38. The Flowers!



Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


When you go walking any day,

Do you love flowers and the way

Their easy beauty’s caught your eye,

And you don’t care to wonder why…

You just enjoy that they are there.

There are grand flowers everywhere!

         2711      2624

2728      2729

There are all kinds and colors, too!

All different flow’rs for me and you!

1727      025     659      1724

A gift from God, these flowers are!

Just like the sun!…the moon!…a star!

Each flower is uniquely fine,

Some are scattered…some in a line!

2715      2718

Of course, we know the flow’rs we see

Are just a glimpse of what would be

If Paradise was still our home…

We’d never ever want to roam!

So it is just so very grand

That God gives flowers to our land!

2731      2880Sometimes we know before we see,

What kind of flowers there will be

Before our eyes…that are so near…

Because of something very clear…

And ’tis their lovely grand fragrance!

It makes us want to hum and dance!

542      7-23-15 1604

1782      591

7-23-15 1607      7-23-15 1606

1794      1402

    1412      1403

1407       7-23-15 1607

382      1802

The roses’ air can’t be described…

We are just glad that it survived

The Flood of Noah, and to be

Here now with us so we can see,

And smell the fine, grand, sweet air breeze,

That roses bring with such great ease.

1991      321

When lilacs bloom ’tis like the air

Is carrying this scent so fair,

That one does wonder if this scent

Came right from Heav’nly firmament!

Plymouth, 7-29-15 1894      Plymouth -  July,2015 212


790            DSC03209

The flowers by the sea just grow

With natural beauty…their own glow…

The flowers…pinks and reds and blues…

Lilac, yellow, and purple hues…

7-27-15, plymouth time 1800      2245

1617      7-27-15, plymouth time 1699

7-23-15 1629      7-27-15, plymouth time 1814

1575      1565a

1578      7-27-15, plymouth time 1808

1957      1725

The white flow’rs have a unique place.

As they stand out in a green space!

1413      7-23-15 1640

7-23-15 1533      7-23-15 1519

7-23-15 1568

The daisies and the lilies, too,

Speak their piece to all who view!

Plymouth -  July,2015 202      7-27-15, plymouth time 1830

7-23-15 1638      7-23-15 1648

1628      1671

Plymouth -  July,2015 210      2303

7-23-15 1512      7-23-15 1595

1631      1643

All who see these lovely flowers,

Want to gaze for many hours!

Now I must mention one more thing…

The truth of which will clearly ring

To all who hear what I will tell,

‘Cause it is from one who knows well,

How Leprechauns and flowers live,

And what flowers, to Leprechauns, give!



Yes!  Flowers often have a space!

Sometimes when we just can’t be seen…

Plymouth -  July,2015 211

(We’ve talked of this…;)…know what I mean?)

Sometimes, too, we can hide with ease…

2435      2441

LAKE 8-4-15 204

But other times, we say, “Oh, please!”

And jump wherever we can find…

Sometimes results are not so kind!

203      203a

And, though, we did, yes, find a place…

And, though, we could, yes, hide our face…

As you can see…our red hair shows!


And what to do?  God, only, knows!

Well, now I am just plain worn out…

But I’ll try to be a good scout…

That means I better take a nap,

Before my patience just goes snap!

It wears you out, this hidin’ work,

But hide I must…I must not shirk

From work that I was giv’n to do…

Same thing goes for me and for you!

I’m glad that we could talk today!

                                      God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #38)


3 thoughts on “38. The Flowers!

  1. Finney’s a man after me own heart, what with all the naps he takes. 🙂 And I loved the rhythm here: “And, though, we did, yes, find a place… And, though, we could, yes, hide our face…”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hellooo to my dear Friend S from your dear Friend Finney!

      Oh my, yes, I do love a nap!
      But sometimes I find on my lap
      Some crumbs of food from a fun snack
      That I had hidden in my sack!
      Me Mum, she wants me to take care…
      To not eat too much apple, pear,
      Carrot, potato or bean snack,
      And not hide extra in my sack.
      Me Mum, she watches out for me,
      And tries to help me, healthy, be!
      So, getting back to a grand nap,
      I just brush crumbs right off my lap,
      And comfy up on my grand bed,
      And lay right down my sleepy head!
      I am so glad you liked my rhyme!
      And that you thought to take the time
      To write and send a note today!
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 1 person

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