67. Missie!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a fine way!

No matter rain, no matter shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

I, Finney, have a tale for you

That you will love and laugh with, too!

Of Missie Mickdermot I will tell,

So ravishing — a donkey-belle!

A donkey beauty of reknown

Who travelled Ireland up and down,

With Kevin O’, the donkeyman…

Irish blood…and American!

Jul;y library - 1411a

Pretty girleen with dark brown eyes,

She looked smart and was small in size.

Black-crossed back and brown coat with shine,

This donkey-mare…Missie…so fine!


Kevin O'Hara, the Donkey-man, with his Missie Mickdermott!
Kevin O’Hara, the Donkey-man, with his Missie Mickdermot!

With “Fleetwood” cart to join the two,

The “loving couple” 😉 travelled new.

They went all ’round the Irish coast.

It took them a good year — almost!

The Sacred Isle - Ireland
The Sacred Isle – Ireland

‘Twas Grannie Kelly prayed and prayed,

While Kevin led and Missie brayed!


Kilroosky was their place of start.

No day, from then, were they apart!

The happy pair travelled so far

Beneath  Sun’s rays and Night-time’s star.


August library - DSC06235a      October library - 10-12-15 170

Start from Roscommon toward Galway…

That was the way on that first day!


West Coast of Ireland

On to Clare and County Kerry,

Hope their spirits were still merry!

October library-1370a      1366a


Then on to Cork, and Waterford,

And then Kilkenny and Wexford,


Then Wicklow, Dublin headin’ ’round

Louth, Meath, Armagh, and County Down!

The Hill of Tara


2624      August library - 203a


To Antrim, Derry, Donegal…

So many places…That’s not all!


57-2198      2255

August library - 377a

58-2270a      58-2299

The Giant’s Causeway and North Coast,

By then sure gave them cause to boast!


1-458      504

57-2223      57-2258


2105a      DSC03166a

56-2060      2254

Then Leitrim and County Sligo,

Almost done in County Mayo!

So many folks were kind in ways

That helped them thru so many days.


Their stories are just great to tell,

Of course, Kev tells them very well…

Of Robert Shannon’s fine “thin place”…*

And Grannie Kelly’s prayerful space,

October library-1388a


127-348a      127-355a

Brother Malachy’s straight questions,

Conor Pass and its congestions…

127-352a      127-353a

So many mem’ries, much to tell…

Birthday at Knock, St. Brigid’s well…



Micho Russell, tin whistle champ…

Diff’rent setups for night-time’s camp…

The hedges for hangers were grand,

Such lovely places in Ireland!

127-356a      127-357a


2116a      2127a


Grannie’s mints, Donal Honan’s cheers…

Rattigan’s Pub, black Guinness beers….

Cella’s dee-lish currant cake snack…

“Tub pneumonia” and Jimmy Mac…

360a      362a

First April’s days of the old cow…

A pied wagtail on a tree’s bough…

Is sixty seven pounds enough?

With just that much things might get tough!

Three b’s reward’s enough, ’tis said,

Three b’s that are bath, beer, and bed!

Boiled oak bark and mushroom paste…

No need to hurry…nor to haste!


Field for Missie…Kevin’s soft hay…

Not much quiet with Missie’s bray!

127-350a      354a

Hazel sticks and some Irish rain…

Wasp’s dying sting causes some pain!

Mikey Joe’s and Rosary sayin’…

Glad for that! Much need for prayin’!

My Family's resting place in Cobh, Co. Cork!

Glenisheen gold makes collar shine,

Near 3,000 years and still fine!

Parade for Peace — ready for death,

But ’twas no threat to Kev’s life’s breadth!

Kevin O'Hara, the Donkey-man, with his Missie Mickdermott!

So, even though we know it’s great,

To have bath, beer and bed as fate,

Great blessings our Kev did receive,

Which all did help him to believe

How God takes care of each of us,

No matter what our muss or fuss!


When Kev met Brother Malachy,

There was no if or but or why…

But just a clear and certain “how”

Has our grand God worked for you now…


And when Kev gave this question thought,

Something to do…he really ought…

He realized different helps had come,

Not really knowing just where from….


A simple bird…a song would sing,

The fine Angelus bells would ring…


346a      127-349a

2209a      1402a

Prayer would burst forth…a true wellspring…

God’s Presence is in everything!



There’s so much more that could be told…

Of course, some tales of pots o’ gold…

344      290


But mostly of fine folks who care,

Help Kev and Missie everywhere!

From place to place, on they did trod,

All over land on the old Sod.


Inis Mor

At Sacred Heart Church…nearly done,

Soon home again, with everyone!


We Leprechauns were glad for this…

That they were home,  Kev and his Miss!

We helped to keep them safe from harm…

With our good looks and wit and charm…


Well…really was the Grace of God,

That kept them safe on this old Sod!


We played our part when giv’n the chance,

And then we would play, laugh, and dance!

Kev may have seen us…caught a glance…

Most likely when we danced our dance!

289      293

But glad to help, if truth be told,

We knew with Kev…safe was our gold!


For Kev and Missie, that’s the tale,

They took the dare and did not fail!

Seventeen hundred twenty miles…

Kev and Missie…lots of grand smiles…

They sure did cover lots of ground!

Kev said she never let him down!

Kevin O'Hara, the Donkey-man, with his Missie Mickdermott!

So happy to be “nosing home,”

From all those days that they did roam!

Near journey’s end, though, it was so,

She had special place to go…

Our Missie found her way to be,

In a Christmas Nativity!

Fitting for her to be in sight,

In this Scene of that Holy Night!


Though Bethlehem was far away,

In space and time on that fine day,

Dear Missie did her forebears proud,

By Baby Jesus…’twas allowed,

That she should stand so nice and fine,

Right in the glow of Christmas shine!


 Of  Missie, there is just no way

That would make it easy to say,

How wonderful and fine is she,

Who walked with him on this journey.

She’s, Kev said, of his fine, grand steed…

A credit to her noble breed!

When times were hard and things got tough

She stayed by Kev…even when rough…

  Kev told her she wore her cross well,

Though hard times for her, he could tell.

I, Finney, know all this is true,

For me, this story is not new.


Me Nannie told me it was so.

If she said this, then she does know…

That Missie Long Ears, Kevin’s steed,

Is mighty, fine, and grand, indeed!

And Kevin’s blessed, by God’s grand Grace,

To share with her, a holy place,

In minds and hearts, forevermore,

Like Leprecauns in Irish lore!

But now it feels like time to sleep!

This story, in my mind, I’ll keep.


So, I can tell it many times…

But always I would tell in rhymes!

I am so glad we talked today!

God bless you is what I do say!


Note from Nannie…

Kevin O’Hara tells his story of the trip he and his donkey, Missie, took around the perimeter of Ireland in his book, The Last of the Donkey Pilgrims.    Kevin has said that one of the things God put him on the earth to do is to tell this story of their great adventure!  Missie was such a loyal and devoted companion that she has been described as “a living token of God’s favor and Grace.”  Kev and Missie took “one step out of the ordinary, trusting to grace and goodwill, and everything followed from that simple sacrament of spontaneity, so Irish at its heart.”  His  feeling at the end of their journey was “a prayer of thanksgiving.”  Any moment you may give to reading Kevin and Missie’s story will find its place not only in your mind, but in your heart!

6 thoughts on “67. Missie!

    1. To my Friend S from your Friend Finney!

      Yes! Rhymin’s have a special way,
      Of really makin’ a grand day!
      Some days are hard…yes…some will say…
      But sometimes that’s just a day’s way!
      Should you decide, though, to take time,
      to speak of something with your rhyme,
      You could just find, that rhymin’ may,
      Just help your day have special sway!
      And Kevin’s story’s one of those,
      that can inspire and that shows
      How much God’s power’s always there,
      To help us with His Love and Care!
      Thank you so much for taking time,
      To read and comment on my rhyme!
      I am so glad we talked today!
      God bless you is what I do say!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, indeed…and Missie’s picky…
      To get her pic can be tricky!
      But Christmas garland helped, I’m sure,
      To help this Missie with allure!
      I’m glad you loved this Missie tale!
      I do believe it’s a no-fail!
      And once again I’ll eas’ly say,
      God bless you on this fine, grand day!
      Thanks again, S, for takin’ time,
      To read and comment on my rhyme!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. A nice tribute to Kevin and Missie. Great recollections of some of the places he visited on their journey. Nice to know that they were watched over by Finney and his “clan.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To my Friend Poppie from your Friend Finney!

      Their story is really quite fine,
      And from it Grace has free, fine shine!
      So many places they did go,
      And their good hearts they sure did show!
      And thankful, too, they were indeed,
      That Finney’s Clan was there for need!
      ‘Twas long ago, now, they did this…
      Kevin O’Hara and his Miss!
      I thank you, Poppie, for your note,
      That you so very kindly wrote!
      I am so glad we talked today!
      God bless you is what I do say!


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