34. My Holiday!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


I talked to you the other day,

And spoke to you about the way

I’d be travellin’ to somewhere

Not far from Here, and, close to There!

‘Twas with me Nannie I did go

To see Irish folk she did know.

What a visit!  What fun we had!

We laughed and talked and were not sad!

Other things, too, me Nannie did…

And there were times I went and hid!

There are those times I can’t be seen.

I often hide in trees of green.

I love when flowers hide me well!

I just crouch down and none can tell

I’m hiding there where none can see

My green clothes, red hair, hat, or me!

829      834

But sometimes when I need to hide,

It could be inside or outside!


Nannie and I, we know full well,

A Leprechaun must never tell

Of certain places and some things…

Secrets that a Leprechaun brings

To where he goes, and must not say

What they’re about on any day!

But Nannie understands this all…

The secrets of we, who are small.



There are some things, though, I CAN say!

About our trav’llin’ holiday…

Last time we talked, we spoke of green…

Of lovely fields and shamrocks’ scene.

We saw so many shamrocks where

We travelled to…from Here to There!

On pretty windows, shamrocks fine…

They glowed so green in the sunshine!


St. Pat, himself, held one in hand,

A shamrock from our grand Ireland!

1345c      1345a

The harp, the claddagh, and shamrocks…

Just like the ones on some grand socks,


Were on these color windows, bright…

So fine to see in the daylight.

1376a      1377a

And also, too, I want to say

The windows that I saw that day…

They told the truths so very old,

From ancient times in colors bold.

The angel held the shamrock plant

Used by St. Pat for holy chant…


St. Brigid and her Cross were there,

1352a      1379a

With Jesus and the children where

His Love and Care was also shown.


Good Shepherd’s picture that we’ve known

speaks “loudly”, too, of God’s great Care

For all lost lambs, no matter  where.


The Irish Cross was standing strong

As if it heard our hearts’ love song!



Jesus…King, in all His Glory…

These windows told the whole story,

That St. Pat tried to teach us all,

No matter if we’re tall or small.


One God Who has The Persons Three,

The Blessed Holy Trinity…


Jesus, King, in all His Glory…

‘Tis the new and ancient story!

The story of God’s lasting Love…

Coming always from Heav’n above.

Our good St. Pat brought the Good News

And our grand shamrock he did use!

So in this place of Irish folk,

The place of which, with you, I spoke,

had shamrocks everywhere to see…

On the ground…with the harp they “be,”

1404a      1405a


On the sidewalk…they looked so fine…

Looking as if they’re in a line…


Also on a rug…curtains, too,

I think there’s too much to show you!

1397a      1398a

I think I’ll wait to tell you more.

But know there’s good stuff still in store!

I’m hungry now, so I’ll go eat,

And then I’ll rest my weary feet!

I’m thankful we did talk today.

God bless you is what I do say!  (see Footnote #34)




2 thoughts on “34. My Holiday!

    1. Hellooo to my Friend S from your Friend Finney!

      I was hoping to hear from you!
      You always write! You always do!
      I’m glad you like the pictures well,
      It sure was fun, our tale, to tell!
      As long as I be sure I hide,
      Could be inside or be outside…
      My Nannie loves to bring me, too,
      To help her in the ways I do!
      The Church windows, though, I must say,
      Were spectacular in their way!
      The shamrocks…they were all around,
      On curtains, rugs, and on the ground!
      I am so glad you wrote this day.
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 1 person

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