42. Water’s From Heaven!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope that you are fine!

Don’t you think water is so grand?


Just wonderful, straight from God’s Hand,

Is how a nice, cool drink can feel,

After a dee-lish home cooked meal!


…or how it feels washing your feet,

after long walking in day’s heat!


…or how great ’tis to watch it pour,

And see it splash right on the floor!


or how it feels right on your hand,

When washing off the beach day’s sand!


And how ’bout when the water twirls,

so happy sending sprays and whirls!

194      195


With splash-ful drops the spray…it hurls

The water drops…fly high with swirls!

When Heav’n above lets the rains come,

To wash the Earth and water some,

The drops are left so tenderly,

On flow’rs and leaves so lovingly!

307      281


The sun, with water, loves to play,

and not always in the same way.

Sometimes the sun plays with the rain,

And sky ends up with colors-gain…

 photo (2b-2)*

When great rainbows show their great arch,

As they from Heav’n to Earth do march!

_DSC4014**      358

Sometimes the ‘bows do come to rest…

right on the water…just the best!

346       345

Just one more thing that’s fun to tell…

Of how water and sun play well…

Is how amazing it is when

Sun shows amazing stuff again,

By giving “aura” center stage,

Giving Sun’s story a grand page!


I know you must be thrilled to see,

Such grand fine sights for you and me…


To speak of water could not be,

without much talk of the grand sea…

Its power, might, and majesty!

An endless wonder…awesomely!

I’ve heard it said God’s chosen folk…

Had fear of sea, of which they spoke.

It isn’t hard to think of why…

‘Cause all that rain fell from the sky,

And then the Flood that was so great,

brought to many… death as their fate.

God gave to Noah the Ark’s plan,

Which did save the Family of Man.

When the Flood waters sailed the Ark,

Noah became the Patriarch!

But after that, the rainbow came,

After the waters became tame.

God’s rainbow then became the sign,

Of God’s Promise so good and fine.

 photo (2c-2)*

He said no Flood would come again

That would destroy the Earth for men…

So, we who are alive, now, here,

Have God’s Promise to keep all fear

Of our World ending in that way…

The way it did in Noah’s day.

So now we can look at the sea

In a fine way for you and me…

We can be happy though we know,

That sometimes sea waves, great strength, show…

The sea can be both calm and rough…

2015072795193949      400

522      DSC03209

For boats on water, sometimes tough!

1772      DSC03199

The sunlight loves to brightly play,

on waters’ top with glimmer’s way!

1090a      1065a

And then ’tis sometimes calm with shine,

From sun’s generous light so fine!

456a        555

So, when I look out on the sea,

I really am happy to be,

In a grand place where I can see

Such wondrous might and great beauty!

      1992a      1995

I’d like to talk about the Tide,

But first I need to go inside.

Me Mum has made fine lunch for me,

And this wee man is quite hungry!

But we will talk another day,

About the sea tides and the way

Sea’s waters roll this way and that…

But, now, to you, I tip my hat!

I am so glad we talked today!

                                     God bless you is what I do say!  (See Footnote #42)




4 thoughts on “42. Water’s From Heaven!

  1. Hello to my Friend S from your Friend Finney!

    Hahaha, S! Figures you would…
    Recognize some…I knew you could!
    Water is really just so nice!
    These lines force me to be concise!
    So, just let me say that rainbows,
    Waves, drops of rain, sprays, and who knows
    What other great grand things to say,
    That water is incredible…
    Amazing and dependable
    For all the joyful things it gives…
    And what it means to all that lives!
    But, the footnote makes it so clear
    That God takes care of things quite well,
    And that’s the real story to tell.
    Thank you, S, for taking the time,
    To read and comment on my rhyme!
    I am so glad we talked today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


  2. To my dear Friend Poppie from your dear Friend Finney!

    Hellooo, Poppie! Hellooo to you!
    On this fine day that’s so brand new,
    it’s just so fun to write this note,
    To answer the nice one you wrote!
    ‘Tis truly grand, our gift of sight,
    That we use much both day and night,
    To see the wonders of this earth
    That truly are of priceless worth.
    And though we see, we miss things, too…
    Things fun to see for me and you!
    Sometimes they are so very small…
    Sometimes so hard to see at all!
    But if we do take time to see,
    There are surprises that can be
    Right there before us to be seen…
    Often in lovely fields of green!
    I’m going now to get work done,
    So, later I’ll have time for fun!
    I thank you for taking the time,
    To read and comment on my rhyme!
    I am so glad we talked today!
    God bless you, Poppie, I do say!


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