33. Shamrocks!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


I am a day early today,

‘Cause tomorrow I’ll be away!

I’ll be away for Irish fun,

But when I’m home, and it is done,

I know that talking we will do.

I am so happy to know you!


I’d like to speak to you right now

About green shamrocks and just how

They helped St. Patrick teach of God

On beautiful dear Ireland’s sod.

It seems to me that I do see

Grand shamrocks everywhere I be*!


No wonder St. Pat thought to tell

Of God, with shamrocks…and told well

Of Holy Spirit, Father, Son…

That all Three Persons are God, One!

975      976


Our Good St. Pat, he must have seen

The shamrocks in our fields of green!

Just everywhere you look you’ll see

That’s where, be sure, some shamrocks be*!


A shamrock… just to tell its tale

Grows in green grass on hill and dale.

I don’t think for grass there’s a need…

Shamrocks have joy…never think “weed!”

See pretty flowers?   Look around…

Maybe there’s shamrocks on the ground!


The Irish word is said Seamróg…

Combination — clover and óg.

“Little” clover is what this means…

Color’s all different shades of greens!

They may have blooms…some of you know,

The little flowers they can show.


With just one stem, having three leaves,

St. Patrick taught of God with ease.

There is more to the story, though…

And it is something most don’t know.

It has to do with us, wee folk;

How we did help when St. Pat spoke.

We listened to him with great care,

But none could see…we hid somewhere

So we could hear and none could see.

Most times that’s how it has to be.

This is a good hiding place!
   This is a good hiding place!

But we Leprechauns love St. Pat…

His kindly truths and great big hat!

To help him we did want to do.

So we just did what we best knew.

We tried to help him find a way…

To find a way of how to say

Just what the Trinity does mean…

What we knew well were fields of green!


So there we looked to find a clue…

And then we saw just what to do!

God helped us just to understand

What help could be from our grand land!


We thought our shamrock might be key

For teaching of the Trinity!

St. Pat, when he heard of this plan

Told us we’d done great work for man!

He said this small three leave-ed plant

Just made him want to happy-chant!

He’d been struggling to find a way…

He just couldn’t think of how to say

That God does love us all so much,

And that there’s Three in One Who touch

Us all and help in every way.

How to teach this…for this he’d pray.


He was so thankful, he told us!

He told us thanks a thousand-plus!**

And that’s the Leprechauns wee tale

Of how we looked on hill and dale,

And helped God answer St. Pat’s prayer

To learn to teach of God’s great Care.


We’ll always have great love for him

Who taught all with vigor and vim…

Who gave his life to Jesus, King!

Then St. Pat, His Good News did bring

To Ireland’s folks that he does love

With great Grace and Love from Heav’n above!

Now as for our wee shamrock tale

Of how we looked on hill and dale

To help St. Pat find a grand way

To teach all that he had to say…


Well…this is what I, Finney, heard,

Could very well be the true word.

St. Pat…he sure did help us all ..

No matter whether short or tall.


So that is all I have to say…

Right now, I’m in a sleepy way!

It’s nap time for this Leprechaun,

And soon, to dreamland I’ll be gone!

I am so glad we talked today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #33)


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