3. Easter Monday!





It’s Eastertime!  It’s Eastertime!

And…Yes!…I always speak in rhyme!


When Easter comes, more joy to tell

What good St. Pat taught us so well.


Our Jesus died, and then He rose.

He died for us, His Love He shows

To each of us, in every day.

He guides us each along our way!


And, though, I’m small and wear green clothes,

I do well know the things He chose

That caused His suffering and death…

All that he did till His last breath…

Were done for Love…the Greatest Love,

That Father God sent from above!

Forgive them, Father, He did say,

He said they just don’t know The Way.


So, at this time of year we know,

That fine Spring flowers start to grow!

0321160923-1   0321160928a

I’m happy you read this today.

                                        God bless you is what I do say!        (See Footnote #3)




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