65. Nature’s Tellin’!




Hello, my Friend! Hello today!

I hope you are in a good way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

I came outside my home today,

And what I saw, I will just say!

The leaves were all over the ground,

Just everywhere I looked around!


Of course, some shamrocks I did see,

Though hidden in the leaves they be!

122-097      122-098

Spring’s and summer’s bright colors fade…

The trees no longer give much shade!

66-435      120-054a

54-195      120-066

What was once green, did not look green,

What I saw was a golden scene!

The greens have mostly turned to gold,

It’s been this way since days of old!


near Cobh (sounds like Cove) in County Cork
near Cobh (sounds like Cove) in County Cork

  Amidst the gold, was orange…red,

Yellow, too…that’s what I said!

122-144      119-033

Reds, oranges, yellows, and greens,

With grand blue skies…fine rainbow scenes!

119-034      122-139


    All trees orange, red, and yellow,

Are givin’ to us their hello,

And we are havin’ a grand show,

Of all colors of the rainbow!

118-020      118-024


119-031      119-029

Sometimes the sun shines on the leaves,

They look like gold with such great ease…

123-177      124-190

Just like the birds when flyin’ high,

The sun shines on them in the sky!

The sun shines on them…on their wings…

Like it would shine on golden rings!

 122-154a      122-154b

Some birds fly south, the geese do squonk…

They fly & make their squawky-honk!

122-153a      122-115a

Some of them have flights that are long…

Does not, though, keep them from their “song.”

122-116a      122-117a

122-119a      122-118a

119-123a      119-124a

Soon trees be bare…leaves have fallen…

Air’s so cool ’cause winter’s callin’!

123-178      123-155

   123-157      124-199

   124-187      124-203

The squirrels have found lots to store,

While chipmunks have done that and more…

Sometimes you see them as they munch,

On nuts and stuff, they crunch, crunch, crunch!


The squirrels’ nests that hid so high,

Among trees’ branches near the sky,

And where once safely they did hide,

Now there they were, in sight outside!

123-162      122-133

122-163      122-164


But do not even try to peek,

Or even, to find squirrels, seek…

‘Cause “Chuck, chuck, chuck!” is what you’ll hear,

If , by their nests, you do go near!

124-193      195

The deer and bunnies’ fur gets thick,

So winter cold won’t make them sick!

122-096a      1340

Some apples are left on their trees,

As well, some berries stay with leaves.

123-173      123-180


The Sun is in a different place

For all who live on our Earth’s face!

Sun’s warmth will now not be the same,

For all of us for whom Fall came!

The frost will come, now, as these days,

Have dew drops too cold for Sun’s rays.

Some icy-ness on grass and leaves,

Will glitter in the Sun with ease!

122-092      122-094

122-079      081a

122-091      091a

But Nature’s tellin’ all who “hear,”

That wintertime is very near!

And Nature’s tellin’ us, of course,

About how she’s God’s mighty Force!

I, Finney, will be ready, though,

I do have my red scarf, you know!

So, I will be so snug and warm,

When we might have a winter storm!


I am so glad we talked today!

God bless you is what I do say!

4 thoughts on “65. Nature’s Tellin’!

  1. How interesting that you were able to locate shamrocks amidst the leaves. Loved the great colorful pictures with the leaves and sky. And what would the fall sky be without the geese honking as ever.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To my dear Friend Poppie from your dear Friend Finney!

    Yes! Shamrocks always show their face!
    No matter what, they find their space!
    They seem to know they have a place…
    And call anywhere their home base!
    The sounds of geese is such grand fun!
    They fly o’er colors,Heav’n has done!
    And their fine squonkin’s quite the song…
    Good thing it doesn’t last too long! 😉
    Thank you, Poppie, for stoppin’ by…
    ‘Tis grand that you stopped to say hi!
    I am so glad we talked today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


  3. Yes! Hahaha, S, I agree!
    Squirrel sure was lookin’ at me!
    ‘Twas “Chuck, chuck, chuck!” the noise I heard,
    And I sure knew, ’twas not a bird!
    That squirrel seemed so mad at me,
    As by his face you surely see!
    The shamrocks are always so grand!
    God’s Threesome Is in every land!
    I love the light, too, on the Cloud,
    And on the birds that squonk so loud!
    These pictures, S, are really fun,
    And so great to share with someone!
    Thank you for your writing to me,
    It makes me feel grateful, you see!
    I am so glad you wrote today!
    God bless you is what I do say!


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