4. Easter Thursday!




Hello, my Friend!  Hello today!

I hope you are in a fine way!

No matter whether rain or shine,

I always hope your day is fine!

It’s so much fun when Spring is here!

To see nice flowers, we do cheer!

0301161109a-1   7b-109a

Little greens will show their faces,

In the cranny-est of places!

0324160905   0324160857

A gentle breeze does let us know

We might be done with cold and snow!


And though I’ll miss winter’s nice scenes

Of snow and Christmas reds and greens,

807a     1216151539

148-10-0103161417-1    137-700

   1220151004a-1-1   779

I love the fresh and free spring air.

No heavy coats or scarves to wear!

151-41-0202161007   1388

The grass’s green will be all the more,

With summer flowers still in store!


The fine Spring rains will help things grow,

So that they bring a summer show!

DSC03161a   1384

I’m happy you read this today.

                                         God bless you is what I do say!        (See Footnote #4)



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