36. Hidin’!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a grand way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

7-27-15, plymouth time 1789

We, Leprechauns, have some concerns

That each of us, quite early, learns.

It really just is not ok

For all to know the wee folks’ way

Of doing work that needs be done

Before we can just have some fun!

So oftentimes we have to hide

When we are inside or outside!

7-27-15, plymouth time 1684

7-27-15, plymouth time 1685

Our secret work is a great trust,

So great we absolutely must

Be sure that we are never seen,

Most times when we’re on fields of green,

Or walkin’ home, or travellin’,

And ‘specially when we’re workin’!

When work is yours that you must do,

And gold is part of your work, too,

Sometimes there’s danger that’s a threat,

Because on this some minds are set

To think of how gold must be had,

Or else life would be just so sad.


Of course, this is not really true,

But still some folks think this…they do!

But we are Guardians in that way,

And must be careful ev’ry day,

To secretly keep hidden well

The great gold Treasure some will tell

That’s in a pot at rainbow’s end,

And this, it’s true, we do defend.

But long ago, the tale is told,

God was forgotten for some gold.*

The Bible Book we, wee folk, love,

Tells of the story when God’s Love

Was put aside when trust did fail.

When coming down the mountain trail,

And Moses saw the people’s sin,

And, oh, his anger did begin!

The people did see Moses’ wrath,

When Moses saw their golden calf.

But Moses spoke on their behalf,

To God, in hopes to calm God’s wrath.

Great trouble came when this was done,

And hard times came for everyone.

Hard lessons came from this, for all,

Because, from Grace, people did fall.

So, knowing this, we must take care…

Sometimes to try to hide somewhere,

Remembering we must protect

The Treasure that God does expect

We always will be careful to

Keep secret from most all who do

Make efforts to catch us, wee folk,

For treasure of which someone spoke.

The Bible story helps us know

That gold and treasure sometimes show

The part of some hearts’ not-good place,

And causes them to want to chase

We, Leprechauns, to find the gold

That they have heard from tales of old.


So, sometimes we hide by stairwells,

so no one sees and no one tells.


Sometimes we are where curtains hide

Our green outfits from all inside!


Sometimes we try to find a chair

That might just have a pillow there.


It’s hard to see us if that’s so,

And we can be there…none need know!

Sometimes we’re safe in mountain mist.

It hides so much…we can’t resist!


The mighty trees and boulders, too…

Why, they could hide both Me and You!


In the forest, right by a stream,

Fine hiding places, it would seem.


Rock ledges, too, have secret cracks…

I even go there to have snacks!


My cousins, Daíthí and Gussie,

Stay overnight sometimes and we

Do really like to take our snacks

And go to our fav’rite ledge cracks!



I’ll show you just a few more spots,

Right now…but I have lots and lots,

And I will show you more again,

And I will let you know just when.

So here’s some more, but just a few,

And for now, they will have to do,

’cause I am hungry once again.

And you know what I might do when

I’m wanting to have some grand snacks…

I go to my fave rock ledge cracks!






7-23-15 1564



I am so glad we talked today.

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #36)



3 thoughts on “36. Hidin’!

  1. Hellooo to my dear Friend S from your dear Friend Finney!

    Hellooo dear S! Hello! Hello!
    I think you are just swell, you know!
    It’s just so nice to talk to you…
    I knew you would write…I just knew!
    The time’s not so easy to find,
    When you’ve got much that’s on your mind!
    Thank you, for your kindness to me.
    I’m grateful and always will be!
    We, Leprechauns, have much to do
    To help keep the world safe for you.
    What we do is misunderstood.
    We just try to do what we should.
    ‘Tis hard to understand the gold.
    ‘Tis been as this from times of old.
    In ancient times, the great rainbow,
    Helped Noah’s Ark set well, you know.
    ‘Tis this that seems hard to make clear…
    Rainbow’s end is really quite near…
    Has always been…will always be,
    The true “gold”, for you and for me!
    God chose Noah for that grand Ark…
    Noah, the chosen Patriarch!
    His story tells his Faith was real…
    And that to God he’d easily kneel.
    His Faith and Trust was a new start
    For mankind to play their true part.
    But, oh my, how I gab away!
    But, thank you for this time today,
    And for your Friendship and kind way!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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