35. More About My Holiday!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


I didn’t finish telling you,

What Nannie and Me-self did do!

The story of  my holiday

Is what I have more of to say!

I travelled fine with me Nannie,

Who really thought she needed me

To come and help her when I could…

She knows, of course, I always would!

After we saw the Church windows,



And saw the shamrocks great grand  shows,

1404a      1380a

1398a      1424

We then tried to find Nannie’s Friend’s.

Her Friend lives right by where “There” ends!

Her Home had a fine, grand red door!

‘Tis special, that, ’cause it means more

When doors are red…because of when

In times of old, ’twas help for men.*


‘Twas given so the angel knew

To let the home just pass from view.

Whose door had red, that home was giv’n,

Protection right from God in Heav’n,

From all hurt, harm, and suffering…

For other homes, the day might bring.


So when a door is red, you know,

That trust in God, it might just show

When talking to the someone who

Does live there and who’s Friends with you.

That’s how it is for Nannie here…

Who lives there is her Friend so dear!

I sat right there upon the door,

While Nannie did what she came for.


And then I went inside to look.**

I thought I might find a good book!



But then I looked out the window,


And then I saw a nice bench, so

I sat on this bench, ’twas red, too,

And felt the breeze…enjoyed the view!



But then I thought I heard someone!

I left my spot right in the sun.


I jumped right down so I could hide

Behind the hay right on the side

1450      1451

Of this fine home, near end of “There.”

That’s all I know…it’s just “somewhere.”

But it was fine…no one was there,

I had no need to hide anywhere!


This was a fine and grand fun day

And I just really loved the way

Me Nannie and I had travellin’ fun

When we visited her someone!


I’m glad to tell you travellin’ tales,

Of hiding behind large hay bales!  😉

But truly we did have grand fun,

But now our visitin’ is done.

It’s back to needs be done each day,

And after that some time to play!

I am so glad we talked today.

                                    God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #35)




4 thoughts on “35. More About My Holiday!

    1. Hello to my dear Friend S from your dear Friend Finney!

      Well…when I thought someone was there,
      I had to try to hide somewhere!
      That’s how it’s been from times of old,
      When someone wants the pot o’ gold!
      I’ll tell you that they don’t know Who
      They’re messin’ with, but I sure do!
      So, it’s my job to disappear
      When a robber just may be near!
      Sometimes I have to find a place
      That is not always a nice space.
      But I do have to hide me-self…
      May be dark woods or a high shelf…
      Deep, dark closets or cold, damp caves…
      And trust me that I’ve had close shaves!
      Thank goodness that hay bale was there,
      Because I had to hide somewhere.
      The red door’s story’s one I know
      From Nannie’s book that she did show
      To me one day, so I could look
      At fine grand pictures in this book.
      It’s name is Irish Food…For Thought,
      I say this ’cause I thought I ought
      To tell you that the Author’s pen
      Wrote thoughts about that time back when
      The Angel did what God had said,
      Except in homes where doors had red.
      It’s Irish Food…For Thought says she,
      Who wrote this book, says my Nannie.
      Makes sense to me, says I, Finney!
      Makes sense to me, says my Nannie!
      Now, S, I hope your day is grand!
      Our love and shamrocks from Ireland!
      I am so glad we talked today!
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. To my dear Friend Poppie from your dear Friend Finney!

    Hellooo to you, Poppie! Hello!
    It really is so nice to know
    You thought of me and wrote to me!
    This means a lot to me, you see!
    Now, Friend Poppie, you must realize,
    That I can see through Nannie’s eyes,
    And that I know that where she goes
    Is never far from what she knows.
    So, when I say that we did go
    From Here to There, you just must know
    Its distance is not far from Here,
    And close to There, it would appear.
    Now I do hope that this is clear!
    ‘Cause Nannie says you are so dear!
    So, now you know there is no fear
    For sad, hard times for Poppie dear! 😉
    I am so glad we talked today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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