47. Bakin’!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

We last talked of me Mum as cook,

And dryin’ seaweed on a hook…


‘Tis now we’ll talk of her sweet treats;

We’ll talk about her bakin’ feats!

A grand something Mum loves to make

Is her amazin’ apple bake!

She’ll ask me to go out to see

If our fine and grand apple tree

Has dropped some apples we can use…

Some apples, “Tree”, won’t mind to lose!


Sometimes it’s fun to shake them free.

This, sometimes, is okay with Tree.


484      475

Sometimes I have help from Pronshi;


And sometimes Pronshi and Dáithí!


And when Mum makes this dee-lish dish…

Could tempt someone to a fourth wish!*

And in the air must be sweet smell,

‘Cause though no one did, to him, tell,

Dear Uncle Obie finds his way

To visit our home on this day,

When Mum does make her apple bake,

He is ready, for some, to take!

Our dear Uncle Obie!
         Our dear Uncle Obie!

But he helps, too, to do the work,

In order that he’ll have the perk

Of eating well from Mum’s fine bake…

She’ll surely give him some to take!

I’ll gather, then, the apples that

Will easily fit inside my hat!

But, wait! That’s just when they’re still green…

When apples are smaller, I mean!

530a      483

531      542

But they will grow…get big and red!

Just like the hair I’ve on my head!

527      545

And if, too big, the apples are,

I’ll pile them somewhere near, not far,

And then I’ll bring them, one by one,

For Mum…for bakin’…till she’s done!

1690      105

Mum’s always glad to see I’ve some,

To give to her, when home I come!

And then, the apples she will take

To make that fine, grand apple bake!


She’ll lightly pour some honey…sweet…

Right on the apples for this treat!

‘Tis rich and mellow…tasty-fine…

It’s like the sun with golden shine!

Golden Honey!
                  Golden Honey!

And then she’ll sprinkle mystery flakes…

Of course, on top, these flakes she shakes!

By now, you’ve  guessed Mum shakes the flakes

That are from seaweed plants she breaks,

So she can make them into flakes

That, on some food, she always shakes!

But not for everything she makes…

Sometimes the seaweed flakes, she takes!


By now, we all must have the aches,

From speakin’ of those shakin’ flakes…:)

Now, back to that sweet apple dish,

That Mum will bake that’s so dee-lish!

A nice fine helping goes down well,

And we don’t mind, of it, to tell!

We also love Mum’s yummy tarts…

To bake them Mum will use her smarts!

Some different berries Mum will use,

The best she finds is what she’ll choose!


547      541

Some red…some blue…Me Mum will mix….

She’s really got some bakin’ tricks!

She’ll put some honey in the pot…

She’ll put enough….just not a lot!

Some nice brook water, then she’ll add…

When Mum makes this, we’re all so glad!

She’ll mix the berries, tart and sweet…

Warmed by the fire, for this treat.


Warm and melty…this berry bake…

Sweet and tasty, I sure will take

What Mum does give me, maybe more…

You know I am so thankful for!

Me Mum and Dad…they always try

To do good things as days  go by!


I am a happy Leprechaun!

And, in a flash, I will be gone,

But not until I’ve had my treat…

Mum’s apple dish or berries —  sweet!

I’m happy you stopped by today!

To read together, in this way!

We’ve  spent some time in quiet fun…

To think about when day is done!

So long for now, but wait and see,

You never know where I might be!

I’m sort of close and sort of far,

In some ways like an evening star…

Sometimes you see it bright and clear,

But other times it seems not near!


519      521

But one thing you can know will be,

I may be near…You just don’t see!

I will watch out for you in ways,

That help keep you safe, for all days!

I hope that we are always Friends…

Enjoying blessings that God sends.

To laugh and play when work is done…

That’s my idea of grand great fun!

I hope your day is peaceful-fine,

With air that’s soft with Heaven’s shine…

And gives to you at least one breeze,

To come your way, your cares, to ease…


I Finney, Leprechaun, do say.

God bless you each and every day!


Note From Nannie!

“Apples have been grown in Ireland for at least 3,000 years.  Indeed, St. Patrick is said to have planted a number of apple trees in Ireland, including one…close to where Armagh is now situated.  Early monastic records tell us that the monks were given apples with their meals, specially at festival time.” (Georgina Campbell’s Ireland – http://www.ireland-guide.com)

*A fun story associated with Leprechauns is the granting of three wishes, with the hope of tricking a person into making a fourth wish which would cause the forfeit of the three legitimate wishes!  The movie, Darby O’Gill and the Little People has a very funny account of just such a situation…King Brian of the Leprechauns felt he was very clever in this regard!  🙂

If you go to the footnote link, you will find a question about this story for younger readers!

God bless you and thank you for stopping by to visit Finney and me!




2 thoughts on “47. Bakin’!

  1. Hello to my dear Friend S from your dear Friend Finney!

    Hellooo, my Friend! Hello today!
    Seeing your note is a fine way
    To give a bright spot to my day!
    Thank you, thank you is what I say!
    I’m tellin’ you that those darn flakes,
    That Mum puts on some food she makes,
    Is not the tasty part to eat,
    And does not keep the table neat!
    So, guess who has to leave the room,
    To go and get that nasty broom,
    And sweep and sweep while those darn flakes…
    Why, they are giving Me the shakes!
    I try to tell Mum, “I can’t sweep!”
    And Mum says, “Don’t you make a peep.”
    So, I obey me Mum and she
    Tells me I am a good Finney!
    Then me Mum…she will say to me,
    “Please, Finney, get Uncle Obie!”
    Of course, I’ll do as Mum does say,
    And then I have to watch the way,
    My Uncle Obie sweet-talks Mum,
    For apple-bake…she will give some
    To him and oh, how he does eat!
    ‘Cause her apple-bake can’t be beat!
    I am so glad we talked today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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