s so lovely!


The green’s like none you’ve ever seen!

How I do love those fields of green!

2081a      2116a

2138a      2127a

‘Tis Ireland I am speaking of.

Seems like a place in Heav’n above!


The flowers are so bright and fair…

So beautiful, beyond compare!

DSC03161a      836


The animals who share the land

Were chosen special by God’s hand

To live in Ireland…help to care,

For Irish folk who do live there!




Ireland’s name is also Éire,

And to say this…sounds like air-uh!

Its ancient times are like it’s now,

Though it is hard to explain how…

The ancient homes are not all gone.

“Tis true, says I, a Leprechaun!


Those ancient homes still tell the tale.

They, in their witness, do not fail!

The mists of time have been so kind.

They’ve left some ancient sense behind!

It’s all around on Irish sod.

The then and now…still fresh from God!

This history’s not told with ease;

So much to tell of green and breeze!

Some of you hoped that I would tell

Of secrets that I know so well.

757      461

Secret work and secret doors

Had their beginnings in our lores.

So, I must go far back in time,

If I’m to tell of what I rhyme!

The ancient tales and history…

They tell us of a great story!

And though its telling is so fun,

As I said…not easily done!

So, we’ll talk only of a part,

And this will give us a good start.

Beginning is the sure first step.

So, here we go, with hope and pep!

Long, long ago…we have been told

That Irish folks, in times of old…

They settled and began to be

So happy in this Land, you see.

The first place we will speak about…

So mystical, there is no doubt.

I’m speaking of the sacred hill…

‘Tis Tara I mean and I will

Be first to say this sacred place

Knows many a Leprechaun’s face!

187      179


‘Tis work we’ve had and that we still

Must do well on this sacred hill.

Its grassy mounds disguise what’s there…

Great secrets underneath somewhere.

Just where and what must not be known.

Not yet because it can’t be shown.

Until the time that’s set by God,

For Tara’s secrets in this sod.


Me Dad is calling to me now.

He says he needs to tell me how

To tell you things of what we know

Without letting some secrets show.

Sean Finnegan!
Sean Finnegan!

Our sacred trust from times of old,

Has something real to do with gold.


The secret doors do show the way

To places many may not stay!

But Leprechauns protect so well

These places that we may not tell

Too much about just where they lead,

No matter how much some may plead!

But you, my Friend, I tell to you…

Someday I know you’ll know things, too!

What fun for us…secrets to share!

That’s always fun for those who care

To be true Friends, and grow in trust.

To do good things we know we must!

I’m so tired now…time to nap!

I’ll jump in bed…keep on my cap!

I am so glad we talked today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #29)


4 thoughts on “29. Éire #1!

  1. To my dear friend Finney,
    I love reading your stories! Ireland must be so beautiful!! Everything so green and the flowers are gorgeous 😊. God loves us so much! Every place on earth has the beautiful face of God on it. How blessed we are to have such a wonderful God who loves us so much!! I know you must be so tired after a long day and look forward to going to your nice comfortable bed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello my dear Friend Jane from your dear Friend Finney!

      Oh! I’m so happy you came here!
      It really fills me full of cheer
      That you did think of me today
      and wrote to me in your kind way!
      Our Ireland truly is so grand…
      A mystical, amazing land…
      So beautiful in many ways.
      I’m grateful that I spend my days
      Just where God wants that I should be,
      And where it is the best for me.
      I hope that you, too, have this joy…
      That God means for each girl and boy!
      Indeed, He loves us each so much,
      By giving us Good things and such.
      I am so glad we talked today!
      God bless you is what I do say!


    1. Hello my dear Friend S from your dear Friend Finney!

      S! You are here! I do thank you!
      For reading and for writing, too!
      Tara is a mystical place!
      God has made it a special space
      where ancient secrets lay so still
      On and in this mystical hill!
      I don’t know all but do know some
      Of secret things and where they’re from.
      I hope to have you pray with me
      That God will help our eyes to see
      The true riches of earthly life…
      Was never meant to have such strife.
      But hope is ours for all of time!
      Just maybe we will meet sometime!
      During the day when we do seek,
      Our mind’s eye sometimes gets a peek
      At mysteries of the earth’s told tales…
      From stories of great ships with sails!
      I am so glad we talked today!
      God bless you is what I do say!

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