5. Hooray for Spring!



 015      014

  When springtime comes, we look for green…

Not always easy to be seen.

But I, Finney, do look with care,

Because the ground can seem so bare.

Each blade of grass, each leaf so new,

Is just a miracle it grew!

I know that this is all God’s gift,

And gives us all a welcome lift!

To see creation happening

Is just such an amazing thing!

God’s gift of life shows us its face,

In every day and every place!

So. watch for each fine growing thing

That God will give to us this Spring!

Though day may have blue sky or cloud,

Please try to read these rhymes out loud! (a)

I just might hear you if you do,

That fun would be for me, from you!

I’m happy you read this today,

                                            God bless you is what I do say!           (See Footnote #5)

4 thoughts on “5. Hooray for Spring!

  1. Finney is such a kind gentle soul. We should all be like him. How happy God would be! So true the Spring brings all of God’s creation alive with his beauty everywhere we look all around us! So blessed we are to have such a wonderful God!

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    1. To Jane Waring from Finney!

      Thank you, Jane Waring, very much,
      Your nice words are a gentle touch!
      Yes! God takes care of each of us,
      He always tries…sometimes we fuss!
      To let Him help us is our choice.
      Let’s pray we do…with thankful voice!

      God bless you now for taking time,
      to read and comment on my rhyme!


  2. To Finney from Jane Waring,
    I feel I know you so well from all the wonderful things your Irishnannie has told me about you! I know you have such a special love for God which I know makes Him so happy! The spring is such a nice time of the year. We are surrounded everywhere with God’s gifts of love for us. Everywhere we look to the right or left we find Him there! I bet you are excited about spring cleaning your adorable home! There is nothing like opening up the windows on a beautiful spring day and feeling the fresh breeze of God so gently on your face! Have a wonderful day Finney😊

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  3. To Jane Waring from Finney,

    What a nice friend it seems you are,
    That’s always special, near or far…
    I hope you have a great day, too,
    As always, I say, God bless you!


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