39. St. Pat’s Teachin’!



Hello, my Friend! Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!


Well… now that you and I have talked

Of flowers we’ve seen when we’ve walked,

We see how God reminds us of

His Love and Care from Heav’n above!

Noah’s rainbow has been His sign,

Of His Promise…sacred…divine.


We see the work His rainbows do;

They wash the flow’rs with colors true!

591      623

240      1565a

7-23-15 1533      1795

1578      1957

Rainbow colors will always be

In places we can always see…

The world of Nature…what a sight!

Full of life…sounds and colors bright!

This sign of Promise leads us to

The Sign of Promise in sky’s blue…



Our good St. Pat tried hard to show

What this Cross Sign helps us to know.

The Rainbow sign…it showed us hope.

The Sign of Cross…it gives us hope.

Fulfillment of the Rainbow’s sign

Is shown in the great Cross so fine!

St. Pat said, on the Cross, keep sight.

That’s how to stay in His great Light.



The Cross of Jesus now will guide,

And lead us to be by His side.

We, Leprechauns, heard St. Pat’s words,

And then we watched and saw the birds

Stay close and want to be right by

The Cross of Jesus in the sky!

037      036

035a      040a

Then we saw the clouds give kiss

When they passed by…they did not miss.


Even the moon will stand steadfast

As Cross endures unto the last!


      268a      267

We know and trust what St. Pat said.

We know that’s how the good are led.



There is in ancient Irish lore,

A story…and, I’ll tell you more…

In Moses’ time, a certain boy…

Was snake-bitten…no cause for joy.

His name was Gaedhal, which sounds like “gale,”

And ’tis of him I tell this tale.

Healed by Moses, the boy did live.

His descendants, his name did give

To them the name they are known by…

The “Gaels” are who these people are,

That come from Gaedhal, back in time, far.

God had told Moses way back when,

To mount a snake, for sake of men,

Upon a pole, for them to look.

                                 This did save some, says the Good Book.  (Numbers 21:9)

A bronze serpent, as story’s told,

Moses used in these days of old,

To save those serpent-bitten folk

From certain death, as we just spoke.

When those snake-bitten did look high

At pole’s snake top, they did not die.

Moses then, as this tale is told,

For this boy, Gaedhal, he had foretold

That his Family would live, one day,

On an island in the west-way.

Long, long, long after Gaedhal did live,

His Family grew and one did give,

The way by which the tale came true.

Milesius is this person through

Whom Gaedhal’s people found this fine land.

This Moses’ tale… a story, grand!

By Milesius, these “Gaels” were led,

To Ireland’s island…it is said.

Could be Gaedhal did what God did say

And looked at pole’s top on that day.

His life was saved…his children found

Their promised land on Ireland’s ground.


This legend-story of the Gaels,

To what St. Pat did teach, it pales.

What St. Pat taught’s in the Good Book…

He taught, on Jesus, all should look,

And give to Him all hope and trust,

To find real life…this is a must.

The Cross of Jesus is our Sign

Of God’s most grand, loving Design.



In Moses’ time, God gave the way,

To save, from death, back in that day.

Now we have the Cross to see,

As St. Pat taught, ’tis what would be,

From God the very greatest sign

Of all His Love…His Son Divine!

_DSC4014      1391

So when the colors of rainbow

Inspire us to thank and know

God’s care for us is always real

Remember that the greater zeal

Should come from hearts, for everyone,

To see the Cross of God’s own Son

On which He hung to save us from

All death and give us Kingdom come.


St. Pat worked hard to teach us this.

Let’s never slack so we don’t miss

The Promise of the Heav’nly life,

Where peace and never, ever strife,

Will be what Jesus gave to all…

No matter whether short or tall!

Mmm…I think fine food’s in the air!

Me Mum is home…must be from there!


The yummy smell of apple stew

Is finding me, and I’ll tell you,

It’s so dee-licious…fun to eat!

Mum’s cooking…mmm…just can’t be beat!

Fresh berries to put right on top!

And, yes! I’ll find it hard to stop,

Because I am so hungry now,

Just how I’ll stop I don’t know how!

Maybe some day, just you, with me,

Can walk and eat apple-berry!


I am so glad we talked today!

                                    God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #39)


2 thoughts on “39. St. Pat’s Teachin’!

    1. Hellooo to my dear Friend S from your dear Friend Finney!

      Yes! Gaedhal, whose name sounds just like Gael,
      Is a most significant tale!
      It shows just how Irish hist’ry
      Connects with a mighty story.
      Now, I have heard that Gaedhal was scared,
      When that darn snake got him so snared.
      Now Gaedhal thought he was gonna die,
      And good ol’ Moses helped…no lie!
      When Moses made that serpent pole,
      It saved Gaedhal’s life the snake ‘most stole!
      At least that’s what we think went down…
      A snake bite sure can make one frown.
      But Moses’ prophecy was grand!
      Came time Gaedhal’s folks came to Ireland!
      Maybe the course of hist’ry would
      be diff’rent if that old snake could
      Have missed young Gaedhal and not have bit…
      Then Moses role as the Prophet
      Would not have told of grand Ireland,
      And be, for Gaedhal’s folks, their homeland!
      And I agree it’s very cool,
      And not something most learn in school!
      I thank you, S, for taking time,
      To read and comment on my rhyme!
      I am so glad we talked today!
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 1 person

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